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Being able to stream your favorite songs all day long has become expected in today’s society; but what happens when you’re actually on the go and have things to do?  At Speak Music, we’re giving music lovers the power to carry on with any task during the day - from driving, to cooking, to working out  - without having to stop, open your phone, scroll through music apps and search for tunes.  Our voice-powered Melody mobile app is your new personal DJ that operates right through Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers, and automobiles.  Much like with home assistants like Amazon Echo, you just say it - and Melody brings you instant mobile access to millions of songs and other audio content via Spotify, iHeart Radio, Tidal NPR, and iTunes. Plus Melody also gives you access to the Alexa personal assistant by Amazon just like the Echo device you use at home.

With major hardware deals in place and our brand growing quickly, it’s time to give bring the power of voice and music personalization to everyone, everywhere.

The volatile, constantly-evolving on-the-go society we live in today can leave your head spinning; but one thing that’s always there to keep us grounded is our music.  Our love for music is constant, and isn’t going anywhere - even if the way we consume it has changed with the rapid adoption of streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora and iHeart Radio.

But along with this convenience comes the fact that we’re usually doing something else while listening - making it difficult to take advantage of everything at our disposal or quickly navigate the vast library of millions of songs offered.  It’s proving quite challenging to stop what you’re doing, pull out your phone, unlock it, and open your streaming service just to discover new music, locate your favorites, and scroll to access them.  This can be especially dangerous when doing things like driving - considering that 70+% of people who drive cars while listening to music or news.

Despite this inconvenience, the reality is that with our capabilities today, the musical possibilities are endless.  Imagine mountain biking down a steep trail and you think of the perfect song for the moment - and are able to play it without fumbling with your phone.  We’re right on the cusp of being able to easily access a variety of services, like Spotify, iHeartRadio, NPR, and Amazon Alexa - all that’s needed is an innovative new technology that bridges the gap.

It’s time to enjoy the most intelligent and personalized listening experience you’ve ever imagined with Speak Music’s Melody: a new voice-based mobile audio entertainment platform designed to bring disruption-free audio entertainment to the masses.  Through the Melody mobile app,  consumers now have their very own personal music assistant that goes wherever they go - through Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers, and even automobiles .We’re also launching a companion device (Q4 2017)  that for completely hand-free voice enabled music for the car and includes access to Amazon Alexa Services.

Music and audio entertainment has never sounded this good.  Simply download our free iOS or Android app and seconds later, you’ll be on your way to creating the soundtrack for your life.  Melody’s voice-powered “active listening” technology puts millions of songs and thousands of radio stations at your disposal using only the sound of your voice.  Just say what you want, and it’s yours - anything from Coldplay to Jazz Radio to your Spotify playlists, news and even Alexa services including home automation features.

We’re taking the concept of “hands-free” to the next level by not only easing access to audio entertainment, but we also delivering personalized music based on your preferences and context such as mobile device used (car vs. workout headphones), time of day and location.  We are also creating the first Alexa enabled device that works on cellular networks instead of WiFi like the Amazon Echo family of devices. Whether you’re running a marathon or running late for work, Melody allows you to go on with your day and listen to music in a convenient manner that doesn’t compromise your attention.  Perhaps most importantly, it safely keeps your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel instead of on your phone - delivering tunes right to your car’s music system either through your existing streaming capability or via our small Bluetooth car appliance.  Multitasking with a musical backdrop has never been easier!

So, how do we do it, you ask?  Melody’s core functionality is a proprietary firmware that integrates right into our partners’ traditional Bluetooth devices (i.e. headphones and portable speakers). This instantly gives them active listening capabilities using a “wake word” or button tap - just like those you see on Amazon Echo.  From here, we utilize AI technology to learn your listening preferences and allow you to teach them to Melody, via a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” approach.  It even responds to commands like “Play some good music” by sifting through your collection and firing up your favorites based on your context i.e., at the gym, on the road.

Melody works with most any bluetooth enabled headphones and speakers by simply double tapping the play/pause button on the device or the mic icon in the app.  We’ve also designed patent-pending active listening firmware for partner OEMs that enables a “Wake Word” request commands to access music, information and even smart home features.

In addition to our partners’ devices, this technology is also used within our own appliance for cars - the Melody Auto Bluetooth device.  It’s the first active listening solution for automobiles that works with your car’s factory Bluetooth controls and speakers.  This allows drivers to simply use their in-dash controls right from their steering wheel navigation functions (and of course voice) to control their experience.  Thanks to Melody Auto, anything - from opening your garage door to rocking out to some Bon Jovi  - is within the realm of possibility without taking your hands off the steering wheel.  It can also be plugged into USB or AUX jacks of vehicles that don’t have Bluetooth streaming enabling voice controlled music and even hands free phone calls that are played through the car speakers.

The music collection that powers Melody comes from popular music streaming services like Spotify, iHeart Radio, Tidal, Amazon Music and even your own iTunes library - with more on the horizon.  Songs are aggregated across all of these platforms, and come together to create a catalog with millions of options.  Here are a handful more of the many additional features, benefits, and capabilities that Melody provides:

The creation of your own personal Melody profile that can be used across all services.

Artificial intelligence with Machine Learning that allows Melody to learn more about your music preferences the more you use it.  This makes suggesting music you will actually love highly accurate.  Melody can suggest workout playlists if you are at the gym or news if that is your habit on the road.

Understanding your commands with our proprietary Natural Language Understanding engine that is designed specifically for music for the highest accuracy when compared to other assistants like Siri.  Make requests by song, artist, album, genre, mood, activity, playlist and radio station. Melody even plays any song you own in your iTunes library.

The ability to discover new favorite music with minimal research required (just your voice), and to personalize via custom stations, public or personal playlists, and more.  Imagine being in your car and having access to 50-60 classic rock radio stations that are Non-stop and Ad-Free instead of just the local one on FM or the 3-4 offered by Sirius XM.

It hasn’t been long, but we’re making quite a bit of noise already here at Speak Music.  What started as a tap-and-play platform during Melody’s first generation has since evolved into the active listening product that was launched this summer.

Just a few more of the many impressive accomplishments we’ve enjoyed along the way include the following:

Big hardware deals locked down.  We recently secured hardware deals with Monster and iHome, with the latter committed to shipping over 3,000,000 Melody Enabled units over the next 2 years.  Deals with additional leading headphone and speaker makers are in the pipeline to close in the coming year.  We’re also engaged with major mobile carriers who are looking to eliminate the expensive music deals they have in place in favor of providing safe, voice driven access to the music platform of their customer’s choice enabled by Melody and Speak Music.

Amazon Partnership. We are working closely with Amazon to be the first mobile solution enabled to access Alexa Services and Music.  All of the skills you’ve come to love can now be accessed while driving.  Amazon will also be promoting Melody Auto via Amazon.com and other vehicles.

Content partnerships in place.  Spotify, Apple iTunes, iHeartMedia, Tidal, NPR, Vevo, and Amazon Prime Music are all on board to provide their music and audio entertainment libraries on the Melody app.

Socially strong.  We’ve amassed quite the following on social media since January this year, with roughly 62,000 likes on Facebook and 13,000 Twitter followers.

IP protection forthcoming.  Multiple patents have been filed for our technologies, ranging from deep music search and ranking, to our version of active listening, to our proprietary AI engine.

Getting our name out there.  Digital Trends, Mashable, Tech Crunch and VeantureBeat are just a few of the many media outlets where Speak Music and Melody have been recently featured.

Fast forward to the present, and our current focus is squarely on growing our business and getting more of the world’s people to join the Melody revolution.  As far as the near-term future goes, the first item on the agenda is the development Melody Auto and then International Expansion - allowing us to cover an even greater portion of the overall market.  Here are a few more primary elements of our future development plan:

  • Onboarding our first wireless carrier to integrate Melody with over the next year;
  • Co-selling active listening sport headphones/earbuds (with OEM partner) to major athletic wear brands;
  • Release of Melody Auto v2.0 next year, featuring Android Auto and Apple Car Play and automobile head unit support.

One specific core value was behind the creation of our company, and continues to drive us today: a love for music.  Our trio of Founders, all musicians and tech executives, shared the common difficulty of keeping music going while driving, working out, and performing other daily tasks.  After tapping into their shared tech expertise and entrepreneurial vision, they collaborated to find a solution - and Speak Music was the result.  It’s time to meet them along with the rest of our executive team!

Mark Anderson, CEO - Our day-to-day leader has been managing tech teams for 2 decades now, including a CEO role at HipLogic, an A-List VC backed company which was acquired by Zynga. Mark was then responsible for Ad Revenue for Zynga’s mobile games, Mark also held a VP/GM position at Ericsson and was instrumental in the early business models for Google/Android. He’s a highly skilled mobile business marketer who was also involved in Apple’s mobile technology licensing. Mark is a graduate of Duke  University’s Fuqua International Business

Zak Mandhro, CTO - Zak is a proven technologist and business leader. He led the Information Management Division at Deloitte and later moved on to help develop Google’s mobile ad technology platforms.  He proved his entrepreneurial abilities as Founder of Famiva, a social network for families which was acquired by eFamily where Zak built the platform. Zak is also Stanford Business School graduate.

Dean Summers, CRO - Dean’s a versatile product creator and business developer who’s held executive roles for consumer products giants, including VP of Product Development/Marketing at Monster Products and VP of Business Development for Mitsubishi Electronics.  He also brings valuable startup experience to the table, having founded Partstore Technologies (acquired by Best Buy) and Consumer Electronics Interactive.

Chad Aaron, Acting CFO - Chad is a seasoned financial executive and current Managing Member at Lighthouse Capital Partners.  He also holds a Board seat at Finish First Entertainment.  Formerly, he thrived in a President and CFO position at MasterImage 3D, a 3D systems technology provider.

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