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To facilitate equitable access to clean energy and water for all.

Solarflux offers users flexible, clean and inexpensive solar energy through our flagship product, the FOCUS: a parabolic dish concentrator that converts sunlight into heat energy, which can be used for a wide array of applications.

Industries around the world are heavily reliant on fossil fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil and diesel to generate heat to drive various processes.

However, widespread concern about the impact of fossil fuel combustion on the environment has led to ever increasing pressure on industries to mitigate CO2 emissions

Furthermore, fossil fuels emissions have significant negative effects on human health, and fossil fuels are subject to significant supply disruptions and price fluctuations in many parts of the world.

Parabolic trough systems have been adopted as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-generated heat, but this technology has several shortcomings resulting high costs and limited energy output.

To play a significant role in fossil fuel reduction, alternatives to fossil fuels must be low cost, space efficient, flexibly deployable and capable of providing a significant amount of thermal energy.

Introducing the Solarflux solution.

The FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator provides a low-cost, highly efficient, sustainable solution for users of industrial heat

Utilizing two-axis tracking and a proprietary, patented optical design, the FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator delivers superior energy conversion efficiency relative to alternative CSP systems

The FOCUS achieves this higher relative performance using low-cost aluminum mirrors, steel castings, and highly reliable, commercially available parts

Due to its recyclable all-metal construction, the FOCUS presents no electronic waste or end-of-life challenges, unlike other solar energy technologies.

The FOCUS mitigates the need for fossil fuels while solving supply and price issues by producing a readily-available, fixed-price thermal energy source

The FOCUS concentrates solar energy onto a central receiver, through which a fluid circulates. The solar energy is absorbed into the fluid as heat energy. It can then generate steam or hot water, which can be used for a variety of applications including industrial process heating, space heating/cooling, water desalination/purification

The FOCUS utilizes a two-axis tracking system, so is always optimally positioned relative to the sun. As a result, unlike competing single-axis systems, it always captures the maximum amount of solar energy, regardless of where on Earth it’s located.

The FOCUS can be installed on ungraded or sloped ground in a matter of hours, with mostly automated calibration. The FOCUS is designed for remote operation in challenging environments, with minimal maintenance.

No matter the application, the FOCUS provides a clean, cost-effective thermal energy source that requires no external fuel.

Solarflux has a fully-operational FOCUS prototype installed at Penn State University’s Berks Campus.

In independently review testing, the FOCUS demonstrated a solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency of 72%, placing it significantly above that of alternative solar energy systems.

Over time the Solarflux team has manufactured 15 FOCUS demonstration units, with many sold to customers worldwide, including in China, Mexico, India and Qatar.

Solarflux was awarded $340,000 in grant funding from Met-Ed/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund to fund development of the FOCUS and has raised an additional $500,000 via a SAFE note

Solarflux has been admitted to two incubators: Greentown Labs - the largest U.S. climatetech incubator - and MassChallenge Switzerland.

Solarflux has two issued patents for the technology behind the FOCUS system: US946708 & US9312804.

The FOCUS is the product of a long-term research project led by John Fangman, Solarflux co-founder and CTO, and his collaboration partner, Professor Sudhakar Neti, co-founder and Chief Technical Advisor. 

In 2006, John and Prof. Neti were approached to find a solution to the lack of clean and affordable fuels in rural India, a problem that affects as many as 3 billion people worldwide.

After an extensive research project John, Prof. Neti and a team of experts identified a novel approach to the parabolic dish concentrator that would be an effective, low-cost and easy-to-manufacture solution.

The result was the FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator: a CSP with a simplified yet thoughtful design using easily-obtainable materials, allowing for commercialization in emerging markets while providing maximum efficiency and output.

Naoise Irwin, CEO, Chairman & Co-founder
Naoise brings expertise in technology-focused entrepreneurship, strategy & finance, and product management. He formerly worked with Zynga, Lehman Brothers, and Deloitte Consulting.

John Fangman, CTO, Principal Engineer & Co-founder
John brings his expertise in optics and is a former Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs. He is a co-founder of Lightwire which sold to Cisco for $270M 

Prof. Sudhakar Neti, Chief Technical Advisor & Co-founder
Prof. Neti has extensive expertise in thermal energy. He is a Professor Emeritus at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

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