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Quick Pitch

Like many other people working overseas, people from the Caribbean would prefer a money transfer service that is fast, efficient and affordable. Unfortunately, current money transfer options available take 48-72 hours to transfer funds, have high transfer fees and some don't have options to transfer online and would require you to go to a brick and mortar store to facilitate the transfer.

That’s why we came up with SkaiPay. We provide another safe, and easy way for friends and family to send, receive and collect money and pay bills online.  We are going to combine an online money transfer, e-wallet system with a prepaid debit card. Normally, people would use the regular way to send or receive money which could take from 24-48 hours to a few days to hit their bank account, with SkaiPay each of our subscribers will have debit card which link directly to their SkaiPay account. Whenever they receive a money transfer, it is instantly available using their debit card.

Product/Service Details

  • Send money domestic and international using credit cards, bank account, SkaiPay accounts and SkaiPay Debit Cards
  • Send money to anyone using email Address, User ID, Cell Number
  • Confirmation number and email for each transaction
  • Currency conversion and fees calculated automatically
  • Send money like a direct deposit straight into the recipient bank account, SkaiPay Account, SkaiPay Debit Cards
  • Receive money using bank account, SkaiPay account, SkaiPay Debit Card
  • Request money from friends and family or clients
  • Move money from different bank accounts from your SkaiPay account
  • Other businesses sign up as an agent to conduct transfer on our behalf

Each client will get a SkaiPay debit card upon signup.

  • The card will link to individual accounts so that whenever they receive a transfer, the money will deposit directly to that debit card
  • The user can use their debit anywhere to make daily purchases and pay bills online. Users can access their funds from their debit card to transfer funds to another account
  • Each user will have the option to reload their debit card from their bank account, credit card, and checking account debit card

  • Requesting Money
  • Accept payment
  • Merchant services
  • Process Credit Card/ACH Payment from SkaiPay account
  • Online invoices services
  • Using our site like a merchant to accept payment by credit card, check, and our site accounts
  • Put SkaiPay logo on their site to accept payment

  • Nonprofits. Nonprofits can accept payments from individuals, church members, or send a request for payment
  • Political Campaign. Political Campaign can use SkaiPay as a Fundraising tool to solicit donations from supporters

  • Social media compatible to send and request money from associates through Facebook, twitter and other social media outlets
  • Once the client download the App on their phone, have the ability to send invite to all their friends from their phone list, facebook, twitter, linkedin, their email list
  • Search transactions by name, phone number and email
  • Send a text message confirmation number to receivers
  • Internet website / mobile web using through iPhone and android, or an APP

How We're Different

Our goal with Skaipay is to provide an alternative option to all unhappy customers that are currently using our competitors. We will focus on the customer by providing a more efficient and faster process to get their hands on receiving funds. Currently if a customer sends money through Paypal to a friend/family, the process will take between 48-72 hour before the funds hits their account, with SkaiPay the money will hit their debit card instantly.

MoneyGram and Western Union are currently running a monopoly and millions of their current customer feels like they are trapped because they have no other options. These two service providers charge high fees to their customers to send money online in the Caribbean and South America. With SkaiPay, we will offer the same online transfer service at more affordable rates. We are also working with major banks in those countries issuing debit cards for customers to receive funds  from our platform from friends and family faster and less expensive.

CAM Transfer is money transfer mainly in the Island and does not provide online transfer services to its client, but with SkaiPay people can send money our website and their mobile phone.

Traction & Accomplishments

We have made substantial traction into fully rolling out our money transfer services for the people of the Caribbean. Here's what we have accomplished so far:

About the Team

Markist Athelus - President/CEO


Brings strategic leadership for the company, working with the Board and other management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies. He was the former President and CEO of Fast Fund Financial Services, Inc..

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