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While shopping online for football gloves, entrepreneur Ahmad Elhawli realized there was no dedicated platform for college students to buy and sell college merchandise and equipment. 

A sports fan and former athlete himself, Elhawli knew that merch was a huge part of the college experience. By adding a social component, he could create an online gathering spot and marketplace for athletes, students, alumni and colleges.

Now he’s ready to open Sportsfinda’s digital ecosystem doors.

Athletes on
The Bench

What’s in a name?

For student athletes, it’s not money.

These dedicated competitors may bring attention, recruiting power and big money to their colleges and universities with their sports prowess. However, they’ve never had the opportunity to monetize their name, image or likeness (NIL).

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), made up of 1,098 colleges and universities, prohibits half a million college athletes from selling products or personal experiences. These rules are expected to change in August 2021.

Plus, some sports programs are struggling as colleges and universities cut athletic department budgets and resources.

What if there was a place to bring student-athletes and shoppers together? Or a way to help colleges and universities connect with their alumni to increase engagement and raise funds? A place that combined the power of social media with an e-commerce platform?  That sounds like a game-winning play.

Opening Up
The Playing Field

That sounds like Sportsfinda.

The Sportsfinda NIL platform gives student athletes the power to generate revenue and monetize their names, images and likenesses. It puts social media and e-commerce on the same winning team.

Our alumni platform provides CRM functionality that allows colleges and universities to connect with their alumni in new ways. The digital ecosystem brings college news, events, products and fundraising together in one engaging spot.

Sportsfinda is the ticket for athletes, fans, colleges and alumni who want to buy, sell and connect for the love of the game.

Athlete NIL Platform Features

Our social e-commerce marketplace gives student athletes a variety of monetization options:

  • Create an individual seller profile with photo
  • Follow sellers
  • Curate a personal newsfeed
  • Like, share and purchase products
  • Edit and delete products
  • Build a wish list
  • Send, list, approve and cancel offer 

  • Live stream shopping
  • Create auctions and get the bidding started
  • Reach out to sellers with our chat functionality
  • Share a 24-hour moment with images and video 

  • Create and promote online and in-person experiences via our app
  • oLaunch a fundraiser for a charitable cause and invite the community to donate
  • oOffer photos and video of their greatest sports moments via our NFT marketplace

Alumni Platform Features

With our platform, colleges and teams can stay connected, raise money and generate revenue.

Features include:

  • Live auctions – let users bid on items
  • Alumni management – keeps vital alumni data in one place
  • Video conferencing – connect with alumni on individual or group calls
  • Events calendar – share important events with alumni
  • Email – create and send campaigns to alumni
  • SMS campaigns – bypass the inbox and connect via text
  • Product and experience sales – upload, list and sell on the college’s profile
  • Fundraising – raise cash for a good cause

Pre-game Excitement

We’re currently pre-revenue, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting on the bench.

Game time | NIL and alumni platforms are fully developed and ready for market.

Fan base | We have four colleges in the sales pipeline and 3,500+ app downloads.

Solid defense | Sportsfinda IP is trademarked in Australia. Trademark is in progress in the U.S.

Team partners | We have partnerships with Collegiate Sports Management Group (CSMG) and Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Esports.

Play coverage | According to Disrupt magazine, “Sportsfinda is poised to be the go-to social marketplace enabling students to monetize on their personal brands and colleges to sell their equipment and merchandise on one platform.” 

Go Team!

Ahmad Elhawli
Ahmad Elhawli honed his expertise as a product owner servicing organizations including FIFA, the Super Bowl, the London Marathon and more. 

Adnan Ali
Adnan Ali specializes in web development and design, with expertise creating high-performing platforms. 

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