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SmartSort Technologies:

SmartSort Technologies: 
Fast Facts

The world is overrun with trash – trash that can be recycled and trash which ends up in the landfill. It’s a big problem and big business, creating a market well into the trillions.. The US alone produce 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste a year and the recycling rate is less than 25% (GAO-2020). SmartSort Technologies will change that through its AI technology, resulting in a genuine solution to properly and accurately divert recyclable items from those which should be sent to the landfill.

Global Problem In
Need of a Solution

And if that solution is found, it would change the world

Recycling is a necessary part of our planet but difficult to understand.

Recycling can be confusing and frustrating but must be accomplished to eliminate the world-wide pollution, resource, and landfill crisis.

The static signage used on recycling bins most often goes ignored and sorting items is a time-consuming task.

The general outcome is confusion, contamination and failed recycling and zero-waste-to-landfill programs.

The Solution the World Needs

SmartSort solves this problem with artificial intelligence technology using visual and audible cues directing people where to put their trash. It also incentivizes those who are not normally concerned with recycling. This innovative solution changes everything and is easy to follow.

Recyclable Waste: If an item is recyclable or compostable at the point of disposal, it goes into the proper recycling waste stream.

Un-recyclable Waste: If an item is not recyclable or compostable at the point of disposal, it goes into the landfill waste stream.

Unknown Materials: Materials that are unknown at the point of disposal go into a queuing system for system-wide training and the end user is directed to dispose of the item into the landfill bin to reduce contamination.

Incorrect Disposal? No Problem: If the individual disposes of the trash incorrectly, the SmartSort technology tracks the contamination and notifies the trash pickers to set it aside for sorting -- or simply direct it to the landfill.

System Results & Benefits

Recycling and composting programs are generally not effective because of lack of knowledge, inconvenience, cost, and contamination. The SmartSort System works because it:

  • Directs and educates the end user of proper disposal
  • Generates ad revenues for the venues and facilities
  • Reduces tipping and contamination fees
  • Provides end of product life cycle data as part of the Connected Packaging experience

  • Provides Materials Flow Analysis
  • Addresses Sustainable Materials Management protocols localizing and aggregating raw materials & data analytics
  • Improves LEED position for commercial facilities
  • Improves goodwill and marketing
  • Public relation benefits for all parties
  • Simplifies the downstream recycling and composting processes
  • Integrated rewards programs for businesses and individuals

Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development
Phase one of our proprietary software development has successfully identified, tested, planned and prepared the programming required to successfully launch on a large scale.

Customers Love Us
We have customer acceptance from Green Sports Alliance, Eco-Safe and Max-R, to name a few.

Domestic patent has been allowed and International patents are currently pending.


  • Eco-Safe
  • Green Sports Alliance
  • Max-R

Meet The Team

C.B. Luce | Chairman of the Board, Secretary,                    

  • Lifelong entrepreneur, served in the U.S. Navy all over the world as a communication’s technical specialist
  • 40-year career in the computer and technology industries
  • Former Senior Customer Engineer & Account Manager for the Banking Industry at IBM, Regional Manager of Services Division at Telex Computers, Vice President of Services ITEL Corp. / National Advanced Systems and National Semiconductor managing more than $100 million in operations and 2,500 employees
  • Inthe early 1980s, C.B. was hired to start Liebert Corporation Services and Logistics division and promoted to President, managing $500 million in revenue
  • Liebert was then acquired by Emerson, where C.B. was appointed to President of Operations (managing $2.5 billion in revenue)
  • In the late 1980s, C.B. founded ETEC Network Computers, where he secured national support contracts for businesses such as IBM, EDS, Bank One, Halliburton, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, and Texas Power and Light  

Cris Luce | Vice-Chairman of the Board,  Chief Executive Officer 

  • 25+ years of experience identifying operational best practices while delivering customer-facing solutions 
  • Started his career in engineering and installation with Fujitsu Network Services focusing on value chain creation and resiliency while eliminating or reducing Value at Risk
  • Other experience includes serving in IT infrastructure and application engineering, operations and sales roles for companies including Fujitsu Network Services,, General DataComm, and more 

Fred Thorp | Board Member, Treasurer, Assistant Scretary, Chief Financial Officer

  • Started his career with one of the largest Texas ranch operators, later moving to the steel, banking, and finance industries
  • His consulting positions have assisted multiple large and mid-market companies with various financing options
  • After growing up on a ranch, and with more than three decades of business experience, Fred has found his passion in working with early-stage energy and agriculture related businesses
  • Thorp graduated with a Master’s Degree in Finance and Economics from Texas Tech University and an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Education  

Dr. Wolfgang Decker | Executive Vice President of Engineering

  • 25+ years of experience in the world of Process and Product Development, with a focus on Thin Film Materials
  • His work resulted in 11 U.S. Patents to date, some of which have issued internationally as well, and has been recognized by AIMCAL with the AIMCAL Technology of the Year Award 2010 + AIMCAL Product of the Year Award (2011)
  • Dr. Decker has been called upon for production system designs, upgrades, startups, process improvement and optimization while applying Six Sigma Principles, operator training and schooling 

Cliff Luce | Executive Vice President of Technology

  • Began his career in the computer hardware, software, and service business while still in High School
  • He then became the General Manager for a large computer refurbishment business while in Technical School
  • Later Cliff became the Vice President, Computer Operations Manager for a $200M insurance company; in this capacity, Cliff had full responsibility for managing and growing the company’s hardware and software infrastructure in multiple states reporting directly to the President for all department functions

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