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SnapScout is a crowdsourced location-scouting platform dedicated to helping you find incredible locations for your next photo or video project. Whether you’re a small or large business, a photographer, producer or location scout yourself, scouting for the perfect location can cost a lot of time, energy, and money. SnapScout gives you a quick, easy, and cost effective way to look for your perfect location--in a snap!

And for property owners, SnapScout can provide an entirely new stream of revenue, allowing you to easily rent your space for illustrious projects at a considerable profit.

If you have ever shot a film or photo session, whether commercially or for entertainment purposes, you know how difficult location scouting can be. It can easily take up as much as 40% of the entire budget…not to mention lots and lots of time. And when you find that “perfect location,” you then have to somehow locate the owner and negotiate your own deal. With SnapScout, your location scouting can be done with a few clicks of a button; location scout, contractor negotiator, and lawyer all-in-one, you will never need to pay for another location scout again!


SnapScout benefits photographers, movie and TV producers, filmmakers, commercial and corporate video creators as well as companies and public personalities, by providing them a web-based resource for ideal shooting locations. This eliminates costly and time-consuming location scouting as well as the need to hire a location scout.

SnapScout also helps property owners with residential houses, high rise condos, mansions, restaurants, clubs, resorts, and other residential or commercial buildings by providing a way to make passive income. Property owners can easily publish their properties on SnapScout's online marketplace. With just a few steps, they can make money off their property by temporarily renting, by the hour, day, or week.

It's Free

SnapScout provides a free service for property owners to list their properties--no monthly or yearly fees!

Property owners simply register their properties on the SnapScout marketplace, which allows them to promote their place to thousands, if not millions, of photographers, models, movie and TV producers, filmmakers, as well as commercial and corporate video creators, companies and high profile individuals. The only fee is a small percentage that goes to SnapScout for each transaction. SnapScout does not make money unless you do!

Direct messaging

Instead of going through a third party such as a location scout, users can easily message property owners to ask questions and communicate.

It's Vast

Users can choose from a growing collection of properties from all over the globe and search using three main criteria: Outdoor, Residential, and Commercial. They can narrow down their search by keywords, location, property type, property features, rates and more! SnapScout has one of the broadest category property algorithms in the world, allowing you to search by type of view (city, nature, etc.) color scheme, outdoor elements, and commercial elements. 

Interactive Calendar

SnapScout allows users to reserve their desired location by picking their desired day on the interactive property calendar.

It’s Safe

With a powerful review system, SnapScout allows you to choose an ideal, hassle-free shooting location that others have tried, and loved, before you.

Mobile Compatible

SnapScout is 100% mobile compatible, working equally well on all mobile devices and tablets.

In small survey groups of 200-300, SnapScout has performed immensely well. Users are already spreading the word through word of mouth, and we are ready for the ripple to become a wave.

This is where you come in: As the next big “shared economy” application, SnapScout follows in the steps of Uber, Lyft, and AirBnB by promising to completely disrupt the location scouting industry and change how film and photo projects are scouted and budgeted. The size of the industry is immense and the cost savings Snap provides is clear. Investment funds will go 100% towards expansion, and not a dime will be spent on overhead or bloated staff salaries. As a new, lean start-up, SnapScout is committed to taking the location scouting industry by storm and we want you on board as an early partner. 

Chris Bryant 

Chris is a military combat veteran, overseas high threat security contractor and entrepreneur. Using his military discipline and precision, Chris has applied the leadership skills he learned in the Army and high threat security to business management. 

Additionally Chris has managed over $500,000 worth of real estate rental properties. His management and ownership of rental properties helped set the stage for the creation of SnapScout. And he believes his vision, discipline and determination will take this unique concept to the next level.

Kirill Storch

Referred to by his professional colleagues as "The Brain" Kirill Storch is a multi-lingual, profit-focused, internet marketing strategist, mobile app developer and entrepreneur. Storch started his career in politics, working at the office of his local State Assembly and later the, US Congress. 

After several years in politics, Storch decided to enter the private sector, creating his company, "Electric Web", one of California leading companies for mobile app development, programming, PR and online revenue. Electric Web has ranged from brands, such as Keller Williams, to marketing/ advertising agencies looking to offer innovative services for their clients, and small business owners. Additionally Electric Web owns several multimillion dollar web properties, mobile apps, and has helped develop multiple award winning websites. 

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