The world’s first waterproof, smart, wearable action cam stabilizer

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Yep, it’s really that easy.

Slick is a game-changing camera stabilizer that lets any action adventurist capture professional grade video effortlessly, and completely hands-free. Using standard GoPro mounts, you can attach Slick to any of your favorite accessories -- helmet, pole, chest mount, drone, surfboard, even your dog!

Red Bull called Slick “a must have for the 2016 snow season!" Techcrunch said: "I played with a Slick prototype in person. You can shake the stabilizer in every direction and the GoPro stands still… impressive!" In fact, Slick has been featured in over 100 publications from around the world -- from the US to France to New Zealand.

In August 2015, we launched an Indiegogo campaign and today we’re over 500% funding! Still in production, we expect to ship our Indiegogo pre-orders in December followed by major market rollout.

Your moments are awesome, and now you can make them even better. THAT’s Slick.  

The action camera market is crowded like it has never been before. But here’s the problem: the vast majority of the 10 million plus action camera users stop using their device after realizing it’s impossible to replicate the sick GoPro ads they thought they would be able to make. Your everyday user doesn’t have the time and skills needed, let alone the desire, to edit a professional grade video. They just want to have fun and get back home with an awesome movie, ready to share.

When GoPro burst onto the scene, it changed the way we capture life’s most epic moments forever. Today, the GoPro is finally able to live up to its full potential with Slick: the world’s first waterproof, lightweight, take-anywhere stabilizer.

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We’ve stuck to one guiding principle throughout product development: there shouldn’t have to be a trade off between mobility and stability. Join the new GoPro experience! Join the Slick movement.

We used our own expertise from years of shooting drone footage and gathered feedback from professional riders to create Slick’s groundbreaking features.

  • Motors and sensors stabilizes Slick across 3 axes: pitch, roll, and yaw
  • At 0.66 pounds, Slick is light, compact, and plug-and-play ready
  • Rechargeable battery enables 4 hours of smooth riding
  • Slick is the world's first waterproof stabilizer (up to 3 feet), perfectly suited to all your favorite water sports like surfing, sailing, kayaking, and kitesurfing.
  • Fits GoPro Hero, 3, 3+, 4, or 4 Session with waterproof or skeleton housing
  • Slick can be attached to anything with a universal GoPro mount: A helmet, surfboard, chest mount, dog or even a car.
  • Stabilization activates instantly, as soon as you hit the power button
  • With the Slick app, you can change stabilization modes or check things like battery power or traveling speed.

Sound awesome? Want to see what all of that actually looks like on the slopes? See for yourself:

Smooth, right? In fact, Slick footage is so smooth that you can simply increase playback speed to get that awesome Hyperlapse effect. Check out this Paris street/forest footage shot from a backward helmet cam:

No more changing video modes; no more only having a video in hyperlapse mode!

Stable footage, no editing required, a real solution for athletes.

Slick’s technology has been used on drones for several years. As designers, engineers, and action sports lovers, the Slick team realized that each of the 10 million action sport camera  users around the world could benefit from this technology as well to capture smooth videos hands-free. After many iterations, our final design works perfectly and is now ready for mass-manufacturing!

We have pre-sold over 2,000 units so far on Indiegogo and are making $30,000/month -- just by word of mouth… And it’s growing!

We are working with the world’s best athletes to demonstrate just how game-changing Slick is, and we’ve already been covered by over 100 of the major tech outlets.

We’ve established partnerships for manufacturing, testing, assembly, and shipping, and have many major distributors like PNY and Xtreme Video interested in bulk ordering Slick once it’s on the market. We are part of the well-known HAX BOOST program that will connect us to all the relevant US brick and mortar retailers as well.

Earlier this year, Slick won an ISPO Award, given to the best products in the sport industry, in the action category at the world’s biggest action sport tech event.

Up next: be more than just a one trick pony.
Slick is our very first product for the action sport niche. Soon after launch of Slick, we will begin working on our own action sport camera to rival the GoPro. We will embed our own camera into Slick and develop features like auto-tracking and auto-editing -- it will be a high-end product. This camera will appeal to lifestyle customers as much as action junkies -- simple and small, and perfect for capturing everyday, whether that be jumping off cliffs or pushing baby around the park.

In addition to our own camera, we plan to release several versions of Slick for VR (virtual reality) cameras and for smartphones in early 2017. Multiple versions of Slick will ensure we’re able to reach the global market, which will be worth $350 billion by 2020.

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Thomas Agarate, CEO & Co-Founder
Thomas is the official drone pilot for the X Games. He is a mechanical engineer by trade, an action sport lover, and has been innovating the drone industry since he was 19 years old. A true drone pioneer, he designed and built his first drone when he was still a teenager. His work has earned him several prizes as SXSW at France’s leading engineering school, École Polytechnique. Thomas figured out to bring the complex stabilization technology from drones to a beautiful and easy to use product that has mainstream applications.

Thomas used to film TOP1 athletes worldwide with his custom built drones and became friends with many of these famous riders. He has been able to use these relationships to gain a lot of support and name recognition for Slick, ensuring the launch will reach millions of direct customers.

Lancelot Gelas, CTO & Co-Founder
Lancelot is a mechanical engineer who specializes in computational mechanics and modeling. He has managed large teams of engineers for several national companies like Vinci Construction as well as Inboard, an electronic skateboard startup. Lancelot is a lifelong devotee to extreme sports.

Paolo Velcich, Industrial Designer
Paolo has over 20 years of manufacturing experience,
and has worked in the TV, yacht, and auto industries.

Kevin Gordon, CMO
Kevin is marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of hands-on global marketing, communications, advertising, partnerships, and promotions experience. He brings a tremendous amount of expertise in entertainment and consumer electronics, including drones. Kevin quit his Marketing Director job at DJI, an industry leader in camera drones, to join Slick. While at DJI, he was responsible for developing the company’s biggest growth market (Europe) within the rapidly developing drone / UAV industry.

Christophe Goudy, Advisor Distribution & Communications
Christophe specializes in building strong customers and network bases in very diverse business fields around the world. He helped launched GoPro in Europe 10 years ago and in the US in 2013. Christophe knows how to create buzz for Slick’s official release.

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