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Sleep Certified is Invisalign for sleep apnea


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Sleep Certified: Fast Facts

Sleep Certified is Invisalign for sleep apnea. Created by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, DDS, a world-renowned dental sleep expert. Dr. Greenburg founded the Southern California sleep clinic chain SnoreExperts 20 years ago and the top-selling FDA-cleared and patented anti-snoring appliance Zyppah 9 years ago.

In 2017, by popular demand from dentists, he started creating the 9-level Sleep Certified sleep apnea certification curriculum for dentists and other healthcare practices. The Sleep Certified system has been perfected, copyrighted, approved by insurers and bought by 30 large Dental Service Organization (DSOs) that can result in dentists generating $1,800 per patient while Sleep Certified generates $350+ per patient.

Key Highlights

Massive Problem
Is anyone there to fix it?

Sleep Certified is often compared with Invisalign (stock symbol ALGN), which was the first-moved in alternative smile fixing and certified 40% of American dentists and orthodontists in their method, creating a company worth $45 billion.

That’s why Sleep Certified is called “Invisalign for sleep apnea.”  Certifying a large percent of dental and health practices to earning $1,800 per patient fixing OSA is a once-in-a-generation opportunity with improved patient quality-of-life and OSA outcomes.

Sleep Certified is “THE”
Dental Sleep Solution

Sleep Certified is a first-mover in training and certifying dentists and other healthcare practices with the ability to treat OSA using a unique 9-level program.

Sleep Certified's business model is similar to that of the $45B Invisalign empire. But rather than fixing smiles, we fix dangerous sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is responsible for tens of thousands of American deaths annually and is curable by Sleep Certified dental and healthcare practices.

4 Distinctions: Why Sleep Certified 360 is Unique

Inexpensive, Easy, Immediate Revenue, Patient Referrals, Open Practice Access.  Sleep Certified provides the perfect path for dentists to help patients suffering from OSA while generating higher revenue. 

1. Inexpensive & Revenue NOW.
Practices can immediately start Sleep Certified's 9-level certification program at low cost. Sleep Certified makes sleep apnea care an immediate large revenue source without wait. 

2. Easy & Fast.
COVID-19 has decimated practices. Sleep Certified gives no-distraction.

3. Patient Referrals for Growth.
22% of Americans suffer from OSA, and many are searching for help now online. Sleep Certified’s sophisticated marketing helps patients find Sleep Certified dentists.

4. Open Access—No Need for Previous Board-Level Training.
Dentists need not be experts in OSA. We recognized the problems with traditional sleep programs and worked hard to eliminate those barriers.

Traction & Accomplishments

Meet The Team

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, DDS | CEO

  • Founder of SnoreExperts sleep clinics in greater LA
  • Founder of FDA-cleared Zyppah® anti-snoring appliance (over $45 million sold Direct To Consumers and soon to be available in box box retail & pharmacies)
  • Nationally recognized expert in sleep treatment with 20+ years of innovating a comprehensive solution for patient treatment and training qualified professionals to treat sleep-related snoring problems
  • NYU-educated dentist 
  • Syracuse – Bio-Engineering

Jerry Washburn | CFO

  • Energy and technology company CFO and Director with 40 years experience
  • BYU-educated accountant
  • Brigham Young University - Accounting

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