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Solve For Food: Fast Facts

For 200 years, the packaged food industry has given the consumer a choice of EITHER/OREITHER clean-label, better-for-you OR convenient, but never both.

Solve For Food is the revolutionary concept-to-consumption partner that will craft better food for everyone, everywhere. We utilize a BOTH+AND approach to provide food that is convenient, healthier and more environmentally-friendly.

Our proprietary BlueHalo™ technology allows us to solve the trade-off between traditional packaged foods that are either clean-label, better-for-you or more convenient, but never both.

The Either/Or Approach

Healthy, clean-label foods that are both shelf-stable and convenient are hard to come by in today’s markets. With traditional companies lagging behind new technologies, their either/or approach to food processing has led to a myriad of costly environmental, social and production issues that leave them unable to adapt to rapidly-evolving demand.

Outdated processing methods have resulted in:

The either/or approach has a 200-year history of too many trade-offs: it cannot meet consumer demand for healthy food and cannot solve the supply chain challenges.

Retort is the most common conventional thermal food processing method. Retort exposes food to high heat and pressure for a prolonged period time to ensure its safety.

This process sacrifices the quality of the food by overexposing it to heat and pressure, which damages the food’s natural qualities.

To counter this issue, food scientists engineer combinations of additives and preservatives in an attempt to offset the damage to the food, but with the unintended consequences of increased health-related disease and costs.

Solve For Food is tackling the issues present by the traditional approach.

Crafting Better Food For Everyone, Everywhere

We craft better food: Solve For Food is a ground-breaking food manufacturer that is reinventing packaged foods through an exclusive portfolio of FDA-accepted, patented technologies. We solve a century-old challenge of the packaged food industry by making BOTH clean-label AND convenient food.

Through our proprietary BlueHalo™ method, Solve For Food can deliver all the benefits of traditional thermal processing such as retort while eliminating the negative effects of prolonged heat exposure. This allows the food to maintain natural nutrients, texture and flavor without harmful additives.

Our BlueHalo™ packaged foods also have a significantly lower carbon footprint than frozen or chilled food. Our food can be shipped at ambient (room) temperature, eliminating the need for expensive and high-energy consuming cold-chain infrastructure.

Crafting Better Food For Everyone, Everywhere

Millions of food producers, distributors, traditional retail grocers, online grocers, restaurants, and entrepreneurs will have greatly enhanced supply chain flexibility thanks to our technology.

American consumers will have access to BOTH the delicious, healthier foods that they want to eat AND the convenience of doing it on their terms. For the people who live in the two-thirds of the world which lacks access to a reliable supply chain, we will provide a new level of food safety.

Our food also gives back to food insecure individuals. We will partner with nonprofits that serve the food insecure by allocating a portion of our capacity at a discounted rate for qualified organizations.

Our technologies are better for the planet by increasing energy efficiency and decreasing the carbon footprint of the global food supply chain. We also expect to help reduce the ~30% of the food production that spoils before it can be eaten.

Crafting Better Food For Everyone, Everywhere

Our food solutions are ready whenever and wherever the consumer wants them. From ready-to-eat to heat-and-eat foods, our technologies greatly extend the shelf life of better-tasting and better-for-you food.

Our technology is the missing link to make online grocery and meal kits more efficient and sustainable, allowing us to play a big role in improving the future of food.

Our technology was developed with sponsorship by NASA, the U.S. and Australian Defense Departments and a consortium of large CPGs, many of which are among the largest and most respected in the industry. It passed the military’s tests for 5-year safety for soldiers living in harsh conditions and NASA’s  10-year tests for the International Space Station and the Mars Mission.

When we say everywhere, we really mean it.

Traction & Accomplishments

Meet The Team

Greg Spragg, Co-CEO; Product Development and Marketing | Mr. Spragg is a highly-accomplished retail executive with broad merchandising and operations experience. He advised large-scale retail, start-ups, specialty retail, turnarounds, global private equity, consumer goods and brand management firms. Mr. Spragg has held C-suite positions at Ahold, USA and Walmart Stores, Inc., Sam’s Club.

Bob Davis, Co-CEO; Finance and Operations | Mr. Davis is a serial entrepreneur and CEO with 30+ years of experience, having founded and/or purchased and led numerous start-ups, turnarounds, roll-ups and other high-growth opportunities to successful exits. Among other investments, Mr. Davis’ primary investment focus is on global solutions in the Ag and Food Tech categories of Protein, Soil, Water, & Food Waste.

David Behringer, Strategic Advisor | Mr. Behringer is an award-winning innovator, research and development executive, Innovation Thought Leader, engineer and certified professional chef. Dave is CEO of Pilot Lite Ventures USA. Prior to joining Pilot Lite Ventures, Dave was the Chief Technology Officer for 915 Labs, the manufacturer of Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization and Pasteurization (MATS & MAPS) equipment and packaging.

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