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SignPost: Fast facts

SignPost believes that accurate and early detection of cancer will save lives.

With a routine blood draw, BreastDefense can accurately distinguish between benign and malignant breast cancer. The question “Is this invasive cancer?” can be answered with a clear YES or NO so doctor and patient can proceed quickly to treatment.

The SignPost Platform

SignPost has licensed an algorithm that could be used in early detection of many solid tumor cancers.

The algorithm is designed to differentiate cancer from normal tissue with unprecedented accuracy.

Our test can be licensed and stacked on most existing tests.

Initial work has focused on invasive breast and lung cancers.

Potential future targets are kidney and thyroid cancer.

SignPost’s unprecedented accuracy 

"You might have cancer”

SignPost turns the devastating might of traditional screening to the correct diagnosis, allowing for timely care.

Our innovative BreastDefense solution powers early cancer detection that differentiates cancer from normal tissue  SignPost balances an extremely low false positive rate, or sensitivity, with a very low false negative rate, or specificity.

The lab developed molecular test (LDT) does not rely on imaging or the expertise of radiologists or pathologists reading the results, eliminating the element of human error.

In addition to BreastDefense, our blood test for lung cancer is also ready for validation. With these biomarker tests, we enhance accuracy and help medical professionals guard against the risk of misdiagnosis.

SignPost points the way to early treatment and better outcomes.

Misdiagnosis is a real problem

“You might have cancer”

More terrifying than those five words is the lack of accuracy with traditional screening methods.

Many mammograms are misdiagnosed.

False Negative - You have cancer BUT 
                              the Test is Negative.

False Positive – You do not have cancer                                        BUT the test is Positive.

Estimated false positive/negative rates range from 20% to 11%.

This leads to critical treatment delays.

Our solution’s key features

Many cancers caught early are survivable.

For a patient, BreastDefense and future SignPost solutions will be quick and easy — a routine blood draw.

For a doctor, our solution acts as a verification tool to eliminate misdiagnosis.

No other test on the market comes close to our level of precision with 98.5% specificity and sensitivity.

SignPost measured a combination of one sextillion (1021) epigenomic biomarkers to achieve this incredible accuracy.

For doctors and patients, this results in one clear answer, either YES or NO, to the invasive cancer question.

More importantly, it clears the way for the correct treatment to begin.

Preparing for market adoption

Following validation SignPost will partner with an established diagnostic partner using existing channels of distribution to get the product to market quickly.

Meet our team

In collaboration with oncologists, surgeons and pathologists from Canadian universities and hospitals, we discovered and developed revolutionary solutions for breast and lung cancer testing.

Peter Blaney
Peter Blaney has broad spectrum experience as a biotechnology entrepreneur and investor. He has founded companies and led investments in a variety of biotechnology  sectors including advanced medical diagnostics and drug delivery.

Paul Lucas
With more than 20 years of leadership experience as president and CEO of GlaxoSmithKline Canada, Paul Lucas has significant expertise in the drug delivery and diagnostic health care space.

Barry Markowsky
Barry Markowsky served as vice-president of development for GlaxoSmithKline for more than 10 years. He has a talent for building innovative business models and solutions and creating start-ups in biotech and pharmaceuticals.

Nicol MacNicol
CHAIRMAN, SignPost Cancer Dx Inc.
Nicol is a Portfolio Manager at Caldwell Securities specializing in working with Individuals, Families and Foundations to address their unique challenges which allows his clients to view him, and his team, as responsible guardians of their wealth.

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