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Shape Biopharmaceuticals is a next-generation vaccine company using cutting-edge antigen engineering and delivery technologies to develop targeted vaccines against COVID-19 and other viral diseases for everyone.


Most COVID-19 vaccines currently in advanced development are highly unstable, may not work against mutated versions of the virus and can be administered only once due to limitations of the vaccine technologies on which they are based.

We realized that the world will most likely need an epitope-specific vaccine that can be repeatedly injected as the SARS-CoV-2 virus will become seasonal like the flu, and is sufficiently stable to facilitate wide distribution, especially in a post-pandemic setting.


Our solution solves these problems by combining stable, structurally optimized antigens  with highly effective engineered bioparticles, which do not require adjuvants and can be administered safely multiple times without loosing immunogenicity, for antigen delivery.

To maximize the efficacy and safety of our vaccines we use cutting-edge technologies including AI along with sequencing and patient data to identify protective epitopes on the virus surface and design antigens that optimally present these structures

This approach allows us to target specific, highly vulnerable sites in viral proteins and avoid problems with off-target and/or disease enhancing antibody and T-cell responses associated with many other vaccine technologies.

Unlike real viruses, replicating or non-replicating viral vectors, our vaccines are completely synthetic and non-infectious, and do not contain any antibiotics, cell-culture or animal-derived materials. Moreover they can be screened and optimized using rational drug development-like processes.


Safe and effective vaccines are probably the only way to get us back to normalcy and avoid future lockdowns due to COVID-19.

With so many programs working toward vaccines, you'd think that we'd be well on our way... While some are considerably advanced, the technologies on which they are based have a history of failure for other vaccine targets.

Our technology, however, is highly adaptable, safe and effective, and if the virus changes, we can alter our vaccine as needed.


Our vaccines contain two main components:



International network of development and manufacturing partners

Robust development pipeline for COVID-19 and two undisclosed targets

Positive animal data

Patent filed


Arin Ghasparian, PhD | Co-Founder, President and CEO
12+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and innovator, founded 3 companies. Expert in vaccine design and bio-nanotechnology, multiple patents. Designed vaccine candidates against malaria, 
HPV, HIV, IPD and RSV. Received various awards including McKinsey >>Venture>>  (2010) and Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award Europe, Next-Generation Vaccines (2013)

Armando Zuniga, PhD | Co-Founder and CSO
20+ years experience in vaccine R&D. Co-developed various vaccine technologies, including viral vector-, peptide- and recombinant protein-based technologies, and vaccine candidates against SARS CoV-1, HIV, RSV, IPD, CMV and other diseases. Numerous papers and co-inventor of several patent families

Daniel Geffken, MBA | CFO
30+ years operational experience in private and public companies. Served as CFO and executive-level advisor to numerous life science companies. Raised nearly $2 billion in equity financing and debt securities.

Tiago Vicente, PhD | Co-Founder and VP of Technical Operations
14+ years experience in preclinical and commercial manufacturing and process-development for subunit vaccines, viral vectors and monoclonal antibodies

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