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SLOAN is a financial technology platform that blends payment solutions and charitable giving to efficiently manage student loans.  The idea was born when founder Bryan Harris experienced the hardship of repaying student loans firsthand. With six figures in student debt weighing him down, he fought to keep track of his loans -- and stay ahead of them. That was easier said than done, but after working on SLOAN and fine-tuning its concept, he added Angie Mayer as his partner. Now the app is ready to forever change the landscape of student loans.


Student loan debt has risen to approximately $1.6 trillion and growing.

This isn't going to get any better on its own. In fact, student debt rises roughly $3,000 per second and effects more than 45 million Americans.

The average borrower owes nearly $30,100 across four different loans with varying interest rates and lenders. Student loan borrowers, like most Americans, often struggle with overall fiscal responsibility and find it difficult to keep track of complex loans and payment schedules.

Contrary to the hype, refinancing and consolidating opportunities do not automatically result in lower monthly payments. While numerous organizations and companies educate borrowers on repayment strategies, none offer comprehensive repayment solutions.


SLOAN is a financial technology platform that blends payment solutions and charitable giving to efficiently manage your student loans. Pay weekly. Pay monthly. Pay highest loans first. Use purchase round ups. Get help from those that love you. Invite your employer to do the SLOAN benefit plan. Let technology work for you and SLOAN it your way.

We aim to be profitable in just eight months by earning a 1-2% transaction fee on all incoming funds. When we serve just 1% of the market (approximately 450,000 individuals), we'll be able to assist students in paying off $13.5 billion in debt*. Our 1-2% transaction fee would then set our market potential at $270,900,000**. And this is just the beginning. As our market share increases, our earnings potential will increase exponentially.


Once set up, the Borrower can make payments directly through the SLOAN platform to their own loan balances and minimums by using a linked checking account or credit card.

As payments are made, the Borrowers not only see their loan balances decrease incrementally, but can also view loan fulfillment timelines and the costs associated with prolonged payment methods and interest.

A feature that is unique to SLOAN. . .the Borrower Profile ties directly to the student loan account(s) and not to the individual Borrower’s checking accounts. Therefore, when funds are given to the Borrower to put toward their student loans, the Donors & Contributors are assured that the money goes directly where intended and applied to the student loan balances without needing to know specific loan details; just the Borrower's name.


As payments are made, they can track their contributions by watching the balances of their chosen borrower decrease by the increment of their payment. Once the payment is applied, they will also be notified as to how much time and interest that the payment saved the Borrower in the long run.


The Contributions from Employer Benefit Plans are directly deposited into their employees SLOAN accounts. Once deposited, the employee will only be able to apply the funds to their loan balances and not withdrawn into their personal checking accounts. This guarantees that the benefit plan disbursements are applied to the intended outstanding student loan balances.


The Lenders (Federal and Private Banks) will benefit from our easy-to-use repayment system that tracks their Borrowers and the payments received.

Banks will appreciate the fact that the SLOAN application notifies their Borrowers when they are late on payment instead of having to call them several times per day. The banks receive the money that is owed, ultimately reducing costs by decreasing the demand on their call centers.

When a Borrower fulfills their repayment obligation, both the Lender and the Borrower are notified. The loan balance for the fulfilled obligation is highlighted on their profile as “Fulfilled.” The Borrower’s outstanding loans are still active on the profile, accepting payments.



We are proud to be developing an app that is well on its way.  The tech stack and payment flow is completed and contracts are in place with third party vendors.

Our website "landing page" is live and accepting beta testers. We have hundreds of trial users already signed up and beta testing is schedule to begin Dec. 15. 

We have patents pending for our solution. Trademarks have been submitted for SLOAN(TM), as well as our slogan: Live the Life You Studied For (TM).

We also have a solid partnership with our development company, Digital Industry. We are in conversations and negotiations with IBM's Cognition Foundry and other impact funding sources.


Bryan Harris

  • Award-winning content creator, television producer, international model and global ambassador
  • Focuses on connecting influencers and doers of different backgrounds to build cohesive projects and media teams
  • Previously worked in professional baseball with the Chicago White Sox organization, local and international energy markets with MGP Farms and White Energy Coal North America, and healthcare information technology with Trizetto a Cognizant Company

Angie Mayer

  • Mayer's core is entrenched in project management, bridging the gap between design and production
  • Previously served as a Marketing Executive with a Fortune 100 company and served as the public relations spearhead for a local non-profit organization
  • At 25, Angie started an online marketing company focused on web development, SEO, and branding, among other verticals
  • Personally founded or been a member of multiple entrepreneurial ventures
  • Consulted & implemented marketing campaigns for over 250 start ups

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