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Quick Pitch

That is why we created the SOS Life Kite Helium Balloon or Sentinel of Security®. An innovative and most affordable non-electronic personal location marker that will provide any outdoors person the highest level of security when hiking, camping, skiing, boating or any outdoor activity.

The SOS is a Personal Location Marker (PLM) used by lost or injured individuals in an emergency to display their location to land, air, or sea search & rescue teams. It is a self contained unit approximately the size of a flashlight that automatically fills and releases a helium filled high visibility Mylar balloon tethered with 100 ’ of high tensile monofilament to mark a lost or injured person’s location. The product will be  the first of its kind on the market.

Product and Key Features

The SOS was designed as a low cost, low tech emergency location marker for sportsmen, hunters, boaters, Boy Scouts etc. when there isn’t any cellular  phone coverage e.g. forest, ocean, mountains etc.

How it Works

The SOS Life Kite balloon is deployed by pulling on the ring-tab on top of the unit, causing the helium to slowly fill the foil balloon.  The aerodynamically designed orange and silver balloon is stable in variable weather conditions and when deployed, floats to the end of its tether and can stay suspended and in place for several days depending on weather conditions.

NOTE: SOS lettering will be larger and vertical 


The unit can be clipped to a belt or backpack, or installed in outdoor equipment such as life rafts, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, float planes, etc. The container is sealed and water resistant.

The unit can also be used as a reverse search and rescue location marker.  The  SOS Life Kite would be deployed in a search grid by SAR teams to mark the location of safe zones.  The markers would be visible to the lost individuals who would then move to the markers.  The balloons would also have a flashing LED light for night use.  Each marker would have a two way radio, provisions and instructions to notify the SAR teams.

Government use:

Search and Rescue - post disaster e,g, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane.  To mark location of survivors, injured, cadavers etc. 

US Border Patrol - Mark location of captured individuals, contraband etc. for followup personnel.  

Military - soldiers, downed aircraft, base locations etc. 

Meet Our Team

Gary Wang, CEO/Managing Partner

He has extensive experience in sales and marketing programs for consumer packaged goods and include music, gaming, consumer electronics and mobile phones.

Victor Rohatynsky, CMO/Partner

A private investor based in Miami and has participated in the financing and launching of a number of early stage technology ventures and international businesses.

Del Marting, CFO

Has over 30 years of managerial experience at large public companies and at early stage, privately funded companies.

Lee Willis, CTO

He created and designed the “SOS” personal location marker. He obtained United States Utility Patent 5,582,127 in 1996.

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