Generate and store portable power when and where you need it.


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Quick Pitch

Where will you be in an emergency? 
Power. Yourself. 

An amazing integrated generator produces power when you need it and wherever you need it. 

SOScharger also features an integrated, rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery, providing you with extra, rechargeable power you carry every day! Most phones will enjoy complete backup power utilizing the SOScharger's internal battery. Works with all smart phones, including Apple iPhone, Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy, as well as basic/feature phones. 

It's small size makes it convenient to carry in your pocket, purse or laptop bag, resulting in power-readiness; because you never quite know where you'll be in an emergency.

We believe this is truly a unique product for the $20 Billion mobile phone accessory market. 

Intro Video

pre-production model shown

Product/Service Details

Rechargable Internal Battery
Pre-Charge your SOScharger’s powerful, built-in 2,300-mAh battery with any USB A/C adapter, like the one that was included with your phone. Enjoy double the power capacity increase over your phone’s internal battery. 
Power when you need it every day!

On-Board Emergency Power Generator
SOScharger’s battery running low and no A/C power in sight? Simply turn the handle to generate emergency power. For disaster preparedness or personal emergencies, the generator is SOScharger's huge advantage over a simple battery booster.
Power when you need it, even when there’s no power available.

Custom Promotional Products Capability
SOScharger features a clean, flat back making it the perfect canvas for a company's logo or other message. Promotional products is a ~$20 Billion industry and SOScharger is perfectly suited for this market. SOScharger can provide custom imprinting at the factory level (for large quantities) or locally in Seattle for smaller quantities. 

Traction & Accomplishments

We managed to raise over 500% of our first crowd-funding event and have sold over 3,000 units! This allowed us to get the product design completed, get moulds made and enter production.

We've had plenty of interest from overseas clients and non-profits to bring SOScharger to many export markets. We look forward to working with them to help bring power to those with power challenges. 

In order to grow this into a business to the next stage, we need help. Design and development of future models is key to our growth. 



How We're Different

SOScharger is different based on four principles:​​

  • Design: Form follows function & simplicity. The long handle and large grip come from using existing hand-crank products and differentiating ourselves through better functionality. With SOScharger, this turned into a unique design that really captures people's attention. Simplicity is a key design ethos: it's really a lot harder than it seems to keep a design simple. Our goal with every product is to remain pure to its function.
  • User Experience: We believe that through positive user experience comes increased sales. Our goal is to use design and engineering to keep the user experience simple and beyond the expectations of the client. We have proven this with improvements from our original Kickstarter prototype to the finished product that's now shipping. Every business day, we provide an excellent customer service experience through our online support.
  • Focus: We are laser-focused on our mission to provide innovative portable power products at affordable prices; simple design with great user experience. We are not interested in building wearables or power-generating "Swiss-Army" style devices. Back-up battery products will continue to be important in the marketplace as consumers purchase more devices that use energy--we will be there to help keep their products powered up.
  • Give Back: We aspire to offer philanthropic solutions through our products and profit made from these products. Once the company can sustain on its own, we will introduce products that will include a portion donated to a related non-profit; as well as direct philanthropic efforts. We strive to offer a workplace that treats its employees with the utmost respect and care as they are part of our family. 

Our Future

SOScharger is the beginning of a series of products designed to provide pocket-sized, gridless power. Here's a summary of some future plans we can share publicly:

  • SOScharger for Smartphones: Mk1 is our current model; it sees a roadmap improving the current design. In the Mk2 version, changes include use of different materials, a thinner, shorter design and a more sophisticated generator system. It will also feature even more battery capacity. This model is positioned as a consumer lifestyle product for general use.
  • SOScharger Tough Generator: a working title for our waterproof, shockproof and overall tough-guy model. Slightly larger overall, with a heavy-duty look, it will include a larger battery and heavier materials. We've received a lot of feedback to build a Milspec version of the charger. This will be positioned to outdoors/camping lifestyle consumers, as well as government, military and law-enforecement customers. This is an area of great interest, as we've received a ton of interest from the market.
  • SOScharger Mini: also a working title for the ultra-small version of the SOScharger line. It will feature a special handle design, different materials and even simpler operation. Designed for those consumers who want a small boost, along with the security of the built-in generator. It's also positioned to work with the small, connected devices coming to market--such as smart-watches and monitoring systems. 

There's more to share, but that will require an NDA.


Bryan Greear - Manufacturing Swami

he gets things built. 

Bryan is a results driven executive that’s experienced successful developing and leading a broad range of technology and industry sectors. Bryan has held various executive management roles with Philips, Siemens and Analogix serving the wireless, consumer electronics, computer and IT technology markets. Bryan brings a global perspective having led sales, marketing and operations in the Asian, European and American markets for more than 25 years. With Bryan's expertise, SOScharger were able to develop and manufacturer a quality product.

Paul Salzman - Chief Strategist

visionary superlative mastermind. 

After years of admiring design, he decided to do something about it and create the ultimate battery charging device. Prior to that, he co-founded HydraMedia, where he worked for over 15 years in solutions for Web development, IT solutions and online marketing. An admirer of Steve Jobs, Johnny Ive, Dieter Rams and Elon Musk, Paul has an interesting sense of design, product user experience and vision that he has not really exploited yet. He's passionate about technology hardware and automobiles. He also serves as an advisor to HydroBee, SPC and SOSReady.


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