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SeeknCheck: Fast Facts

SeeknCheck is an online marketplace that connects clients with verified freelance translators in hundreds of language pairs and over 60 fields of expertise.

Anyone can use SeeknCheck to find the perfect translator with the precise expertise for their needs. Language professionals can use SeeknCheck to increase their online presence and get noticed globally.

Translation Troubles

In today’s world of global communication, breaking down language barriers is more important than ever before. But finding the right translator for the right price or finding customers as a translator poses several barriers of its own.

The costs of paying a translation firm can quickly add up and recruiting a freelance translator online is often a bet on an unverified profile. This often leads to lost time, money and credibility.

On the translator’s side, they frequently struggle to build their client base and their portfolio, often sacrificing their rates in bidding wars to win contracts. If they work for a company, they may not have the flexibility to set their own terms.

With translation services becoming more and more essential, SeeknCheck is making them more accessible, affordable and easy-to-use.

Breaking Down The Barriers

SeeknCheck is the online translation marketplace for vetted translators and their clients. Our platform allows anyone to easily search for and automatically hire reliable, verified language professionals that are knowledgeable in a specific industry.

SeeknCheck makes it easy for translators to connect with their target clients with no middleman and no traditional bidding approach, allowing them to get more contracts for a fairer price.

Our platform equips the power of artificial intelligence to automatically find relevant service providers for clients and calculate prices. The experience for both sides is simple, fast and accurate.

How It Works

SeeknCheck allows clients to connect to language experts in just three clicks.

On the back end, SeeknCheck uses AI to perform an automatic content analysis of the uploaded document to match it to the most relevant translator. SeeknCheck AI then computes rates for every service by factoring in over 12 parameters instantly.

Building Engagement

As of March 2021, SeeknCheck now has:

This traction has allowed SeeknCheck to grow 410% in just one year.

We have several partnerships to help the SeeknCheck platform expand and improve. These include:

The SeeknCheck Team

Before founding SeeknCheck, Ben-Manson Toussaint was working towards his PhD when he had two papers rejected given the level of his written English.

After hiring a general translator to review his work, Ben realized how important it was that they not only were language experts but were knowledgeable in his particular domain and necessary writing format as well.

Realizing there was no place online where Ben could find the right translator, and unable to pay for professional translation, Ben and his team built SeeknCheck.

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