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Scaeva Technologies:
Fast Facts

Scaeva Technologies, an embedded audio technology company, holds patents for a foundational new way of creating natural, authentic virtual experiences through Contextual Spatial Audio™. The company’s flagship solution, InSitu Sound™, unlocks massive applications across multiple verticals.

Barriers to Authentic Audio

We as humans hear more than we realize. We perceive not just what that car engine or person coughing sounds like, we understand what a movie sounds like in the theater or your favorite band in an intimate venue. This is Contextual Spatial Audio – sound that gives us the missing context - a new and vital way of listening for anyone wanting to experience authentic virtual environments.

Without contextual spatial audio, sound unnaturally locks within our own heads - limiting our ability to feel truly immersed.

Companies such as Dolby and Waves offer partial solutions, but ultimately fail to incorporate environmental context. There remains a significant barrier to producing and enjoying immersive content that sounds natural.

Unlocking Deep Audio Experiences

To gain the full depth of its audio, Scaeva patented a new category of spatial 3D audio called Contextual Spatial Audio. Our flagship technology, InSitu Sound™, redefines how we create, listen to, and enjoy content.

A solution with numerous growth markets:

The Science:
Hearing with your Brain

By stitching together acoustic signals from our environment, our brain creates a mental image of the sound we hear, filling in any “gaps” of information along the way.

For example, when we listen to stereo recordings through typical headphones, we often only hear a small part of the artist’s original work, and our brains must simply “guess” about the rest.

From beachhead to
big markets

The spatial / 3D audio market is rapidly growing. Apple, Sony and numerous other manufacturers recently introduced solutions claiming to provide spatial audio experiences.

Existing 3D / Spatial audio solutions are limited to object tracking without the supporting acoustic environments to give a true sense of reality.

InSitu Sound leapfrogs current spatial audio offerings. Our unique technology positions us as an industry leader in a rapidly-growing near-term addressable market of approximately $14 billion.

Expansion of our technologies into health and wellness opens multiple target markets, each over $100 billion.


We launched our first commercial partnership solution in October 2020.  Demand far exceeded expectations.

Our initial solution generated significant positive publicity within the professional audio industry.

Our second-generation platform is currently under consideration by multiple prospective commercial partners.

We have protected our innovation and technology by filing seven patents.


Steve Curd, Co-Founder and CEO | Steve is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of success. Scaeva is his sixth successful early-stage company, with others including Travelocity, WebMD and Oncoverse.

Scott Lentz, COO | Scott, a former military officer, has 20+ years of successful experience as COO/CFO at technology startups. Scott has raised >$400 million in equity capital, acquired and sold numerous companies, and has improved operating efficiencies throughout his career.

Tiffany Loverd, CMO | As Global Product Manager at both Beats by Dre and Apple, Tiffany’s deep experience in translating technologies into compelling user experiences and valuable business opportunities is key to our commercial strategy.

Wendy Curd, Co-Founder and VP of Investor Relations | Wendy has spent her professional career as an early-stage entrepreneur.

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