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Request Access 9 is a revolutionary new online patient review system dedicated to helping physicians and other medical care providers proactively build and maintain their online reputation, while providing them with valuable patient feedback at the same time.

Patient word-of-mouth has always served as a crucial component of a physician's reputation, but in the 21st century, with the rise of the internet and, most importantly, internet reviews, patient opinion has taken on a new, viral significance.

A negative digital reputation, merited or unmerited, can have a very real impact on a physician's professional and economic outlook: research indicates that negative patient impressions can result in reimbursement loss of as much as 9% on Medicare and Medicaid and even greater losses with private pay.

But despite the critical role patient reviews play in determining a physician's reputation, online patient reviews as they exist now are incomplete at best, and destructive at worst. On average, just 2.4 out of a doctor’s 3,000 or more active patients determine their digital reputation — hardly a representative sample! All it takes is a single disgruntled patient—or an anonymous internet troll who has never even set foot in a physician's practice—to seriously damage a physician's reputation.

The time has come for physicians and other medical care providers to take a proactive role in shaping their online reputation. But in order to do that, they need tools that make it possible, and that's where SayAh comes in. By helping them build a collection of reliable, verifiable patient reviews, SayAh helps physicians and other medical care providers combat the negative impact of unreliable, anonymous online reviews and take control of their online reputation.

SayAh's Reputation Management Software (RMS) is designed to provide maximum value to physicians and practices, at minimum inconvenience to patients.

Following their visit, patients fill out a quick, simple survey about you, your staff and your clinic, featuring questions that you can customize to reflect the particular concerns and interests of your practice.

SayAh surveys are accessible on any web-connected device, so patients can fill it out in the office before they leave, or, if they're pressed for time, at their convenience from the comfort of home.

With the patient's approval, the completed survey is posted online to the physician's SayAh profile, which is one of the first search results a prospective patient will see as they are researching your practice.

The result: instead of a few random, incomprehensible reviews from unregulated and disreputable ratings sites, prospective patients will see a library of relevant, reliable reviews from verified patients that accurately reflect the quality of your practice.

The SayAh system was designed with the mission of helping medical practitioners protect and properly reflect their reputation on the web, but the applications go far beyond superficial image management: SayAh creates a continuous patient feedback loop that helps physicians and practices better understand and meet the needs of their patients.

As patients complete their surveys, the practice receives real-time alerts when their responses to specific questions fall below the acceptable range, so they can follow up with that patient, address their concerns and resolve any issues quickly and effectively.

SayAh also aggregates patient survey data and displays it in understandable and meaningful ways, giving practices a simple, accessible means to pick out trends in patient responses and use that information to implement timely, impactful change in patient care when the situation warrants.

With SayAh's valuable, versatile tool set, practices are better equipped to identify problems, define goals, increase accountability and keep everyone in the practice engaged with what patients are saying and what they expect from their medical care.

The SayAh RMS system offers a full complement of features designed to be accessible and useful for everyone from CEOs to physicians to clinical assistants:

  • Physician profiles, where prospective patients can find important information about each physician, as well as SayAh reviews from past patients
  • An intuitive, user-friendly dashboard that displays survey views, charts, and other graphical representations of patient responses over time

  • Individual and composite survey views that enable physicians to review an individual patient's responses, or view composite results over a particular time frame or other significant metric
  • Comparative analysis capabilities that allow for comparison of individual physicians against one another, and against averages
  • Weekly email reports and monthly executive reports that keep practices informed and up to date with the latest patient data

And, of course, the online publishing of reviews that keep SayAh's reliable, credible patient reviews at the forefront of prospective patients' internet searches.

SayAh is already building momentum toward becoming physicians' go-to resource for reputation management and patient feedback:

On July 29, 2014, SayAh signed an agreement with a cash for care company that has over 80,000 physicians aligned for their launch this fall. SayAh will be the source of ratings for those physicians.

In early August, SayAh obtained approval from a large HCO to provide reputation management for their 50 walk-in clinics, and we hope to expand that to the physician practices they either own or manage. Contracts are pending.

SayAh has partnered with a GPO in Tulsa, as well as a 35,000 physician GPO in the southeast.

The software is fully developed, with alpha and beta testing completed successfully

We are in the process of developing a national sales force to help spread the word about SayAh

Our technology is patent-protected

We have partnerships with the Physicians' Alliance of America and Utica Physicians' Association

Just in the month of April, we drummed up a substantial amount of interest in our platform:

  • Contacted by OptumInsight, a division of United Healthcare, to discuss mutual opportunities
  • Meeting requested by MyHealth Access Network to discuss taking SayAh to their members - 530 practices and over 5,000 physicians 
  • Contracts pending for two smaller, multiple doctor groups
  • Meeting in Phoenix with a mid level group, referred by a satisfied client
  • Meeting in LA with a medical PR firm that deals with damaged reputations to take our product to their physicians. Offices in LA, Atlanta, DC and New York with affiliates elsewhere.

Warren is a recognized leader in the health services and health information technology markets, is well known for his expertise in sales, marketing and growing market share through point-of-care channels — having honed his insights through more than 21 years working in the oncology services marketplace. 
Prior to joining SayAh, Dodge's career encompassed launching and managing several successful oncology service companies including Oncology Therapeutics Network (OTN) in 1991 and National Oncology Alliance (NOA) in 2001, Oncology Metrics in 2007 and most recently serving as the President of Altos Solutions, a web-based, oncology specific, electronic medical record company.
As Senior Vice President and General Manager of OTN from 1991-1998, Dodge led the team that developed and implemented new ideas for servicing community oncology including Lynx, pharmacy support, drug information, next-day shipping, online ordering, extended dating and then discounts for early payments. From 1998-2001, Dodge served as Senior Vice President for iScribe, a pioneer and innovator in the e-prescribing market. As one of the principals at NOA from 2001 to 2005, he was involved in building the fastest growing and second largest specialty-oncology national, group purchasing organization. 

Bryan is a board certified orthopedic surgeon practicing in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a partner in Central States Orthopedic Specialists. He is also Chairman of the Board and major owner of Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. He graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine and did his residency at Tulane University affiliated hospitals. He did a fellowship in Foot/Ankle Surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons, a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and a Member of the American Orthopedic Foot/Ankle Society. He has patents for both medical devices and process design.

Warren served as Chairman and President of Physicians Total Care, Inc. (PTC), a DEA/FDA pharmaceutical manufacturer/repackager from 1988 until his retirement at the end of February 2013. PTC developed dispensing software for physicians’ offices unparalleled in the industry. From 1973 to 1988, Warren was a lawyer in private practice specializing in taxation and business formation. Prior to that, Warren served as Director of Financial Services for Medserco, Inc., a St. Louis-based company specializing in physician practice management. Medserco, Inc., was one of the first companies to develop the process for physicians to effectively utilize the payment benefits of Medicare, Medicaid and third-party billing. Medserco went public in the early 1970s. From 1967 to 1970 he served in the tax department of Arthur Andersen & Co. Warren is a Certified Public Accountant. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting at the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1967, and his Juris Doctor (Law Journal) from St. Louis University Law School in 1973. Warren serves as Chairman of the Civil Service Commission for the City of Tulsa.

Joe is managing partner of Blue Strand Consulting and has been working in the information technology field since the late 80s. Joe served as the CIO at Physicians Total Care from 2000 until 2012. At PTC, he had redesigned the internal network, designed a wireless component to the main product offering, implemented new customer and vendor interfaces, developed and implemented internal operations in regulatory compliance and various other technical advances to keep the platform state of the art. Joe came from Accenture Consulting in Dallas where he was a Senior Consultant from 1995 to 2000. He was Director of the Dallas Office for AquaTerra Environmental Services Corporation from 1991 to 1995 and from 1987 to 1991, he was a Technical Manager for Occupational Hygiene, Inc., of Dallas. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 1985 with a B.S. degree in Geoscience.

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