Treating peripheral neuropathy with selective implantable stimulators


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SensArs is a world-pioneering company delivering unique solutions in neuromodulation technologies to target and alleviate chronic peripheral neuropathic pain and reduce movement disability caused by sensory loss.

Using a unique highly selective implantable stimulator, SensArs’ innovative technology elicits natural sensations of touch and movement that have been clinically shown to effectively treat chronic peripheral neuropathic pain and reduce movement disability due to sensory loss.


As much as 7% of the world’s population is affected by peripheral neuropathies, which is damage to peripheral nerves, due to trauma, drugs, or diseases such as diabetes. 

It results in sensory loss and pain (i.e. neuropathic pain) in the body parts connected to damaged nerves, that significantly affect patient’s quality of life.

Unfortunately, the available treatments for neuropathic pain such as opioid painkillers are often ineffective. They and other drugs also carry the risk of serious side effects and dependency (with opioids causing nearly 42,000 deaths each year). Furthermore, there are no treatments for sensory loss. 

The industry is now pivoting to treat neuropathic pain with neuromodulation technologies such as implantable nerve or spinal cord stimulators, because they have less serious side effects than drugs. However, commercial therapies are scarcely approved or ineffective for peripheral neuropathies with feet or hands pain. They do not target sensory loss. 

Neuromodulation is the answer, but current technologies simply aren’t enough.

That’s where SensArs comes in.


Unlike presently available pain stimulators, which do not reach the painful area or reach areas that are not painful, elicit electricity-like sensations or anesthetize the limb during activities of daily living, SensArs’s patented implantable stimulator is capable of overcoming all of these deficiencies. It is capable of retrieving naturalistic sensations of the limb with pin-point selectivity during activities of daily living, providing optimal coverage of painful areas that reduces pain, while treating  movement disabilities due to sensory loss.


SENSY is our patented stimulator system with three core components:

  1. 1. An implantable stimulator that is inserted into the nerve to deliver focused sensation.
  2. 2. A microcomputer placed outside the body which controls the stimulator.
  3. 3. Wearable sensors added to the extremity of the user (including a prosthesis). 

The stimulation is activated automatically by the wearables, but the patient can decide to start it with the press of a button. Patients and doctors can control or configure SENSY via our smartphone/tablet application.

SENSY stimulation restores sensations that treat pain. When the stimulation is automatically activated, the sensations are elicited consistently with walking. When the stimulation is started by the patient, the sensations are elicited as if a massage was applied under the foot sole.



Co-founder and CEO of SensArs, Francesco Petrini, was driven to study and eventually earn his PhD in neuromodulation after watching his best friend struggle with neuropathy, loss of sensation and chronic pain.

While earning his degree, Petrini met co-founders Stanisa Raspopovic and Silvestro Micera, who are now professors of neural engineering at two of the most prestigious universities in Switzerland.

Together, the team sought to create a neurostimulator to treat neuropathy, and SensArs was born.


SensArs’ founders have more than 30 years of combined experience in the nerve interfacing field, maturing competencies in technology development, animal experiments and clinical trials. They have run the first implants of nerve electrodes in hand and leg amputees in Europe to restore sensory feedback and treat neuropathic pain.

The team has since attracted other important profiles including Dr. Dan Merrill, Guy Siman and Zack Ray:

Dan Merrill, CSO, was Chief Scientist at Alfred Mann Foundation, a nonprofit research organization devoted to development of advanced medical products in a variety of fields.

Guy Siman, COO, was VP of R&D and Engineering at Nyxoah, a Med-Tech company, focused on the development and commercialization of solutions to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea through development of innovative implantable neurostimulation therapy.

Dr. Ray is a member of executive committee of the AANS/CNS spine section and is the lead principal investigator for the Department of Defense multi-institutional clinical trial for tetraplegia, paralysis in the upper and lower body.

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