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With the mass amounts of data people are storing today and the surge of cyber security breaches, protecting your privacy, data and devices is important now more than ever.

Our unique process uses best-of-class encryption algorithms vetted by the security community to avoid the pitfalls of an unknown, in-house solution and provide privacy for anyone.

Web and mobile devices are more than just tools; they’ve become part of our daily lives. They’re used to digitally store everything from health records and online investments to personal work and private documents.

Unfortunately, data breaches have become prevalent, with hackers stealing personal information and wreaking havoc on businesses and civilians alike. In 2015 alone, more than half a billion personal records were stolen.

Even big-name file storage services have been compromised, leaving your data vulnerable and your privacy at risk.

That’s why we created SPRAID. Using our cyber security software and best-of-class encryption algorithms, we protect your privacy and your peace of mind.

SPRAID is committed to keeping your data private and out of reach from hackers.

Our cyber security software suite vigilantly protects privacy, data, and devices by hashing data, encrypting it at the bit level and storing it on data centers throughout the world – a process we call Geodistribution™.

With SPRAID, you get cutting-edge technology from the same person who invented software solutions for Fortune 500 companies that are still in use today.

SPRAID’s patent-pending, innovative software solution revolutionizes how data is stored, encrypted and retrieved. And, most importantly, it ensures complete privacy.

SPRAID uses a unique process to safeguard your information.

Our innovative Geodistribution™ process ensures that encryption keys are also split to improve security and prevent unauthorized access from a lost or stolen workstation.

But what does that really mean?

Think of your digital files as a physical piece of paper.

The content is encrypted, then the paper is shredded. The shredded bits are divided into multiple locked bags, and each bag is placed into its own armored truck. Each armored truck then delivers the locked bags to separate vaults.

SPRAID does the same with your electronic files.

Our products and services include exclusive functions, including secure distributed data storage and integrity check.

The whole suite provides an ultra-secure vault in which every data transfer and transaction is time-stamped by block chains.

A directory server identifies users, privileges, and workgroups. Workgroups include internal users (employees) and external users (contractors, 3rd parties).

Workgroup managers can restrict the time window during which users are granted access to files or directories.

Attempts to access unauthorized files or directories are logged and trigger alerts to the group manager, system administrator, or security team.

SPRAID provides clients for working stations, laptops, and mobile devices, plus application securing communications.

• Cross-platform syncing

• Mobile file access

• File sharing

• Permission control

• File versioning

• Snapshot

• File locking

• Online editing/co-authoring

• User management/single sign-on

• Backup/data recovery

• Integration

• Two-factor authentication

• Client + server-side data encryption

• All data transfers will be protected by HTTPS/TLS protocol

• Remote wipe

We’ve come a long way since our first core software was compiled in 2015. As our team of innovators put their knowledge and skills to work, SPRAID grew from concept to real software and consumers began taking notice. We’ve made amazing progress and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

While our software is fully operational, we’re continuing to develop it to its fullest potential.

We’ve received an outstanding response from our business and consumer customers. Further, we have had offers from the US Government seeking exclusive rights and two major TELCO and technology Fortune 500 companies.

Our pricing was computed after researching similar services, while always keeping two goals in mind: Make it affordable and make it so accessible that everyone will have access.  We’re continuing to add to SPRAID’s growing list of services and features and giving our customers the most for their money.

The goal now is to continue improving our services, growing our customer base, and communicating all that SPRAID has to offer.

By partnering with cloud/storage and other services providers, we will be able to expand at a faster pace than we would by finding organic customers on our own. We’re working on building partnerships with major providers, enterprise services and government administrations.  

Social media is a powerful tool for building brand awareness and attracting customers. That’s why we’re working on growing our social media presence as well as creating directed, targeted advertising campaigns.

Additionally, we’ll be launching referral programs, freemium with credits and cyber-penetration contests as well as communicating through press releases and other opportunities in our local communities.

We plan to drive consumers to our website for purchases, where they’ll be able to register at an online portal and conveniently pay with credit cards, PayPal, or crypto-currencies. This portal will provide up-to-date versions of our software for computer and mobile devices. SPRAID HOME will also be available on mobile app stores so registered users can use our solutions on-the-go.

We’re working to increase our top-notch products and services by adding cloud storage, VPN, DNS server, web proxy, content filtering, messaging, and an email client.

The SPRAID team is made of entrepreneurs and innovators with years of experience in business and technology. They’ve put their passion and knowledge to work to keep your data safe.

Laurent is the visionary who conceived and developed the core of the SPRAID Software Suite. Since college, he's gained experience at Interoute and several personal businesses, all of which related to data, security, and privacy.

Bertrand focuses on strategy and business. He's worked in marketing and business development roles with IBM, NTT, Zayo, and had his own consulting business.

Dean leads ongoing business operations and reports to the CEO. He’s a proven strategic planner and dynamic leader who believes that leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Dean is also a veteran, having served 25 years in the United States Navy.

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