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Top Three IoT + Ai Opportunities

An Industry Defining Partnership
Sensoria Health: Founded by two well-established market leaders 

Sensoria Health
The Smart Aging Company

Sensoria Health specializes in Smart Aging solutions across multiple clinical scenarios to improve quality of care and reduce cost in assisted, skilled nursing facilities and at home.

Our proprietary technology is already embedded into undergarments, socks and shoes to monitor daily activity and biometrics of elderly patients and provide users and clinicians with actionable data in near real-time. 

The Problem: Aging Population
Baby Boomers’ Impact on U.S. Healthcare

As a result, in the US and in many other countries around the world an insufficient number of clinicians struggle to serve the needs of an ever-growing aging population.

Critical data is being lost that can otherwise quantitatively identify and validate the presence of abnormalities or changes in a patient’s condition that are associated with disease, injury, weakness or frailty, inefficient treatment, and more.

There is a huge missed opportunity
to catch and prevent costly complications before it’s too expensive or too late.

That’s where Sensoria Health comes in. 

Competition Unable to Monitor Activity of the GAIT Impaired

Mayo Clinic published a study, on using a Fitbit to monitor recovery of 149 post cardiac surgery patients.

Published data suggests that collecting the right data could help hospitals determine the appropriate length of stay for a patient recovering from surgery and reduce re-hospitalizations.

Fitbit was somewhat reliable and cost-effective to implement only when positioned at the ankle.

…But even then it’s just counting steps.


The Solution: Sensoria Core
One SINGLE device enables MULTIPLE clinical scenarios

Available NOW: The ONLY mission-generic device: 9 axis IMU + mission-specific adapter that connects to smart footwear and garments. Also connects to up to 8 additional sensors.
It can be used as a stand alone data collection unit strapped to a patient’s limb or placed in any other position on the body.

The Solution: Sensoria Smart Sock

The Solution: Sensoria Smart Shoe

Sensoria Core can also snap into a pressure sensor-infused shoe to gather the patient’s Activity and Gait data to increase patient compliance.

Genesis Rehab Solution Workflow
Maximize Compliance by Providing Patient with Options

The Sensoria Activity Monitoring
Gait Assessment & Rehab Compliance System

The Sensoria Activity Monitoring and Rehabilitation System (SAMRS) is the first AI-driven technology that tracks total-body movement and activity
for a broad spectrum of elderly patient types -- whether chair-bound, 
bed-bound, or ambulatory.

By embedding our technology into garments and footwear, we’re able to dramatically improve rehab adherence, reduce falls, and 
measure activity of the gait impaired by being seamlessly integrating into the daily routine of elderly patients. 

Personalized Actionable, Measurable Results

The Capabilities

  • Accurate remote tracking of patient.
  • Accurate remote monitoring of patient adherence to rehab protocols.
  • Notifies staff, caregivers, or patient if repositioning, activity, or intervention is needed.
  • Generates emergency response upon confirming critical events or early-detection of complications.
  • Provides metrics to support clinical decisions, assess requirements for intervention, improve treatment plans, or tune rehab/exercise plans.
  • Generates adherence rate to prescribed mobility protocol and instructions.
  • Personalize and push rehab exercise regime to each patient. 

The Outcomes

  • Prevents emergency room visits, re-hospitalizations,
  • and institutionalization.
  • Increases quality of life for the patient and family.
  • Reduces risk of falls, cost and liability for provider.


Sensoria Walk™
Designed for the Gait Impaired Patient

Genesis Rehab
Real-Time Patient Rehab Compliance Dashboard

  • Manages, staffs and operates rehab clinics in the 453 Genesis owned Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities.
  • Serves an additional 1,700+ skilled nursing facilities, independent living and assisted living communities, hospitals, home health companies, adult day care programs, and outpatient clinics throughout the country.
  • Employs 17,000+ therapists in 46 states and the District of Columbia.
  • GRS reaches 55,000 patients per day
    and 800,000 unique patients annually.  

Embedding Sensoria Health Tech

Leaders in Healthcare and Technology

Sensoria Health is led by a multidisciplinary team of former Microsoft executives and seasoned veterans in healthcare, software engineering, and business development -- with an advisory board comprised of top-tier clinicians.

Davide Vigano

  • Co-Founder & CEO, Sensoria Health, Inc.
  • Former Microsoft partner-level executive.
  • Over 25 years of product management, marketing, and sales experience.
  • Served as GM of Health Solutions Group, overseeing product strategy for Microsoft HealthVault and Amalga product line before acquisition by GE. 

Maurizio Macagno

  • CTO & Co-Founder, Sensoria, Inc.
  • Former software professional with over 20 years of development and technical program management experience having served in leadership roles at Microsoft.
  • Founded Green Tomatoes, a small start-up focused on IT consulting and mobile application development.
  • Co-Founded Sensoria Inc., one of the most innovative companies in the Wearable Tech, where he serves as CTO.

Sarah Thomas

  • Sr. Director of Global Information, GRS/Genesis Healthcare & Innovation Fellow
  • Nearly 20 years dedicated to aging services and healthcare in key leadership positions.
  • Spent last 8 years advising emerging technology companies and investors.
  • Occupational therapist; entrepreneur; elder advocate; published author in post-acute care; and frequent keynote speaker internationally on healthcare innovations, reform trends, and reimbursement. 

Dan Hirschfeld

  • President of International Operations and Rehabilitation Services, GRS
  • Extensive healthcare industry background including acquisitions and business development roles, management of an ancillary services business, and the creation of an assisted living company.
  • President and CEO/COO positions with several privately-held and publicly-held companies.
  • An industry representative to various state and national government bodies.
  • Serves on the boards of Harcum College, Argentum, and National Association for the Support of Long Term Care. 

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