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Soleil Power One LLC (the “Company”) is a utility-scale solar power plant and battery energy system storage (BESS) developer with a project portfolio of 2 Photovoltaic (PV) solar farms and 1 Battery Storage facility on over 1,355 acres in Kern County (90 miles north of Los Angeles), California.

The Company has done the preliminary engineering, filed for the grid interconnectivity, and is raising a round of capital to develop the project to a “shovel-ready” stage, at which point it will seek a sale of the project to a larger developer or an institutional fund.

Control 1,355 acres with aggregate of 650 MW of PV power capacity & 290 MW of battery storage. (Additional 1,000 acres of reserve under negotiation.)

Three renewable energy initiatives with potential to produce 1.2 - 1.5 GWh annually.

Filed for interconnectivity with LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water & Power)

Filed for interconnectivity with CAISO (California Independent System Operator) a 3 to 5-year process in California.

Key Consultants: UGE, GridBright, 1099 Energy Consultants.

California is by far the fastest adopter of renewable solar energy in the United States with over 21,074 MW of installed solar capacity. Yet this current rate of development still isn’t enough – the state has a long way to go to achieve its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045.

Part of what’s standing in the way is California’s lengthy authorization process, which involves not only finding and securing enough land to build on, but obtaining permits from the proper agencies and acquiring a Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) with energy providers or large-scale end-user(s). This process can take anywhere from 5 to 8 years.

To help California achieve 100% renewable energy by 2045, bringing clean energy to millions of people, Soleil Power One LLC is speeding up the typical process by pursuing development stages in parallel rather than in a traditional linear fashion.

Typically, solar developers proceed with the various stages of a development project linearly -- complete interconnectivity application through approval (3-5 years), then seek Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), then apply for environmental and other construction permitting.

Soleil instead is proceeding with these steps on parallel tracks, projecting to reduce the process to 3-5 years total. Soleil has already completed some of the most difficult steps – including securing control of appropriate land and securing a place in the queues for interconnectivity approvals.

  • Soleil has filed, verified and validated interconnectivity application for an 821-acre collection of parcels (contemplating 440MW PV Solar capacity and 290MW battery storage) with Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP)
  • Soleil also has a second filed, verified and validated interconnectivity application for an 484-acre collection of parcels (contemplating 440MW PV Solar capacity and 290MW battery storage) with California Independent System Operator (CAISO)

Once an applicant has a “queue” position with LADWP and CAISO, the applicable agency must grant interconnectivity once it deems the application to be in order – given all system upgrades have been determined and the applicant accepts all its related costs.

Based on Soleil’s queue position with LADWP for example, the current estimated time to completion is approximately 3 years from the time the application has been validated and given a position in the queue.

Soleil currently has plans for three solar plant projects in
Kern County, California.

UGE – Publicly traded provides solar solutions for commercial and industrial clients worldwide with a highly specialized, multidisciplinary commercial and industrial solar engineering team.

GridBright consultants have overseen processes for more than 50,000 MW of wind, solar, geothermal, storage and conventional resources for nearly 250 clients with nearly 60 transmission and distribution service providers in all regions of North America.

1099 Energy Consultants has led the strategic growth of Canadian energy companies into the United States to create a 1,300 MW thermal and renewable energy portfolio, with a projected EBITDA of over $150 million.

Astronave serves as a financial advisor to Soleil Power One. For over 20 years, Astronave has provided consulting services for domestic and international clients owning, developing, acquiring, or financing electric generation projects and portfolios ranging in size from distributed generation to utility-scale.

Ramak J. Sedigh has been a life-long entrepreneur across real estate and technology who is bringing his multi-disciplinary talents and track record of success to the renewable energy sector.

Christopher Kloepfer will advise in the area of transformer, panel and other related equipment.  Mr. Kloepfer’s experience includes a key role as Director of Business Development for Sunbelt Transformer where he built and managed a network of independent representatives for the entire North American region. Within two years, the channel grew to 150 reps and generated nearly $20 million in new revenue.

A. Rahim Shad has been involved in the asset management industry for over 15 years. His primary area of focus is industry research and company analysis in leveraged finance. Mr. Shad currently works full-time at Invesco as a Senior High Yield Analyst.

Abraham “Abe” Mathalon is a real estate investor and licensed broker in California since 1991. Mr. Mathalon is the founder and president of Continental Real Estate, with offices in Beverly Hills. Mr. Mathalon specializes in project financing with both fixed and floating rate alternatives.

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