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Scorched Ice is an integrated performance system that collects and analyzes
biomechanical data from athlete's training
and gives them personalized insights as to
how fast and powerful they are and how they compare to their peers, all while making
goal setting, training and
performance monitoring fun.

Our founder has coached his kids through many levels of ice hockey and had always wondered why some kids -- who were not necessarily faster, stronger or better athletes than their peers -- were the best hockey skaters.

It just didn't make any sense.

Unfortunately, it is a constant struggle for athletes to find ways to improve, to accelerate progress and to keep track of how much better they are getting.

But renting ice time is very expensive. Players want to maximize effectiveness (if they're going to train, they might as well train properly and get as much actionable info as they can).

John, our founder  realized that it was possible to use motion capture, artificial intelligence and algorithms to create the world's first integrated bio-mechanical performance tracking system - starting with hockey and branching into other sports.

John began to integrate his love of hockey, knowledge of technology and vision for the future forward.

From that moment, Scorched Ice was born.

No one in the wearable space is gathering data as detailed as what we offer. With our technology (superior to any wearables), we can completely transform the way athletes train and excel. Our team, which includes notable hockey figures Mark Messier and Cassie Campbell-Pascall, is second to none.

We collect 190,000 data points per hour of skating and then interpret and provide high level analytics.

There is a distinct mass appeal about what we offer -- to be the best, you need to know what metrics to hit. Hockey is an expensive sport, so typically people who participate have disposable income and can afford to invest in solutions that ensure that they or their kids are the best they can be and achieve their true potential.

Of the world’s most passionate hockey players 

Scorched Ice is building an online community of the world's most passionate hockey players.

Our innovative athlete performance system is the most innovative of its kind, integrating sensor data collection, machine learning  algorithms, and biomechanics to provide athletes  with personalized insight and intelligence into their performance and development through real time feedback.-  All delivered through your smart phone

Mark Messier | Director

  • Former professional hockey player with six Stanley Cup championship wins (five with the Oilers and one with the Rangers)
  • Canada National Team, Indianapolis Racers, Cincinnati Stingers, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks 

John Neary | Director

  • Independent private equity manager
  • Wall Street veteran, former head of trading (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, 3K) 

Paul Marobella | Director

  • Leader in Brand Development and Digital Marketing
  • Former CEO, HAVAS North America
  • Member of NHL Diversity and Inclusion council 

Mike Rogers | Director

  • NHL ALL STAR (1971-1987)
  • >100 Points in 1st 3 NHL Seasons
  • Canada National Team, WHA Edmonton Oilers, New England Whalers, NHL Hartford Whalers, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers 

Cassie Campbell-Pascall | Advisor

  • Only Canadian Captain (Male or Female) to captain Canada to 2 Olympic Gold Medals
  • Female Hockey advocate
  • Canada National Team, Calgary Oval X-Treme, Toronto Aeros, Mississauga Chiefs 

Mike Babcock | Advisor

  • Professional hockey coach who led the Detroit Red Wings to its 2008 Stanley Cup win
  • Is the only coach in the world to coach a Stanley cup champion, an Olympic gold medal champion and a world junior hockey gold medal champion

John Lowe | CEO

  • Technology strategist, engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in marketing, and business development
  • Founder of The Advisory Group, Alberta’s largest independent market research company
  • In 1997 he became a VP for Telus’ Marketing Services company and in 2002 he founded Poynt (, a mobile local search company
  • In 2013 he joined Trusted Positioning Inc., a global leader in inertial navigation utilizing multi-sensor systems and Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) tech 

Dr. Raji Baskaren | Chief Technology Officer

  • Technology and product leader who is recognized as an industry expert in sensor-enabled systems and AI/IoT solutions
  • 15+ years of leadership experience at Intel Corporation spanning a diverse set of technologies (including silicon R&D, supply chain management and engineering, wearable technologies, and AI/NLP enterprise products)
  • She has authored dozens of research publications, has 35+ patents under her name, and is frequently a speaker and panelist at a host of industry events
  • Elected into the "Hall of Fame" by SEMI, MEMS and Sensors Industry Groups 

Ryan Crelinsten | Head of Hockey Operations

  • 15+ years experience in the creation and commercialization of consumer products in the sport and health industries
  • More than 10 years working at CCM Hockey, where he held multiple leadership roles in North America and Europe, including Global Business Unit Director of the skate and stick categories
  • In 2017, he began working in the food industry and helped launch a consumer brand focused on plant-based nutrition 

Richard Stone | Chief Operating Officer

  • 26+ years of commercial and legal experience
  • His resume includes:
  • 8 years in the aerospace industry as a commercial and logistics professional
  • 10 years as a corporate lawyer in one one of Canada’s leading business law firms headquartered in Calgary, Alberta
  • 6 years as the lead legal professional in two different TSX listed Companies (ATCO Ltd. TSX: ACO, and Stuart Olson Inc. TSX: SOX)

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