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Scientist Solutions is reinventing the way scientists find the information and products they need to design and conduct successful experiments, solving the failure and reproducibility crisis in life science research.

Most life scientists are uneccessarily overburdened by both the search for high quality product information which can be spread over multiple and sometimes obscure locations, and the product procurement process, which can be slow and can entail passing through several "middle men".

Scientist Solutions makes it possible for the scientific community to locate and share all of the non-proprietary information they need from protocols to product applications from a single global location.  We curate all the information using a proprietary process.

Our patented process locates the refined information scientists need from across the Internet and allows for purchase of all the products they require in in the first true one stop shop.  Even the top supplier companies in the world already do business with us in our "sister" division.

For over 11 years we have cultivated relationships with hundreds of institutes and suppliers, and have made it our goal to be the conduit for the scientific community. We were also pioneers as an early science social media site (launching the same time as facebook) to discuss products, troubleshoot experiments, propose research, and share protocols and information across the globe quickly and easily.

Scientific research and experiments are time consuming and expensive, but vital if we are to improve our understanding of the world around us.

In life science, most experiments are initially unsuccessful. Few people in the general public know that getting drugs to market takes 10-17 years or more and much of the hurdles are related to product failure.  We can now add the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to PRODUCT SELECTION!

When experiments are unsuccessful, troubleshooting the problem requires a great deal of time and money. This process is usually more expensive and time consuming than the final successful experiment.

But what if there was a way scientists could easily access all the best information about life science products from both their scientist peers and all the product suppliers on one centralized global location? What if they could procure their chosen product from that same global resource?

Scientist Solutions has expanded our offering into an e-commerce marketplace bringing those possibilities into a reality. We are giving scientists the opportunity to connectcommunicate, and conquer disease with our new site. With hundreds of established institutional and supplier relationships, we can provide scientists with their desired information and products with unprecedented efficiency

Scientist Solutions believes that globally the personnel and resources exist to find answers for modern diseases. Although most modern research takes a multi-disciplinary approach, scientists still tend to be highly focused on their own research areas, and the dissemination of information to other fields where there is potential for technical overlap can be surprisingly slow.

Labs can be difficult working environments, often lacking privacy and funding.  In the present environment, the competition for research grants is fierce and any acquired research dollars must be spent wisely.

With Scientist Solutions, we can increase the speed and reduce the cost of linking life scientists to the right products for their experiments. This means more time dedicated to research, and less time dealing with sales reps and purchasing departments or trawling the Internet for the proper equipment.

We can also connect life scientists from all over the world, so that for example someone working on a problem in the U.S. can easily communicate with someone working on the same problem in Asia or Europe.

Scientist Solutions is a web portal that brings together all the resources related to performing successful life science research.  To truly solve the issue for the first time, it requires a combination of Wikipedia type info from the worldwide crowd of researchers, Google type Searching and Amazon type product aggregation.

Our site contains more than 100,000 pages of valuable information and discussions where scientists can quickly refine relevant information, or ask about something that has not been previously discussed.  Our new user-friendly interface utilizes e-commerce features that have become standard the past 10 years:



We also keep track of protocols, scientific events and conferences.  In our Events Division we facilitate in person exchanges between suppliers and scientists so that they can acquire the right equipment FAST.

Scientist Solutions has worked hard to build a network that scientists can depend on. We have relationships with >625 of the world’s largest suppliers, 400 of the world’s top institutions, over 100,000 face-to-face U.S. scientific relationships, and a licensing agreement on over 21 million scientist profiles.

Scientist Solutions has been working hard for 11 years to build a reliable network for scientists across the globe. Our relationships include the world’s 10 largest suppliers including: ThermoFisher, Life Technologies, VWR, EMD Millipore, Sigma and Bio-Rad.

As our e-commerce site is being finalized, we are uploading catalogs daily and are anticipating that...If you are interested in learning more about Scientist Solutions and our progress into the future, please request access to our business plan.

David Klein - CEO
David has over 20 years of Silicon Valley experience at the executive level: business management, growth, and turn-around. He grew a start-up company to over $60 million in annual revenue within 4 years. He has also worked with or for Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Everdream (acquired by Dell), Siebel Systems, Ingram Micro and Tech Data, and managed over 2400 people. David brought Scientist Solutions into profitability within months of hire.

Marcia Allen - COO
Marcia is an entrepreneur and scientist advocate. She has 18 years life science industry experience helping companies create and grow their business.  She is passionate about implementing novel methods for improving efficiencies, especially technology.

Walter Lentfert - CTO
Walter was the former Global Head of E-Commerce, GE Healthcare Life Science, and a former scientist and vendor. Considered a thought leader in the industry, he is a Founder of the Association for Commercial Professionals Life Science, providing a dynamic international forum for the exchange of knowledge among 60,000 professionals dedicated to organizations in manufacturing, diagnostics, medical devices and biopharmaceuticals.

Fraser Moss - President
Fraser is a molecular physiologist, biophysicist & neuroscientist at Case Western Reserve University, formerly Caltech, University College London and the pharmaceutical industry. He has been a 10 year volunteer of Scientist Solutions while working full-time, and an early adopter of technology and social media for the company.

Jason Kruger - CFO
Jason spent 10 years at Deloitte & Touche prior to founding Signature Analytics, which now serves over 50 small businesses. He is our volunteer CFO.

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