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Sirab Technologies is an Automated Driving Technology done right

Built with patented High Reliability Lane Keeping and Platooning technology, Sirab stands apart from the crowd

We provide solutions to road transportation problems, including traffic congestion and road safety

We enable high-speed transit and intercity travel with capital and operating efficiency


Current road transportation is plagued by safety issues and badly congested roads. This is despite the vast amounts of scarce resources (ex: land!) being utilized to help our commute.

Mobility negatively impacts a large number of people globally through road fatalities, as well as the time spent in congestion.

What can possibly be done to change this?


Sirab Technologies solves these problems with the unrivaled capability to accomplish much better results than any other company attempting to solve these problems.

The other approaches are trying to sense and avoid the kind of automation (autonomy) that suffers from being non-verifiable, not testable nor having a controllable system in place.

There are technical limitations why they can neither address congestion nor road safety while trying pretty much in vain to remove the driver completely.

The other approaches are only adding some level 2 automation “Driver-Assist” features, such as ADAS, which do not address the core pain points.

Sirab Technologies overcoming these obstacles by developing "High Reliability Lane Keeping and Platooning" technology.

This will be foundational technology that will enable automated driving solutions with Fail-Safety and Safety Assurance.



Below are the details of the Patents issued/applied by Sirab Technologies and the founding team:

US Patent Issued US10196069
Methods and systems of algorithmically controlling automotive functions

US Patent Publication US20190196478A1
Automated Driving System and Method for Road Vehicles

US Patent Publication US20190243378
Radar-based Guidance and Wireless Control for Automated Vehicle Platooning and Lane Keeping on an Automated Highway System


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