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Local SEO Software

SEOptiks is locally-optimized marketing software that levels the SEO playing field for local businesses struggling to deploy a quality local SEO strategy. Lower your marketing costs, increase your impact, and put your business on the map…literally.

By helping small businesses achieve online parity with enterprise competitors, SEOptiks is becoming a must-have tool in any small business toolkit. Soon, SEOptiks will be a complete platform for businesses to manage vendors and their employees.

The Multi-Location Problem

For small business, trying to manage a local marketing project is incredibly resource-intensive.  

Large multi-location businesses often end up spending all their time managing their SEO campaign…instead of competing. It’s like running on a treadmill when all you want is to join the race.

Most solutions on the market today are too barebones to handle multiple locations, giving single-location marketers an edge over multiple-location strategies. Additionally, since no solution handles single locations and multiple locations equally well, getting fresh local content at the location level is still a major challenge.


CPC Inflation 

On Google Adwords, cost-per-click inflation is costing small businesses—especially in the crowded legal and automotive markets—significantly more per click:

And the story is the same on Yahoo! and Bing:

As prices rise, enterprise companies with significant resources can pull away from their smaller competitors.

On the other end of the spectrum, single-location small businesses have the advantage of SEO software that caters to their needs.

Multi-location small businesses are left in SEO limbo!

SEOptiks is a simple but comprehensive solution that gives a small business a unique advantage over the competition. Designed for both single- and multi-location local businesses, the at-a-glance dashboard provides an easy-to-read overview of the digital marketing health of your business. And because it’s designed for both single- and multi-location businesses, SEOptiks grows with you.

Our proprietary software:

Gives you an unfair advantage over your competition

Creates automatic, quality content

Allows you to generate local business reviews fast

Optimizes your website so you can compete across local markets



SEOptiks Features

Local Listing Management:
A complete audit-and-action mechanism designed to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Complete Review System:
Our unique tool allows your website to become a complete, dynamic review site, displaying your reviews from all over the web in one central location.

On-Page Local SEO Software:
Scalable and locally optimized, SEOptiks allows you to create a representation of all your locations on a single platform.

Simple, powerful features make SEOptiks the most potent SEO tool available to small business.

Business Listing NAP Audit

Get a top-down view of all your listings with a platform designed to identify the most important listings and verify their accuracy.

Complete Listing Audits On 350 Local Sites

After identifying your listings and verifying their accuracy, you can identify which listings need to be created on a vast database of 350 sites.

Claim New Listings with One Click

You know which listings need to be created. Now, do you do it yourself, or hire someone else to do it? SEOptiks gives you a choice.

Eliminate Bad Listings

Listings not up to your standards? With SEOptiks, it’s not a problem. Quickly identify duplicate or error-filled listings and clean them up.

SEOptiks also includes a Local Review Generation System, Automated Review Feedback System and site content generation and optimization.

It’s the most comprehensive, powerful tool available to local businesses.

We’ve been hard at work making SEOptiks a reality.

SEOptiks is now a working platform: the complete digital foundation is laid, which will allow us to build the most comprehensive small business software on the market.

Want to learn where that digital foundation will lead? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out!  

Matt Barden, Owner

Prior to Founding SEOptiks, Matt worked for various tech companies including,, and While at Yodle, Matt served three unique roles, starting in sales before a promotion to managing the SDR Team. In addition he managed the full cycle sales team, helping create and refine replicable and scalable sales processes, while helping to expand the office from 10 employees to several hundred.

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