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San Joaquin Renewables utilizes a proprietary technology from Frontline BioEnergy to produce significant amounts of renewable natural gas - while helping remediate the environmental issues that plague the San Joaquin Valley area in California.  The technology delivers much more efficient RNG production than other popular methods, and does so more cheaply.  Construction of the first of a potential 100+ plants is imminent.

It’s also the primary source of petroleum & natural gas to the rest of state.  But despite the value it provides, the Valley’s agriculture industry is plagued by three dubious distinctions:

The first two problems are the everyday reality for the area’s farmers - particularly those who produce almonds and other biomass‐heavy crops.  The third creates a huge opportunity to provide a solution that will not only increase the value of biomass residue, but also help the environment.

San Joaquin Renewables (SJR) provides a compelling answer to these significant core issues through the building and operation of a new biomass energy facility, using proprietary technology from Frontline BioEnergy, a leader in gasification for renewable energy.

SJR will build, own, and operate a plant that will produce 5,000 million Btu/day of pipeline-quality Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).  Sustainable almond orchard waste wood, almond shells, and pistachio shells, which are in huge excess in the Valley, will be the primary sources of this RNG.

We’re thus reducing the need to open-burn waste biomass while generating this RNG transportation fuel.  On top of producing fewer emissions than other fuels, our RNG also:

The key is Frontline’s proprietary BING™ process which allows us to efficiently produce RNG, a cellulosic biofuel, from non-food biomass that’s not convertible using anaerobic digesters.

The plant will make and sell highly valuable RNG biofuel from renewable biomass.  This biofuel we’ll produce burns cleaner than other biofuels used for transportation.  It will meet the advanced cellulosic RFS definitions and be carbon-negative.  

The SJR plant will also will also produce valuable co-products such as biochar, liquid nitrogen, water, and potentially argon & carbon dioxide products as well. It does this at large scale & with no odor emitted. In terms of sales, the value of these co-products may be nearly as great as our RNG product.

The value of these products provides for very healthy margins for the plant.

There’s enough biomass in California for more than 100 BING™ plants.  This will lead to huge follow-on investment opportunities for our members.

The BING™ process features patented & proven gasification technology and a proprietary methanation catalyst.  This allows us to convert sustainable biomass feedstocks that are not digestible in anaerobic digesters.  And, it does so in just seconds.

This pathway is simpler, cheaper, and also more efficient - yielding nearly 50% more usable biofuel energy compared to other methods.   This will allow us to make massive progress in solving the air pollution problem in the San Joaquin Valley.

We’ve purchased 77 acres of agricultural land in the San Joaquin Valley, situated directly on a natural gas transmission pipeline.

The pipeline is owned & operated by Southern California Gas Company, a leading utility in California.  They recently issued a report to us confirming the pipeline’s capacity to produce our desired volumes.  Additional plant and operational details are as follows:

The plant will be located near Bakersfield, California

Annual consumption will represent less than 20% of the feedstock available within a 50 mile radius of the plant

The area around the site is currently facing a serious glut of woody biomass due to the shutdown of a large local biomass power plant and the increased plantings of almonds that occurred 25 years ago

The plant's RNG also has a negative carbon intensity, which should enable it to generate value in the California market - giving us a very high incentive to enter

We’ll also garner D3 Renewable Identification Numbers under the RFS program, and carbon credits under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard program

In addition to securing our preferred plant site, we’re gaining quite a bit of momentum towards our ultimate vision despite only just getting underway with SJR:

Feedstock is in place through executed 15-year agreements and term sheets with suppliers of orchard clearing and nut/pistachio shelling suppliers for up to 133% of the plant’s annual consumption (175,000 bone dry tons per year).

Have already obtained 10 years worth of gas sales under off-take term sheets

Plan concept has been introduced to the Kern County Director of Planning and Natural Resources, who is highly supportive to our efforts.

Permitting application process is underway with Trinity Consultants, a leading environmental consulting firm, for air permitting and other environmental permits, and a local engineering firm in Bakersfield to assist with conditional use permitting.

For more information on SJR and how they plan to build shareholder value going forward, please request access to the Business Plan portion of this Fundable profile!

Frontline’s leadership team possesses decades of combined experience at the top of the industry and will be a key factor to SJR’s success going forward.  Let’s meet them:

T.J. Paskach | SJR President/CEO and Frontline Chief Technology Officer 
Worked in field service & software development at UOP (a Honeywell company) before joining us.  Is Frontline’s Chief Technology Officer and Is also a Senior Lecturer in Iowa State University’s Chemical Engineering department.

Jerod Smeenk | SJR VP and Frontline President/CEO
Has 23+ years of working in gasification and combustion technology, including co-founding consulting firm Carbon Energy Technology.  Founder of Frontline and also responsible for developing biomass gasification tech while at Iowa State University.

Arlon Binning | SJR Project Manager and Frontline Director of Operations
Former maintenance manager at Hawkeye Renewables, where he started up two 50M gallon/year ethanol plants.  Spent 6 years as Project Manager at Ames Municipal Utilities.

Vianney Vales | Frontline Chairman
Past roles include executive positions at Shell & Galp Energia; also co-founded and led 3 other companies in gas & biofuels.  Amassed rare combined project development & new energy tech experience during his 27 years.

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