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SAM: Overview


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Inspired by a less-than-optimal experience with daily email, Shi Li pondered the unused potential of the inbox. He knew emails could do so much more. So he created SAM Email.

SAM is a patented technology that replaces boring static emails with interactive components just like you’d get on a website or in an app. This enables users to take action inside of their own email such as make purchases, book appointments, or complete a questionnaire. Brands and companies can bring their email campaigns to life by offering their customers a rich email experience, improve user engagement and increase conversion results.

Upgrading user's email experience

Inboxes are OVERFLOWING.

Companies send their customers billions of static emails each and every day. And billions of those emails end up ignored, in the spam folder or in the trash.

Even the messages that drive customers to act have limited functionality, forcing users to navigate to a website to get what they really want. They may complete the transaction, or they may get sidetracked, never returning to finish what they started.

What if we made it easier for customers to pay attention and react?

We offer ecommerce/retail companies, airlines, hotels, and more, the ability to turn static email into an interactive state-of-the-art interface to keep customers engaged, and complete tasks within inbox

Inbox interaction

SAM delivers dynamic and interactive content right to customers’ email.

We give users a vibrant, app/web-like experience, compelling customers to perform meaningful actions right in their email. The interactive components we enable include drop-down menus, hover-over states, text input and image carousels, allowing users to make purchases, book appointments, take polls, participate in customer surveys and engage in a wide variety of ways.

Our interactive email technology encourages customers to take the next step, increase user engagement and adding value for brands and companies.


Our solution reaches users in a modern way. Companies can inspire customers with rich content and an innovative, personalized email experience. Basically, anything a modern app can do, a SAM email can do, but with fewer clicks.

Without leaving the inbox, SAM opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The first stop

The airline industry has been our launch pad and it's been an impactful journey so far for airline customers and their passengers.


SAM’s early success

Let’s take a look at our potential by the numbers with our first vertical, the
airline industry.

SAM’s key concepts:

SAM was created based on two distinct, powerful concepts  — dynamic and interactive —  that can be used to provide a personalized, robust email experience across countless industries.  

Quick checkout | Users can fill their carts and head to checkout right from the email, giving customers a more seamless purchase experience as well as the time to land in-demand items before they sell out.

Forms and feedback | Customers aren’t interested in long forms or tasks that require multiple steps. We give companies the potential to gather reviews, collect data and event sign-ups right in the email, dramatically increasing conversion.

Real-time inventory | Reflecting real-time inventory, price or data helps customers understand the scarcity and value of the product, which can drive impulse purchases.

Flying high

Our dynamic, next-generation, interactive messaging is already gaining traction in the airline industry:

This is just the beginning of SAM’s growth and success. Our power to engage people through the inbox offers great potential to enhance the user experience and increase revenue for many.  


Meet the talent behind SAM Email

The SAM leadership team is informed and powered by a combination of more than five decades of expertise in the creation and management of innovative digital products. With our diverse professional backgrounds, we couple a big picture perspective with attention to detail to address the challenges and opportunities of a wide variety of industries. 

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