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It’s time to get rewarded for your social media influence with SmashFund - a new SaaS platform that’s soaring past the roadblocks that exist on the influencer marketing landscape today.  At SmashFund, it’s as simple as you share, we pay; no matter how large your social following is, you can earn continuous cash rewards simply for sharing brands’ messages.  

With 7,000 users on board already and large social media followings of our own, everything’s in place for us to disrupt the world of influencer marketing!

The days of spending all of your marketing budget on cheesy TV commercial and printed mail bombs are quickly falling to the wayside.  In 2017, it’s all about the social sphere - and leveraging your social media pages, networks, and content to bring attention to your brand.  To this end, influencer marketing campaigns, which leverage celebrities and other popular social media figures to influence interest in a product or service, are quickly becoming some of the most popular digital marketing tactics used today.  

But the concept of influencer marketing remains in its infancy.  Sure, a handful of social media superstars are raking in big bucks for their sponsored posts, and certain brands are benefiting because of it - but the market remains immature.  This has created a variety of issues that are holding back the awesome marketing power that influencers have, including the following:

  • Difficulty in finding a campaign or brand that suits your needs;
  • Limited ways for influencers and brands to communicate and connect directly;
  • The lack of an efficient payment platform that’s compatible for both sides;
  • A lack of transparency when it comes to pricing;
  • Inability to get paid in between campaigns due to no additional rewards system.

With the influencer marketing revolution in full force, the time is now for an innovator to step up and lead the market out of its infancy.  At SmashFund, our new SaaS platform is doing just that - building a bridge that connects and unifies brands and influencers once and for all.

SmashFund operates on a relatively simple concept: it provides brands, companies, and individuals access to a group of incentivized influencers to promote just about anything for a share in generated revenues.  Three core components allow anything on our platform - from a new business idea to a disaster relief fund - to be funded:

1. ShareHub™  
The campaign/product/project sharing element of SmashFund, ShareHub™ aggregates products, campaigns, and deals that others want marketed.  Users can then browse through and share whatever they choose with their own social networks.  

2. Influencer marketing program
This program provides you with cash rewards and revenue sharing opportunities for your influencer marketing efforts.  Users can earn up to $150,000 monthly by sharing ShareHub campaigns/products and inviting other subscribers to the platform!

3. Blockchain technology & digital asset
Influencer marketing platforms on the market today lack the advanced functionality needed to optimally track their users’ efforts; and therefore, are limited in what they can provide.  At SmashFund, our use of blockchain technology (combined with our proprietary tracking technology) allows us to address the growing amount of challenges present within the influencer marketing landscape.  On  the blockchain, smart contracts will facilitate millions of daily transactions between influencers and brands around the globe while taking complexity out of the equation.  Not only does this give us the ability to scale globally, it’s also led to the creation of our very own cryptocurrency - and the ability to promote other token currencies and generate additional revenue streams (more on the SmashFund token in the next section).

These three elements allow SmashFund to effectively remove the lack of engagement present in influencer marketing today and the associated issues that arise.  We're building a crowd of forward-thinkers - just like you - who like great ideas and love getting paid for talking about them.  Simply do what it is you already do - which is post, Tweet, Snap, and text - to turn your influence into cash and jump on the greatest rewards movement in history!

We make it remarkably easy for users to roll up the cash: simply share SmashFund rewards and featured campaigns using your own social networks and you get paid consistently every month.  Brands will show how much revenue they’re willing to share with you if you share their message - and if you decide to do so, your code is embedded and you’ll get paid for every click.  Users can earn up to $150,000 monthly to push campaigns, and for referring other subscribers to the platform. Just like with your Facebook or Twitter pages, your Crowd (following) grows from your social efforts; and with that viral potential always right around the corner, the more you share, the more you earn!

In preparation of quickly taking this core influencer marketing and rewards program global, we’re deploying our very own digital asset (token) built on Ethereum.  This opens up the door for any type of user around the world - from students, to celebrities, to stay-at-home moms - to earn real cash on SmashFund.  Simply set up a coin-based wallet, press a button, and get it transferred to your native currency.  Once it’s in your possession, you’ll have the freedom to operate freely on our platform and maximize the power of your influence - without being tied down to PayPal, Stripe, or another payment service.  What’s even better, the more SmashFund’s token is used within our platform for payment solutions and in-platform rewards/incentives, the higher the currency’s value will become. Supported by the blockchain, this opens up the potential for massive scale in line with some of the world’s most powerful cryptocurrencies today.

We’re serious about technology, too.  The SmashFund platform is built with the Ionic framework, which is set on Cordova, a cross-platform hybrid app framework.  Its core functionality is driven by a proprietary connectivity and tracking algorithm, built by us from the ground up using Java and the Breadth-First Search Algorithm.  The database is provided by and through them, SmashFund has a dedicated MongoDB server with a replica set with failover. On the identity side, SmashFund utilizes IdentityMind to run KYC on all new customers. A help framework is served through and Zendesk. This commitment to technical superiority allows us to provide the following additional features and benefits:

About 2 years ago, we set off with a mission to help fund the 89% of crowdfunding campaigns that fail due to lack of exposure.  The hard work hasn’t stopped since then; and now, SmashFund has evolved into a radical cash rewards platform that’s been launched to the public.  Here are some of the most significant accomplishments we’ve enjoyed along the way:

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A talented team of startup leaders steers the ship for SmashFund - collectively possessing a versatile skill set that covers both influencer marketing and crowdfunding.  Some of our execs spearheaded amazing exits in the social gaming space, including with Buffalo Studios - where they built a daily active user base of over 4,000,000 in less than 2 years with Bingo Blitz and Bingo Rush on FB, iOS and Droid.  After these successes, they started searching for their next big venture - and turned to the confluence between influencer marketing and crowdfunding to fulfill it.  Let’s learn a little more about them:

Versatility is the name of the game for Rob, whose diverse background includes being CEO of a popular energy drink brand, a mortgage specialist, and a successful entrepreneur in both consumer products and gaming.  He also serves as lead investor of social gaming investment firm FullCard Interactive - where we identified Buffalo Studios early on and watched it grow into one of the largest social game franchises in the world under Playtika.

Aaron’s an operations executive and proven leader who has the power to tap into cross-functional teams for maximum gain.  He built a versatile skill set over several years in the mortgage industry, including loan procurement, closing, sales team supervision, business development, and of course operations.

A seasoned CFO, Lisa has displayed the ability to drive performance and results for several companies in the past.  She’s gained valuable experience in financial management, accounting, investor relations, and operations over her 2-plus decades in finance.

Amy knows what it takes to engage an audience and build a brand, and is the ideal individual to lead our marketing efforts.  Marketing strategy formation, social media marketing, PR, and investor relations are just a few skills she brings to the table.

Josh proved his startup chops by opening a gaming studio earlier this decade that evolved into a full-service digital entertainment agency - leading to Invest Ottawa naming him a Top 100 Rising Star in November 2012.  Web design, social game development, and app development are just a few of his many areas of technical expertise.

SmashFund’s savant of all things design, Tom possesses a rich and diverse work history with both startups and legacy companies.  He’s also headed up his own graphic design firm in the past, boasting high-end clientele that included pro sports teams and entertainment industry players.  His well-rounded skill set includes expertise in branding and digital marketing as well.

SmashFund also receives key outside help from top Advisor Keith Moore.  Keith co-founded Boustead Securities in 2006, an investment banking firm that advises clients on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, capital raises, and restructuring assignments in a wide array of industries.  He’s helped grow collective revenues in excess of $600 million for his clients.

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