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Semy is a platform that amplifies small and medium size FBO's with software services enabling them to leverage the first-of-its-kind social network to ultimately drive increases in order volume and new customers.

FBO's aren’t the only ones benefiting from the app. Customers get to take advantage of the network effect too and enjoy a truly unique experience through social gifting.

FBO's such as coffee shops, juiceries, bars and restaurants are always looking for meaningful ways to connect with and engage customers. Millennials are increasingly tech savvy and willing to pay a premium for convenience and the total experience.

What better way to develop loyalty than to allow customers to partake in social gifting: customers feel good about doing something good for someone else. There is currently no app on the market that allows people to socially gift and engage as Semy does.

Loyalty is extremely popular and widely used by leaders in the food and beverages space, think Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A. Small businesses can’t compete with these giants and continue to struggle to develop and manage their own loyalty programs, get users on board, and pay premiums often required for a great program. Many do not want to download an app for every restaurant or bar they visit.

Enter Semy, loyalty to many locations in one place.

Semy is all about experience, having a multitude of features that amplify FBO's and drive real value, experience, and convenience to the user. By giving the user the ability to socially gift with the functionality of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, the user can perform acts of kindness for others and engage socially. This drives new revenue, new clients, improves retention, greater revenue, and a unique way for FBO's to engage with customers.

FBO's can continue doing what they do best, while Semy assists them in leading technology, resources, and the ability to evolve. This allows merchants to remain competitive and also with larger corporations.

Semy creates savings and efficiency for merchants because they no longer need a credit card for a transaction, removing the time with paper, signatures, and swiping cards. This also creates a seamless experience for the customer. The customer no longer has to wait in line for drinks and has the ability to order before arriving to their local restaurant/bar.

Our story began in late 2015 when twin brothers could not be together for their birthday, one in DC and the other in Chicago. Christian and Christopher wanted to socially engage with each other by sending a drink to their favorite local spots, where they would have celebrated together.

The desire to give to each other led to the creation of Semy:
allowing acts of kindness while amplifying small businesses and helping them to engage their customers in a more meaningful way. Social gifting, mobile ordering, loyalty, and the experience are our main focus, but for there are a multitude of other value adds on the app that FBO's can leverage to amplify their business too.

Semy provides a SaaS platform that provides small-to-medium sized business with amplifications so they can focus on what they do best—their business.

Semy “amplifies” businesses by providing the businesses with a suite of services such as: mobile ordering, social gifting, and brand loyalty management. These are services that businesses could not independently integrate into their business or provide to their customers.

Our platform allows small businesses to compete with the loyalty programs of giants like Starbucks.

Consumers on the Semy platform share and partake in social gifting experiences, enriching their transactions. Micro-subscriptions allow users to crystallize spending habits with their favorite merchants and ultimately extract more value. Businesses on the Semy platform can cross-sell with other businesses and up-sell.

Our app offers the ability for a customer at a bar on a busy night to order a drink in advance for one or multiple people. No credit card is needed and the bar owner doesn’t have to worry about paper. The business can count 50 transactions in our app as 1 and eliminate the processing fees.

Semy app is fully functional and operational, live and serving FBO's and users

  • iOS app active, Android to follow within the month
  • Official launch party set and will go live in San Francisco and Chicago markets. 
  • Some merchants are already onboarded and synced, ready for purchasing drinks!
  • MVP testing complete and proven summer 2019: 5 locations and bar group in San Francisco
  • 50% success rate with merchants approached to use Semy App
  • 3 patents pending, 2 in process of filing
  • Raised $110K in prior funding round Jan-Feb 2020

Christian Hines | Co-Founder & CEO | Entrepreneur, attended Washington University in St. Louis, BS in CS and JD. Expertise in technology/programming, owner/operator, leadership, and founder of Semy in 2017. Previous senior counsel at ServiceNow, IP. 

Christopher Hines | Co-Founder & COO | Entrepreneur, attended Washington University in St. Louis, BS in CS and JD. Expertise in technology, owner/operator, and founder of Semy in 2017. Current partner at K&L Gates.

Earl Mah | Co Founder & CTO | Entrepreneur, attended Washington University in St. Louis, BS in CS and JD. Stanford Entrepreneurship GSB. Expertise in technology/programming, law degree, and founder of Semy in 2017. Current Patent Litigation Associate at Fenwick & West.

Ken Wittenberg | CFO | Entrepreneur, attended University of Dayton, Finance and Entrepreneurship. Expertise in risk management, scaling businesses, M&A, financial planning and analysis, managing and advising leadership teams; in the small to middle market space. Current investor and operator in multiple businesses.

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