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Senex is developing a unique new class of drugs that suppress cellular reprogramming, a key cause of the spread of cancer and its resistance to treatment in addition to other disease processes.

Senex is seeking approval of our novel drug technology for treatment of the presently incurable metastatic prostate cancer.

While drug technology has made great strides in suppressing the growth of cancerous tumors, their effects are typically short-lived.

Eventually, almost all tumors stop responding to treatments, old or new, allowing the cancer to continue progressing with little recourse.

In the case of prostate cancer, principal treatments cut off access to the male hormone androgen that cancer cells need to grow, but over time, tumors adapt themselves to grow without it.

As a result, leading prostate cancer treatments only prolong patient’s lives by several months as there are currently no treatments on the market today that prevent tumors from becoming resistant to any type of treatment.

Introducing the Senex Biotechnology solution.

Senex Biotechnology has developed and patented a drug candidate that inhibits the ability of cancerous tumors to adapt to treatment and continue to grow.

Our leading drug candidate is designed to precisely target and suppress the growth of advanced prostate cancers, as well as some breast cancers and leukemias, and prevent their resistance to other anticancer drugs.

As a result, Senex’s drug technology is able to prolong the life of cancer patients, offering a highly-selective, less toxic and more efficacious treatment relative to existing solutions.

Senex develops novel drugs that inhibit Mediator kinase, a protein that regulates gene expression and is required by cancer cells to adapt to adversarial conditions.

In the case of advanced metastatic prostate cancer, our drug technology prevents tumors from adapting to androgen deprivation, stopping the growth of tumors and even making them disappear.

By inhibiting cellular reprogramming, our drugs also prevent tumors from growing outside of their native tissue environment and suppress the growth of metastases, the principal cause of cancer lethality.

Our technology has the potential for a wide range of applications, including breast cancer, leukemia, inflammation, cardiovascular disease and other indications.

Senex's lead drug candidate shows excellent activity in animal cancer models and is well-tolerated in rodents and non-human primates. The drug is now ready for both GMP manufacturing and preclinical GLP safety studies.

Senex’s current drug candidate, which is much more potent and metabolically stable than its previous candidate that reached clinical trials, is being reviewed for partnership or licensing by several major pharma companies.

Senex has won 14 competitive grant awards, including an active $2M grant from the National Cancer Institute, supporting the development of our current drug candidate for prostate cancer.

Senex holds 8 issued US patents (plus corresponding patents in other countries) and multiple pending patents. These patents cover the composition-of-matter of Senex's compounds, the uses of any CDK8/19 Mediator kinase inhibitors for different diseases and methods for drug discovery and development.

Igor Roninson, PhD, Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer | Dr. Roninson is an award-winning cancer researcher (H-index 79), the Director of Center for Targeted Therapeutics at the University of South Carolina and holder of 47 issued US patents.

George Wilding, MD, Chief Medical Officer | Dr. Wilding is an expert on prostate cancer and new prostate cancer drug development. He has served in leading medical and administrative positions at MD Anderson Cancer Center and at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

Mengqian Chen, PhD, Director of Research | Dr. Chen is an expert on CDK8/19 Mediator kinase biology/pharmacology and prostate cancer. Dr. Chen leads the team of Senex researchers and serves as the Principal Investigator on Senex's grants from NIH. 

Karthik Gopalakrishnan, PhD | Dr. Gopalakrishnan leads Senex’s corporate relationships, strategic planning and business development. He has completed over 150 licensing transactions globally with a total deal value of over $250M.

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