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Shockwave Motors: Fast facts

With Shockwave Motors, founder John McMillian turned his lifelong passion for electric vehicles into a startup with a focus on the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Shockwave created an ultra-efficient, vintage-modern, electric Roadster for the daily commute that’s safe, economical, pollution-free, and just plain fun to drive. Now they’re ready to hit the road, disrupt the industry, and help save the planet one mile at a time. 

The exhausting electric car problem

Some drivers have range anxiety. If an electric car leaves Point A travelling 60 miles an hour, how long will it take to get to the Level 2 charging station at Point B? Will it make it or end up powered down on the side of the road?

Other consumers get nervous about the price tag. The cost of electric cars starts at around $32,000 and goes up to more than $100,000. Even at the low end of that range, the average family might struggle to afford an electric vehicle.

So in spite of concern for the planet and a fondness for technology, most drivers take the traditional route, gassing up and hitting the road in the same old, same old. It’s exhausting.

Driving EV innovation

Most commuters spend less than one hour per day driving to and from work. That means the typical car is parked up to 95% of the time. In about eight hours, at home and at work, a driver can charge the Roadster using a standard 120-volt outlet, getting a range of up to 200 miles a day. No need panic searching for a Level 2 Charging System!

Our Roadster costs far less than the typical electric car. Taking the federal tax credit into account, it comes in at $19,950—that's less than the average price of a used car, according to J.D. Power.

Performance testing shows the Roadster costs about two cents per mile for electric power and gets the equivalent of 200+ miles per gallon. That’s efficiency!

The Roadster’s patent-pending design decreases the chance of a head-on collision and increases occupant safety in the event of an impact.

Plus, with its vintage-modern style and eco-friendly rep, drivers will have plenty of street cred. And Shockwave will help save the planet one mile at a time.

The key to Shockwave’s Roadster

Agile Production: We envision creating an assembly plant in a vacant auto dealer facility that already contains much of the needed infrastructure. This innovative production model allows for easy scalability and the potential to create local jobs in local markets.

Many key components are off-the-shelf and supplier agreements are in place. Our patent-pending chassis, front steering assembly and body style are all unique to Shockwave.

From these components, we craft the Defiant EV3 Electric Roadster, a cool, vintage-modern vehicle with seating for three people. The Roadster’s battery is strategically located to allow easy access and provides an ultralow center of gravity for superior stability.

Drivers can charge the Roadster at home or at work using a standard, 120-volt outlet to get a full power in about eight hours. On the road, the vehicle gets 50 miles from the same amount of electricity needed to produce a single gallon of gas.

With Shockwave, customers get great looks, great performance and a great, green alternative to the average car.

Hitting the road in style

Though Shockwave is pre-revenue, we’re ready to turn the key:

We’ve designed, built and tested three prototypes. The third is a minimum viable product. We’re at a Technology Readiness Level 9 and a Commercial Readiness Level 6.

We have a patent pending on our Passive Head-On Crash Avoidance Design for our Roadster which reduces the potential for head-on collision and enhances safety in the event of an impact.

We have MOUs with Rawsun Technology (Shantou) Co. Ltd. (China), FDG Electric Vehicles International Ltd. (Hong Kong), Speedways Electric (India), and MicroCar (France).

We have about 8,000 followers across various social media channels. Our YouTube videos have over 500,000 views.

We’ve received media attention from USA Today, Discovery Network, Gizmag, Knox News, Electric Vehicle Research, Yahoo, Auto Cheat Sheet, WBIR, Caribbean Journal, and most recently, Fox News Detroit.

In the driver’s seat

John McMillian, MBA | Founder
John McMillian combines his passion for electric vehicles with his experience in quality, lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. He is the author of Electric Cars: The Switch Is On! and The Leader’s Guide to Quality in America. McMillian honed his leadership skills serving as a missile combat crew commander in the Air Force.

Carrie Fair | Co-Founder
Carrie Fair, along with John, created and built the original Defiant. She now serves as Shockwave’s resident media relations expert. She has extensive expertise in the field of media relations, as well as social media and professional sales.

Normand Rheault | Co-Founder
Normand Rheault built an extensive career as a consultant. He has also held management positions with Hyundai Motors Canada, Bell Helicopters, Textron, and Rolls-Royce Limited. 

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