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The Spree Fitness Monitor obtains a wider range of biometric information than any other wearable sensor device on the market. Developed by Spree Wearables, Inc., it is the first and only fitness device to track heart rate, body temperature and movement without the use of a cumbersome chest strap. The Spree SmartCap is so easy to use and comfortable, it becomes what most wearables fail to do, become an extension of the individual athlete.

We have successfully manufactured our first run of Spree Fitness Monitors, and they are already being sold on Amazon and our website.


In a market inundated with uncomfortable and awkward heart rate monitor chest straps and basic activity trackers, there is only one product that sits on top. The Spree Fitness Monitor is the most accurate heart rate monitor in one simple, comfortable hat or headband.

The Spree SmartCap or Headband can be used by anybody. It is as simple as putting on a hat. Because you shouldn’t have to adjust your comfort level when using a fitness monitor. And you shouldn’t have to adjust the fitness monitor itself when you wear it. Ultimately, your fitness monitor should be designed to help you adjust your workout to be more effective.

Heat exhaustion is one of the leading causes of sports-related deaths, with an annual mean death toll of 688 individuals nationwide. Our technology was initially developed to prevent heat stroke, heat exhaustion and related illnesses, and has now been implemented as the key to optimizing performance. Exercising beyond a safe heat threshold significantly decreases performance, preventing people from reaching their goals. 

Heart rate, body temperature and movement measurements together provide the most accurate calorie tracking and workout efficiency information. 

While we were intent on developing wearable sensing technology that could measure, track, and report all vital biometrics, we also built Spree to be as user-friendly as possible. As you head out the door for a run, simply slip the silicone headband or a SmartCap on and go. It turns on (and off!) automatically, sensing when it is worn. Throughout your workout, the POD tracks your heart rate, measures step count, cadence, calculates caloric burn, and monitors body temperature -- and then streams this info to your smart phone in real-time, where it is analyzed and additional data like distance and indicator averages calculated. You can check this analysis through the Spree app's graphical interface in one glance and adjust your workout accordingly. Additionally, the Spree Headband is a sleek design made from soft silicone rubber, that channels sweat away from your eyes and wears comfortably. The Spree SmartCap looks just like a regular running hat with invisibly integrated spot to insert the Spree pod. You can enjoy UV protection, shielding your eyes against the sun and super wicking sweatband while tracking your workout metrics. 

Once you get home, you can download your stats to your computer for review or to upload into selected web portals, a rich reporting environment that can track individual event results and also graph fitness improvements over time. 

We built the Spree system on Bluetooth Smart protocol, an open system that allows other developers to create apps for Spree or to integrate spree data into existing fitness and lifestyle portals and applications -- thereby ensuring that our technology will remain on the cutting edge of the wearable sensor market.

Spree employs best in class data capture to set ourselves apart from every other product on the market. 

Spree is currently the first and only fitness product that measures and reports body temperature. 


Instead of sensing the electrical current of the heart through
the skin to determine heart rate, we use photoplethysmography -- the same technology used in emergency rooms -- which shines lights of two different wavelengths through skin to a photodetector. The information is processed and produces heart rate and in future also pulse ox. Spree implements highly sophisticated algorithms to mitigate motion artifact and increase accuracy.

Spree utilizes a highly sensitive triple axis accelerometer that captures motion and can convert those values into pace and distance, in conjunction with your GPS-enabled smart phone.

Prior to launching the Spree product, Spree Wearables has already made significant strides in the development of the brand.

Sources, manufacturing and production are all in place

Fully developed smartphone app already launched for iPhone in iTunes Store and soon to be starting on Android

Designed branding and packaging in line with our high end experience

Already selling on Amazon and www.spreewearables.com, interest has been expressed by Brookstone, Dick's, Best Buy

Over 4,700 Facebook fans



is recognized as one of the active RFID industry's pioneers, with extensive wireless background starting at Bell Mobility and other wireless companies. He was the VP of Sales for I.D. Systems, Inc. (NASD:IDSY), a New Jersey-based RFID firm, where during his time annual revenues rose from $6.8MM to $19MM and market capitalization of the company rose from $52MM to well over $200MM. Prior to joining SW, Peter was a CEO at Identec Solutions, Inc. His personal strengths are growing small technology-based companies into thriving businesses by building strong, market-focused teams. Peter is adept at negotiating and closing multi-million dollar, long-term supply agreements with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Peter also serves on the SW Board of Directors.


is a recognized expert, lecturer and author in wireless technologies with a Masters in Business. At SW she oversees all aspects of operations, finance, marketing and technology including patents. Prior to joining SW, Eva gained extensive experience with wireless technologies in the Middle East, Europe and America, and led operations at Identec Solutions, Inc. Eva is also one of the leading creative forces at SW and together with Peter Linke is a co-inventor on the Spree patent. Eva also serves as SW Corporate Secretary.


has throughout his career acquired extensive expertise on wireless communication and encryption. Lance has taught as adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and frequently spoke at trade shows on wireless technology. Lance has been an early adopter of M2M strategies and technologies and is an expert on emerging technologies. Lance manages all hardware and software development at SW.


has over 20 years of experience in strategic consulting for the US retail market, including business planning, market entry, sales & marketing and strategic channel development. Chris is an expert on market entry and has introduced several fitness and lifestyle products to market with great success to date. 


is a prominent Austrian entrepreneur and investment professional, also a co-founder and major shareholder of IDENTEC GROUP AG. For the past 17 years he has headed his own international investment firm, Zumtobel Group. Prior to this he built a family business, F.M. Zumtobel and the Familia Supermarket Chain to over 3000 employees, which was then sold to Migros, a Swiss company.


Mr. Amann is CEO of IDENTEC GROUP AG and co-founded the company in 2005. He has over 20 years international business experience in private equity management and has led private and public financings and strategic mergers and acquisitions for leading high growth companies. Before co-founding IDENTEC GROUP he served for several years as a business angel and co-investor. Prior to this, he led the Strategic and International Business Development Division at Beisheim Holding in Switzerland and served as Investment Manager at Invision AG, the VC arm of Beisheim/METRO Group.



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