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China Company:
Fast Facts

China Company is a telemedicine company focused on treatment and disease management in specialized medicine fields giving children in China access to healthcare. A telemedicine platform has been created in China.

Our telemedicine platform combine online service and offline service, let patients access to medical service easily.

We have signed cooperation contracts with more than 2,500 doctors in China. We have also signed 70 communities in Chengdu.


Billions of people around the world have never been to a doctor especially in India and China.

It isn’t hard to see why. Office visits are often inconvenient, not available and expensive -- and extremely limited in developing countries.

It should be easier for patients to access care; especially those who require frequent treatment. Currently, only 14% of kidney dialysis patients can receive treatment at home.

China Company is stepping in to help.

Healthcare in China

There are 15 millions newborns in China every year; on the other hand there are only total 200,000 registered pediatricians in China, a gross mismatch.   Moreover, these pediatricians are mainly distributed in large cities and grossly under-paid in their own affiliated hospitals. Difficulty in getting medical services is one of the salient social issues.

In contrast, the strong income increase in Chinese urban family means a massive purchasing power build up in child health care service. The business opportunity is enormous in  this field. China Company is stepping in to help and is building a new platform  for growth and expansion with Chinese partners.

Chinese governmental basic medical insurance only covers a small part of child health care. So it also creates market opportunity, with under-paid pediatricians ready to work with China Company to fulfill market demand.

Historical  Opportunity
Medical reform in China

Chinese Government realized the problem in medical service. From 2015, the new medical reform was launched, including:

  1. 1. Hospital alliance among large hospitals and community hospitals, as well as doctors are allowed work outside of their own affiliated hospitals
  2. 2. Internet + medical service was encouraged, but heavily regulated. China Company has secured scarce political resource to receive an internet hospital license.
  3. 3. Family doctor concept was introduced into China for the first time
  4. 4. Diagnosis and treatment at the community hospital level solves 80% of common ailments among children in China.

Pain Point of Pediatricians
Hospital and Patient

Our Plan in

There are 72,000 state owned community hospitals in urban China. All of them are located in densely populated areas but unable to provide any pediatric service because there is no pediatrician working there. The under-paid pediatricians are eager to work part-time in these community hospitals.


We make it easy for patients to get an accurate diagnosis and referral, and manage their treatment without needing to venture to extremely crowded large hospitals.

How It

We set up physical unit in major cities. These unit will be equipped with professional check up equipment  and digital medical device as the medical infrastructure

Key points

  • Opening time: Monday to Friday
  • Community pediatric outpatient service, child health management outpatient service, postpartum rehabilitation outpatient service
  • Full-time doctor assistant organize the field operations
  • Scheduled pediatricians working part-time in multi-site licensed locations
  • Internet medical software
  • Digital medical equip leasing
  • Low rent, very low customer acquisition cost、brand image and long-term relationships.

Assets in

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