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Fresh bread is a wonderful addition to any meal, and without bread it would be rather difficult to make a sandwich.
But how can you tell good bread from great bread without tasting it? Not by the smell or the look. Not by the sound, but by the slice.

Only great bread comes pre-sliced.

Having to pull out the bread knife every time you want a slice of bread is a pain, but if you don’t use a knife, you’ll have to rip chunks off the loaf. So you slice the bread, but then all the slices come out uneven. Some are thicker, some are thinner, and none seem to toast evenly. And trying to make a sandwich is always a problem. Crumbs get everywhere and suddenly the tidy stack of deli meat and bread slices is just a mess. There ought to be a better way to enjoy a fresh loaf without the hassle of slicing it up.

Sliced Bread™ is a revolutionary culinary concept from the world-renowned Muffin Man. Based on his innovative FutureSlice machine, Sliced Bread™ solves the bread problems facing households around the world.

Baked fresh daily, our pre-sliced bread loaves contain only the best ingredients available. Our wheat is locally grown and free of pesticides, and our yeast is 100% organic without chemical enhancements. This results in better rising dough, which means more delectable bread for you and your family. And with the loaves already sliced, there are no more knives, no more messes. Now you can easily prepare bagged lunches quickly and neatly. You’ll soon have toast down to a science with our uniform slices.

Let’s face it. This is the greatest thing since… Well, you know.

Sliced Bread™ comes in a variety of styles so that you can find the one that works best for you.

  •  – This is your classic white bread, but better. We bring you a classic style without using enriched white flour. The crust is crispy, the bread oh so tasty.
  •  – Another classic, but this one has all the most essential nutrients found naturally in wheat. What better way to start the day than with a healthy slice of toast? This is the Muffin Man’s favorite day-to-day bread for sandwiches.
  •  – You may think we’re just messing with you now. But no, we’ve taken all the benefits of our locally grown wheat and added more grainy goodness. These slices of bread will enrich your body and satisfy your tummy.
  •  – We’ve almost outdone ourselves with this style. High in fiber and in flavor, this is the bread of kings and you’ll be excited to grab a slice.
  •  – Don’t worry, it’s not that sour. We just used a little extra of our organic yeast. But if you’re looking to add a little flair to your sandwich, this sourdough is the way to go.
  •  – We’ve taken the bread you love, and made it something that’ll get your mouth watering. Sweet spirals of cinnamon and sugar run through this loaf and moments of juicy raisins await you. 
  •  – You’ll feel like you’re back in mom’s kitchen when you taste our pre-sliced pepperoni loaf. Slightly spicy and supremely tasty, this is the type of bread loaf you’ll eat in one sitting - once slice at a time.

No matter which way you slice it, Sliced Bread™ gives you the style you want.

Ever since Sliced Bread™ was introduced in January 2014 it has been winning awards left and right, gaining international acclaim.

  • Best Baked Good: 2014 Missouri State Fair
  • Best Culinary Innovation: 2014 Bureau of Registered Educated Artisan D’oeuvres (B.R.E.A.D.)
  • Best in Show: 2014 National Culinary Review
  • People’s Choice Award: 35th Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest
  • The 2014 Milestone Award: International Association of Culinary Professionals
  • And many more!

Due to our meteoric success, we’ve recently entered into partnerships with American supermarket juggernauts Winn-Dixie and Giant Eagle. Croatian bakery chain Mlinar will begin carrying Sliced Bread™ next year, and we hope that soon other people around the world will be able to enjoy our bread and enjoy the luxury of pre-sliced loaves.

Sliced Bread™ has seen some incredible growth since launching in January 2014, but now we need your help to get to the next stage! We've baked up some pretty fantastic rewards to thank you for your contributions.

Pledge $5+ 
Receive a $2 off coupon for a loaf of Sliced Bread™,
and a thank you note handwritten by The Muffin Man. 

Pledge $25+
Receive 5 $2 off coupons for a loaf of Sliced Bread™,
and a thank you note handwritten by The Muffin Man. 

Pledge $50+
Receive a beautiful basket containing a sampler of 5 different 
Sliced Bread™ styles, as well as artisan cheeses and jams.
This is a perfect way to pamper yourself or a great gift for your favorite bread lover! 
You'll also get a handwritten thank you note from The Muffin Man.

Pledge $200+
Receive 4 beautiful baskets, each containing a sampler of
5 different Sliced Bread™ styles, as well as artisan cheeses and jams.
These bread baskets are the perfect gift for your favorite foodies! 
You'll also get a handwritten thank you note from The Muffin Man.

Pledge $1,000+ 
Receive an invitation to our First Annual Bread Bonanza, 
where you'll be our VIP guest. You'll enjoy a blind bread tasting,
a tour of our innovative FutureSlice factory,
and party with us all night with unlimited sandwiches.
At the cocktail party we will unveil a new, limited edition
flavor of Sliced Bread™, inspired by YOUR favorite ingredients!
We'll be in touch to discuss your future involvement with Sliced Bread™
as we continue to grow. You better believe you'll be getting
a thank you note handwritten by The Muffin Man! 


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