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Our revolutionary machine gives you ice cold carbonated and non-carbonated drinks with the push of a button.

With SPRiZZi, each sip is as good as the first.

We love our beverages: last year, we spent over  on soft drinks. But we’re also becoming increasingly conscious of the effects of our habits on the environment.

So we’re bringing the beverage-making business home, using devices like the Keurig and the SodaStream to produce at home what we used to buy in the store.

And these devices are great, but there’s something missing. It’s still a hassle to use them, and the results aren’t always spectacular. Frankly, they can be a pain.


SPRiZZi is the answer. Not only does SPRiZZi create cold, delicious beverages in minutes, it makes it incredibly easy and and enjoyable to do so.


Our flavor bullets come in that you’ll only find at SPRiZZi. Simply insert the flavor of your choice, press a button, and wait for the magic to happen.


With our flavor bullets, you can create an incredible array of delicious drinks:


But we’re not done yet. To make SPRiZZi the most refreshing way to enjoy a cold beverage, we had to go further.



  • Hook SPRiZZi directly into your water line so you never have to refill the machine manually! It’s always on, always ready.
  • Sometimes you want fizz, sometimes you don’t. SPRiZZi has a built-in CO2 canister for when you do.
  • SPRiZZi has built-in refrigeration so you never have to wait for ice-cold refreshment.




So, let’s recap: SPRiZZi gives you always-on, always-cold refreshment with the push of a button, all with an incredible array of flavors and beverage types to choose from. Try getting all that from your SodaStream.


SPRiZZi isn’t just a better way to enjoy beverages- it’s also a more responsible one.

Every year, we send hundreds of thousands of empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans to landfills. SPRiZZi completely eliminates the waste of store-bought drinks. As they say, we’re only borrowing this planet. We want to leave it better than we found it.


SPRiZZi machines are also highly efficient, using low voltage and thermal electric technology to cool your drinks, which significantly cuts down on the thousands of kilowatt-hours typical refrigeration devices consume.

And, just for good measure, SPRiZZi is the only single-serve beverage dispenser with recyclable flavor cartidges.  






When we created SPRiZZi, we knew it would be a hit… but even were floored with the tremendous response we received. Our journey began with a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising $60,000 from 244 backers in a single month.

Then, back in 2013, we took to these very Fundable pages to show the world what we’d made.



Today, we’ve fully tested our prototype, sold over 300 units, and filed for five patents. We’ve lined up distribution partners, solidified our distribution channels, and now we’re ready to hit the ground running. Soon, a national television campaign will stream the SPRiZZi word into 90 million American homes.


Michael is the founder of SPRiZZi Drink Co.,and has an extensive background in growing startup companies into multi-million dollar consumer electronic chains. He's spent the past 12 years putting his 25 years of manufacturing experience to work developing and perfecting the SPRiZZi product.

A CPA and licensed attorney, Scott represents the North Texas Business Alliance Co-Op. He is the CFO of Kangaroo Manufacturing, a startup distributor, and was previously the CFO of Tribute Health Plans. He's a legal and financial consultant to American Energy Transport, and was also the CFO of Guardian EMS. He has broad experience in high-growth companies.

John has been a leader in business development and sales management for over 25 years. With a special emphasis on strategic market planning and customer acquisition, John has consistently delivered industry-leading results for new product rollouts. He served as General Manager for Audio Phonics for nine years.

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