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Quick Pitch

Social N is a vast network with over 4 million exisiting connections, and tens of thousands of connections in each major U.S. market.  For example in L.A. Social N has over 95k subscribers;  in NYC over 65k;  Social N is the largest brand in Metro DC, and Arizona.   We have created a HUGE audience.

Social N wants to become the first streaming local nationwide online video network in history.   Recent developments prove this business model is both unique, and so far, no other brand has undertaken this goal.  HBO recently announced it will stream it's movies, but won't provide "local" content.  DirectTV's Sunday Ticket is now offered online, but again, this is seasonal sports content, not local content.  YouTube doesn't even stream live, nor is it positioned as a local content delivery system in major U.S. Markets.

Motley Fool says "....there is more upside potential in TV 2.0 and the Unplugged Generation than any investment we've seen in 20 years...bigger than the Internet Itself, it's a $2.2 Trillion dollar emerging phenomena..."

Social N has built a large audience by proving it can achieve critical mass in each market, and it is now poised to capitalize upon it's growth, and success.

Business Insider says "Mobile Video Ad Spend will be bigger than Desktop..."

Social N TV after building a vast network of sites, is positioned to be the Leader in Live Streaming Content, and provide a unique social media driven TV 2.0 Network. It is truly the first targeted online Local and National Video network that doesn't rely on old fashioned "impressions" business model, but instead from millions of already existing connections. The Local TV Networks DON'T have a nationwide content delivery system and there is no clear winner b/c New Content doesn't fit nicely into past marketing/revenue models. 

A shrewd VC can help SocialNTV beat Apple.  ReCode says Apple is having a hard time w what area of TV2.0?  Local and Sports -   Social N positioned as it is as a Local Network can carve out a wide swath of territory with unique micro local "new media" broadcasts and digital formats, and take advantage of iPhones, Androids and GoPro Citizen Journalists and Online Producers and YouTubers.

A savvy venture capitalist can read the tea leaves:  Online Streaming Content is not just a trend, it's here to stay.  There really is not Unplugged Generation.  We are all part of the Unplugged sociocultural shift to mobile content, and mobile video content.  And providing a unique end user experience to end users, while delivering precision targeted marketing to Advertisers is a win win for the consumer as well as businesses seeking to advertise. 

Changing The Course of the Internet ... Forever

Social N has developed micro local new media strategies.  We currently enjoy ad revenue, and provide local businesses with targeted marketing platforms. 

We also sell advertising on our sites and have the ability to post articles to our massive networks daily to saturate the demographic either locally or nationally, depending on the campaign.  We also offer a “Self Liquidating Offer”  or SLO  to “Reach Tens of Thousands of New Clients for Less than a Dollar Per Day.”

Social N steers clear of controversial content like politics in order to appeal to the widest range of demographics.  

On the flip side, we appeal to 98% of business owners who can benefit from:

  • Virtual Social Media Assistant Program  or
  • Can advertise their business on our unique platform which allows us to post multiple times daily at alternate times throughout the week or month - saturating the demographic. 

We would like to take our existing network nationwide by upgrading to dedicated servers and creating the first nationwide online Video Network - changing the course of the Internet forever.

How We're Different

We do not have competition in the National Video Network space. There are a handful of strictly online New Media companies, but they are not in ALL of the Top 25 markets. Our existing network of connections is far superior to any of our competitors.

In the future, we plan on launching as a Video Network to an existing audience.  We won’t be “searching for” a new audience, we will simply be enlarging an already existing market.

Traction & Accomplishments

Social N has exceeded it’s own major projections and goals. In only 8 short months, we have made strides in establishing our platform and increasing the size of our network.

Here's what we have accomplished up-to-date:

Social N has grown to its current size of having over 45 websites and is the GO TO Social Media Brand in the Top markets, nationally. 

Social N has demonstrated sales traction by creating various products such as SLO (self liquidating offer) or the Virtual Social Media Assistant Program, which both consumers and business owners enjoy and are
willing to pay for.

We've worked out the details on how the products should be sold, what keywords to use when selling the products, and scripts that telemarketers and/or managers can use to persuade consumers to engage prolifically and businesses to spend money on advertising and Social Media Services.

Piper Bayard, our Executive Editor, has gained traction within the Writing Community.

Social N enjoys two Huffington Post writers who contribute regularly to Social N. We also have New York Times Best Selling Authors who donate their efforts, on a regular basis.

Our numbers speak for themselves. Social N as a Video Content Delivery System is already the Larges Social Media Brand in 65 Cities: For instance, SocialInLA? over 95,000 connections and growing! SocialInChicago?  80,000 online users. 

SocialNTV is able to allow ANY Consumer with an iPhone or Android become a Channel or even Network producer. SocialNTV is already disrupting the TV 2.0 market by building out a huge content delivery system spread out over 65 Websites.

Social N is constantly approached by other emerging brands such as Dishcrawl and STPPFest, who do not possess the strategies and logic to build out their own brands.

We are regularly approached by causes and fundraisers – opening doors to potential clients and connections that ordinarily would not be available to other Social Media outlets or contacts.


Lon Dunn - Founder


Lon has an extensive background in Sales and Marketing. His first online Venture was a stockpicking website called The Thesaurus News from ’95 to ’01. He has managed Celeb and Politician’s Social Media for 5 years. Lon has created Social N from scratch as a “Local” Profile in DC, and grew it into a National Social Media Brand. He has also written “How to Use Twitter for Local Business” which was ranked Number one on both Google and Amazon.

Al Lequizamon - Co-Founder


Al has founded over 19 corporations. He provides valuable real world experience in establishing systems and creative problem solving, in addition to having provided Social N Worldwide with office space on the East Coast. He is currently President and CEO of 5 Corporations.

Piper Bayard - Executive Editor


In charge of the “Writer’s Desk," Piper is a recovering attorney, turned book author and manages Social N’s group of 15 writers.

Jennifer Fioren - Creative Editor


Jennifer is the “Final Edit." She is the author of Pet guides and has a flourishing book business in her own right. She goes over each article and checks for misspells and other corrections. She also handles “special marketing projects” for authors and helps them edit their books, so that Social N can promote Indie authors using our extensive network to influence search results.

Anders Theuson - Co-Founder


Anders is Co-Founder of Social N and is the Social Media Manager in DC. He also coordinates all of Social N’s Special Events. His background includes the coordination of special events, sales, Indie Music and Film.

Aisha Rasul - Engagement Director


Aisha managed Social Media for Navy Federal Credit Union, the largest Credit Union in the world. She was able to expand their online influence to almost 750,000 Nationwide. She is currently employed at a Social Media Firm which handles CRM Software, but intends to leave that position entirely, and move into a full time position with Social N Worldwide, Inc.

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