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The antimicrobial barrier that kills germs on contact, permanently.

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SelenBio: Fast Facts

Who here is a germaphobe? Who here at least appreciates a lack of infection after dental work or surgery? How about lower health or pet care premiums? Seldox™ can help.

SelenBio has developed a revolutionary compound known as Seldox that kills germs on contact. It can shield tools, disposable materials, and even tooth enamel from biofilm formation, permanently stopping disease-causing bacteria before damage is caused. 

That Germaphobe Life


Sliding through a closing door without touching it. Counting the seconds while washing hands. We know all the tricks.

For all their effort, patients shouldn't also have to think about bacteria while they’re at the dentist or undergoing surgery. These places are usually as sterile as things get, but there’s always room for improvement. 

o  Plaque, caused by bacteria, is the number one battle
    in dentistry. Plaque creates cavities and white spot
    lesions, among other ailments  

o  Fluoride and toothpaste are only effective while being

o  It costs almost $10 billion annually to treat only the
    top 5 
hospital acquired infections

o  Infection and non-healing wounds lead to longer
    recovery times, 
risk of complication, suffering, and
    increased expenses 

o  76.5% of contact users who contract keratitis, or an
    infection of the cornea, are prescribed
 medication. Treatment costs about
    $175M annually   


o  Pet care is a $17.7B industry and growing
o  There is currently no preventative measures for oral
     infections such as periodontal  
disease, and wound
     care is also left wanting 

And after all that? There are so many more industries with germ problems. 

Put the Lysol Away


The impact that germs have on our daily lives is intimidating, it’s true. But fear not, SelenBio has developed a better way to deal with bacteria that has almost unlimited potential.

Seldox is an organic, liquid compound containing selenium that is proven to neutralize bacteria on contact. This compound can be bonded to tools, bandages, and even applied directly to teeth using dental sealant and orthodontic primer.


One and Done


Seldox is a compound that can be applied to many different substrates, but the coating itself is not what kills germs. 

Seldox, which contains selenium, is applied to a substrate
o  The compound produces a superoxide radical “force field” that kills bacteria
     upon contact 
Seldox will generate this force field and prevent biofilm formation as long as
    oxygen is present 

Because Seldox itself is not the antibacterial, it doesn’t need to leave the substrate to remain effective and therefore doesn’t lose potency as time goes on.

What does that mean in practice? Seldox antimicrobial technology only requires one application with no upkeep. That’s it.




SelenBio has made great strides into the dental and healthcare markets, and plans to branch out once their foothold is solidified. 

Unique benefits, wide applicability, and cost efficiency

Numerous patents issued (3) and pending (1)

FDA 510(k) clearance

Proven in vitro efficacy throughout beta sales and testing

Branded dental products successfully launched in December 2017

An 11-state orthodontic chain has begun test-use of DenteShield™ products, already in use by UC Davis Vet School and several other vets in
US and EU 

This antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral technology has incredible applications and can be adapted to suit many markets. 

The Anti-Bac Brigade


Kenny Gallagher | CEO
Kenny led efforts to gain FDA 510(k) clearance with over 30 years of startup and management experience under his 
belt, and is ready to take Seldox to the top.

Karl Doenges, JD | President
15 years in startups, 6 years in biotech, and 10 years in government and regulatory affairs means that Karl is more than qualified to lead SelenBio to success.


Ted Reid, PhD | Co-inventor and Chief Science Engineer
Ted is a professor of a vast array of sciences at Texas Tech. He’s got the know-how to keep the innovations coming.


Dr. Ben Amaechi | Dental Director
Ben knows firsthand how importantSeldox
can be, as a professor and director of
cariology at the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry at the University of Texas.

Matt Belsole | Director of Business Development
13 years in sales, management 
and strategy, and development in the medical field mean that Matt is poised to launch SelenBio into a germ-free spotlight. 

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