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Sinfully Gluten Free:
Fast Facts

Sinfully Gluten Free is a dedicated gluten-free pizzeria and bakery that gives anyone with celiac disease or gluten allergy peace of mind and the ability to enjoy dining out with friends and family.

No more scouring menus, asking servers for ingredients, or worrying about cross-contamination that will lead to breaking out in a rash, bloating, headaches, stomach issues, and many more gluten intolerance symptoms.

Pizza and Pastries = Pain

In 2003, Heather Zook and her husband welcomed their second daughter. She was losing her mind taking care of an infant and losing sleep due to her husband’s snoring. She demanded he do something about the snoring (possibly threatened to smother him).

After testing, it was determined a gluten allergy was causing his snoring. That was the easy part. Changing his diet to gluten-free was a challenge but dining out was nearly impossible. That’s when she and her mother came up with the concept of an entirely gluten-free restaurant.

Those who have to follow a gluten-free diet cannot dine in just any restaurant. Most restaurants attempt to offer gluten-free options. However, if the food isn’t handled properly, it can lead to illness and in some cases it can be life-threatening. Gluten-free patrons cannot enjoy a simple meal out with friends or family without worrying about cross contamination. Each bite is a risk.

Is A Commitment

Sinfully Gluten Free is a completely gluten-free facility.

Our company policy does not allow any outside food: including employee meals or those dining with customers.

We provide thorough gluten and cross-contamination training for our employees.

Other restaurants offer gluten-free menu items, but we specialize in it and take the precautions to make sure our patrons can dine worry and pain free.

We Aim To Please

Sinfully Gluten Free provides a completely safe environment where people following a gluten-free diet can relax and enjoy a meal without worry.

Every product used has been researched and verified gluten-free.

For years, we have made it a point to taste-test every product to ensure everything is as close as possible to the gluten counterpart.

​What We Bring To The Table

Press Mentions

The Gluten-Free Group

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