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Solar offers cheap, reliable fuel to power our lives. But solar installations have remained complicated, costly, and unattractive additions to our homes.

The key to our solution is SMASHmount™, the world’s first snap-together PV module, that's fast to install, generates more power, and looks beautiful on the roof. With SMASHmount™, SMASH makes solar easy to install and easy to buy.  

Who knew one of our best sources of energy would shine on us every day, but be so hard to capture?  

Today, traditional solar requires custom design, custom-built systems with dozens of loose parts to manage.  Installers waste thousands of dollars on labor taking 1-2 days to install home solar.

SMASH reduces installation to ½ day per project with a configurable 3 part design.

Did you know that 70% of the total cost of home solar is not the PV module?  It’s all the labor and effort to complete the project. 

SMASH gives installers factory-assembled modules so they can directly install PV to the roof (we call it “direct attach”).

In the 1980s, someone decided to put an aluminum frame on PV modules. It has been the status quo since, and we ask: why?

SMASH combines frameless modules with our high-precision mounting to deliver the most elegant solution.

At SMASHsolar, we’re breaking down these barriers in residential solar using innovation and design. 

Our proprietary, innovative products work “like solar LEGOS®”, according to installers - making it a breeze for consumers to buy and a snap for contractors to install.

SMASHmount™ systems generate more power and cost less to install than framed modules.  Here are some key benefits of SMASHmount™:

Time is money. Installers taking 2 days to install solar means wasted money. The magical ingredient in our solar recipe is SMASHmount™, the world’s first snap-together solar module.

What if you could make more power, guaranteed for 30 years?

Framed solar modules degrade significantly over time resulting in 20% loss over their 25 years of power production. Our frameless dual-glass modules are more robust, don't suffer that same loss, and are guarranteed to make power for up to 30 years.  That's how we deliver more powerful solar.

The reason for this higher power output and longer warranty is the dual-glass construction of our frameless PV module suppliers, Trina Solar and Sunpreme.

Friends don’t let friends buy ugly solar. While cost savings are important, aesthetics rule.   Take the recent announcement by Elon Musk of his big investment in solar roofs. In addition, with more consumers buying solar they care more about how it looks. They want it to look great and kick butt at generating power.

SMASHmount is the solution that gives homeowners state-of-the art frameless PV modules with beautiful low-profile architecture.

People fundamentally want choices they can understand in anything they buy and they simply aren’t getting it on the current solar front. Both homeowners and contractors should be able to install and generate the solar they want without waiting around, sacrificing appearance, or spending exorbitantly.  The paradigm is in desperate need of a shift to simple installation for homes - and a great opportunity awaits the market innovator.

When you couple the savings in design, logistics and installation costs with the increased power production, SMASH drives down the cost of power produced by 10-20%.  What's not to like?

Of course, additional savings could be found in reduced design time, less logistics cost and quicker on-boarding of new crews (due to quicker training).

When it comes down to it, the patent-pending, snap-together SMASHmount system really sets us apart in the industry with it’s elegant simplicity.  

The SMASHmount system is pre-assembled on frameless dual-glass modules in the factory. This enables crews to quickly attach them directly to roofs in half the time by eliminating the complexity of existing mounting systems. SMASHmount only has 3 different parts on the roof compared to dozens in framed module systems. It’s that simple.

Unique Features and benefits
SMASHmount was designed to integrate with all major dual-glass, frameless PV modules and multiple roofing applications - making things even easier in terms of installation on different structures and roof types.

In the process of streamlining rooftop solar mounting, SMASH has created a new category of solar.  We call it DIRECT ATTACH, the new standard for simple, powerful and beautiful solar that just attaches to the roof.  Period.  No custom design, no complicated pre-construction on the roof.  Just direct attach. 

Since opening our doors in 2012, we’ve wasted no time in our efforts to get American homes the solar energy they deserve.  Here are some of the more impressive hurdles we’ve cleared during our first 4 years:

SMASH has partnered with a world-class team of leaders in research, development, and design.

We’ve also won Solar Power International’s Start Up Alley in 2014, and won a Finalist position in the New Energy Global Start Up Fest in 2016.

Tried, true, and certified.  We have performed dozens of test installations, and passed 2 key rounds of extreme reliability testing for frameless PV modules with flying colors. We also completed our UL 2703 certification. Confirmed results show SMASHmount in areas with 150 MPH wind loading (ASCE 7-10) and 25 psf ground snow load. Plus, SMASHmount has a Class A Fire Rating.

Partnerships growing.  Dozens of solar installers have already jumped on board for our Innovator Program - and we’re also in talks with the major regional and national players.  In addition, we’ve formed partnerships with Sunpreme and Trina Solar, two top-tier PV module manufacturers, to deliver of dual-glass PV modules to the residential market.

IP protection in place.  We’ve executed a portfolio strategy for our patents and have a number of international patents pending that will provide us with key asset protection.

We’re super proud of our past - but don’t forget to request access to our profile’s private side to find out more about our future plans!

The SMASHsolar executive team contains the ideal mix of skills that every startup seeks.  One half of our founding duo has years of professional solar experience and a passionate entrepreneurial drive; the other half a product development expert with a knack for innovation.  After uncovering the inherent inefficiencies involved with residential solar’s status quo, the two visionaries joined forces to optimize the installation process - and SMASHmount was born.  It’s time to meet the quartet responsible for bringing this vision to fruition:

Troy Tyler, CEO/Founder - After graduating from the University of Texas, Troy began what’s currently a 26 year career in solar power, general  construction and enterprise software.  SunPower Corp. and Clark Construction are a couple of the billion-dollar companies where he refined his skill set.  Troy’s our day-to-day leader here at SMASHsolar, driving the bus in terms of strategic direction, operational planning, business development, and sales and marketing.

Neil Goldberg, Chief Design Officer/Founder - Neil, who earned his Masters in Product Design from NC State University, has been designing and manufacturing products for over 3 decades.  He has a unique talent for uncovering market  needs and addressing  them with powerful  user-centered designs - which he’s done for the office furniture leader Herman Miller and with his design agency, Praxis Product Design, for tech startups and established multi-national brands. Neil has full reign over product strategy, design process, and building our innovation culture.

Eugene Kim, Director of Engineering - Eugene’s a gifted engineer who got his start in the US Air Force, has Masters in Mechanical Engineering from University of Texas, and has continued thriving from there.  He’s enjoyed over 20 years in the mechanical engineering field, focusing on plastics design, tooling, and manufacturing.  He’s responsible for the management of all engineering and technical validation for our product development process.

Kelly Marston, Director of Operations - Kelly’s spent 18 years in operations, finance, strategy, and entrepreneurial management after earning her MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.  Deloitte, Ford, and UCSF are just a few companies she’s honed these executive-level business skills with.  She guides operations, financial management, and corporate communications for us.

Troy and Neil are joined on our Board of Directors by Eran Steinberg, a seasoned entrepreneur and skilled patent strategist with over 250 patents to his name, and key advisors John Lefebvre, former head of sales and marketing for Solar City and president of SunTech Americas, and Neil Holmlund, former head of Global Operations for SunTech Americas. These directors and advisors bring significant entrepreneurial and engineering expertise to the SMASH team.

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