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A multifunction Power outlet which can be controlled by your smart...


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Quick Pitch

Product/Service Details

  • Program up to 60 automatic switch settings. Minimum setting interval 1 minute. A setting can be for a particular day of the week, every day, only weekdays, only weekends.
  • Build-in tail edge continuously variable dimmer which can control any Dimmable Bulbs include incandescent, CFL, fluorescent and LED.It can handle up to 200 watts bulbs. 
  • Ensure instantaneous reaction to lightning strikes and wiring faults. If the surge components are damaged due to power spike or over voltage, excess power cannot reach your equipment.

Traction & Accomplishments

  • Prototype has been built and tested.
  • App for iOS has been released on Apple store.
  • All features have been verified include: Precise Timer, Continously Variable Dimmer, AP mode control, Station mode control, remote control,preset programs for lighting control.
  • Hardware design has been finalized and ready for mass production.

How We're Different

Newbeem smart outlet fits to you and your life

Easy to setup. No wiring required. No hub required. Simply plug your smart outlet in your home outlet and it's installed. Our mobile app steps you through the simple WiFi connection.
Easy to use. Once installed,our free app gives you on, off, and dim control and timer control of your lights through your smartphone.
Easy to understand. newbeem outlet is a replacement of your home outlet, you have what you have from a regular outlet but with surge protection, timer and dimmer which are controlled by your smart phone. 


We’ve been prototyping for almost a year now, and we are close to being able to do our first production run. We’ve built a team based on diverse expertise, experience, and passion. We want you to share in newbeem's vision to bring simple and versatile smart lighting to every home.

We know competitors exist in the lighting space. But thats OK, because we’re taking a different approach. As a startup, we have the ability to build a product from the ground up without legacy bias. We decided that we don’t need to push the mainstream connected light product like everyone else and can build something more flexible that works for everyone. And most importantly, low cost for our customers.

People say "hardware is hard," and it should be left to the big boys. Well, at emberlight we put together a team of Silicon Valley hardware veterans with Silicon Valley software engineers and designers to tackle hard things. We’ve all cut our teeth for the past 10-20 years at top tech firms but now we've come together to change the way all of us interact with our home. Passion, talent, and possibility is heating up with newbeem, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

In return for your support, you’ll be the first to get a product from an accomplished team who is working to better your world, the first to be a part of a product produced by people who just happen to believe in the possibility of design+engineering+you. Let your lights work for you so you can spend time on what’s really important. Let newbeem get the lights, you focus on shining.


Andy Feng - Hardware Design


Andy Feng is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the emerging “Internet of Things” space. Andy Feng believes that the Physical Graph represents the next major phase of the Internet that will create revolutionary change in every facet of life from the home to the office to the gym. Prior to founding Newbeem, Andy Feng has spent the past 20 Years in electronics product research & development, production, supply chain management, particularly for high volume innovative consumer electronics and home appliances.

Andrew - Marketing


Andrew is a repeat entrepreneur with experience designing, building and operating sales, marketing, operations and support organizations from startup to international scale. He believes the connected world and Internet of Things will profoundly change the home, the office and everything in between in the coming decade. Prior to founding Newbeem, Andrew co-founded Mural, a global go-to-market and support delivery organization for SaaS and IaaS providers and SMBLive, a cloud-based software provider. Most recently, Andrew was Senior Vice President of Global Product Operations at ReachLocal, a global provider of online marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses that acquired SMBLive in 2010.

YiPing - Software and Application Design


Yiping is a "Cloud CTO" that strongly believes in the importance of Cloud-based services as an enabler of time-to market, scalable architectures, improved and more mature service level agreements, and competitive advantage. Accordingly, he believes that the Internet of Things will happen largely in an ever expanding Internet Cloud. Prior to founding Newbeem, Yiping has spent more than 30 years in software engineering, engineering management, and executive technology leadership roles. Most recently, Yiping was CTO and CIO for Lewye. Yiping began his commercial software career in the ERP industry at J.D. Edwards and spent the first 13 years of his career at Lockheed.


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