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There are massive volumes of websites and apps offering to help you control the chaos, but the process is fragmented, and information is scattered. With so much information to sift through, so many sites to check and update and like and link, you can easily lose hours of valuable time in your day to managing the chaos, which leaves you with limited time and attention to actually do what you needed or wanted to get done in the day.

Sagoon is a personalized web experience designed to make your life easier.

Our mission is to make people’s everyday life more productive and convenient, and we've created an all-in-one, centralized tool to make it possible.

To enable this vision, we released “My Day” — a scheduling tool that is our first step towards building personalized web clouds. Currently undergoing private beta testing, My Day will make your daily routine more organized and efficient. It's a simple and easy tool for scheduling your daily activities: appointments, tasks, notes and sharing and engaging in family events, from birthdays to anniversaries to weddings and more.

In addition to our scheduling app, we have many more apps in the pipeline for release: 

My Message: Forgetting a holiday or special event can do untold harm to your relationships. The "My Message" app solves this problem by ensuring you never forget to send the right message on the right day, by offering unique ways to express your feelings. 

My Gift: The "My Gift" app offers you a digital gift card; no matter how busy you are, you can always send birthday or anniversary gifts to your loved ones and they will be one click away from receiving the gift they truly want. 

My Event: Our "My Event" app lets you know of any public events close to you, even when you are traveling. No need to be bored or stay in your hotel room — you will have up-to-the-minute knowledge of what's happening in your new neighborhood. 

My City: Our "My City" app will help you find a taxi, favorite restaurant, bars or coffee shop whenever you are traveling to a new location. 

Sagoon is still in early stages of development. Achievements so far include:

Platform is developed and currently undergoing private beta testing.

Provisional patent filed to protect the unique information retrieving and clustering technology that forms the backbone of our product.

Currently in talks with Target and Sears to place our digital gift cards at their locations.


Mr. Govinda Giri is a founder at Sagoon, a husband and a father to a 10-year-old daughter.

Govinda Giri studied Economic and Computer Science in various Universities in US and oversee. After 15 years of experience in IT solution in US government (Dept of Education and Defense- Pentagon) as system engineer, he founded Sagoon Inc.

Throughout his career, he founded different companies including non- profits, managed and organized a vast array of resources, products development, building complex technology platforms.

He is not afraid to see a big vision and layouts architectural engineering into many layers of development and oversee setting the overall process and product strategy.

Jay Barpanda, Product development/Marketing, has 8+ years of experience in reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, usability testing, data analysis, and web & mobile design. He is responsible for managing Sagoon products, as well as the team and social marketing.

Prakash Malla, Project Manager, has 10 years of software developer in media company. He is responsible for leading Sagoon’s technical platform through the execution of plans to deliver projects that meet on time, on budge and quality of scope. Design IT infrastructure, technology
                                             integration, application delivery are the major roles.

Yasir Nazar, Lead Developer (PHP), has over 5 years of experience in PHP, Mobile, JavaScript, AJAZ and white-box testing. He is responsible for building the Sagoon platform from scratch, including full-stack programming of the platform, and for leading the technical team.

Swati Dayal, Design Lead for Creative, has over 5 years of experience in designing consumer-centric product- beautiful, elegant and simple experience. She is responsible for shaping the future of Sagoon by producing high-quality designs from concept to execution for both web and mobile apps. She leads and directs the design team.

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