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The next big change in tires will be AIRLESS.

Every tire producer has Research and Development working on an airless tire. No manufaturer can claim that their tire fits a standard rim or is cost effective....until SciTech Industries designed and built prototypes of a TRUE airless tire.

The tire was mounted on a standard rim with a conventional tire mounting machine. It is self-supporting, with internal glass fiber composite ribs supporting the load. It was also built and cured in a conventional steam-bladder mold at a commercial tire factory. The composite rib and tire construction are covered by world wide patents.

"Commercial versions of the NEW TECH TIRE will create a new tire for almost any thing on wheels, from a garden tractor to the largest off the road vehicle,"

- Morris Corn, President.


Some of the benefits this tire could provide to the manufacture and consumer are:

  • Better fuel economy, as much as 2 percent or more. This alone may cause EPA to mandate our tire's use.
  • Weight saving and cost saving due to no spare, jack, or tools.
  • Quicker vehicle handling due to no sidewall warpage for superior safety.
  • Tire is manufactured on standard equipment.
  • Tire requires only three rubber compounds, a cost savings.
  • No calendared belts, a cost saving. With retreading, tire will outlast vehicle, a cost savings.
  • Tire mounts on standard rims with standard machine.
  • Tire uses no expensive materials, weighs the same as pneumatic tires therefore manufacturing cost should be equal.


  • SciTech Industries' main objective is to build commercially proven airless tires through the beta stage and then license the IP to the tire market.  We are now about 80% to achieve this goal.
  • We also have an on going IP material development as well as development of injection molding process which is a separate business in itself.
  • Our first round of funding was widely successful with outside investors putting about $2.2 million into the company.


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