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SPRiZZi is on a mission to revolutionize the way the world enjoys beverages. With our groundbreaking drink machine, you can enjoy both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages with just the press of a button.

SPRiZZi has had some incredible success on Fundable already, raising $622,000 in 2013. Soon, SPRiZZI machines will be a must-have appliance in homes and offices around the world. Before that happens, we wanted to return to Fundable and give people one more chance to join the SPRiZZi journey!

Soda commercials tend to focus on that tantalizing first sip of soda, when the bubbles are fresh and the beverage ice cold, but we all know what goes into getting that first sip: you trek to the store, stock up on costly cans and bottles, and cram your pantry with the bulky packaging.

And once that first fizzy sip is over, then what? The rest of the liter will probably go flat, and you’ll either contribute dozens more cans and bottles to landfills, or else collect sticky recyclables until it’s worth a trip to the redemption center. Then you start all over again, clipping coupons for the grocery store….

At SPRiZZi, we couldn’t stop thinking that there must be a smarter, simpler, more efficient way to enjoy beverages. So, we set out to create it, and the result is SPRiZZi: the most elegant, affordable, environmentally friendly beverage solution ever created!

With SPRiZZi’s innovative, easy-to-use drink machine, you can enjoy cold, delicious beverages in a matter of minutes.

Using the SPRiZZI appliance couldn’t be easier: simply insert your favorite flavor bullet into the machine, then place a glass or bottle under the spout, select non-carbonated or carbonated, and just like that you have a fresh, cold beverage, ready to drink and enjoy!

The SPRiZZi machine is jam-packed with groundbreaking innovations that make it unlike any drink machine ever seen before:

A water line hookup that gives you the option of connecting your SPRiZZi directly to your water line for immediate, anytime access to fresh, delicious drinks, no manual refill required.

A built-In CO2 canister that instantly carbonates when you want that fizzy feeling.

Built-In refrigeration that makes the long wait for your warmed-up drinks to cool a thing of the past.

Say goodbye to messy powders and imprecise syrups: SPRiZZi takes beverage creation innovation one step farther with our proprietary flavor bullets.

SPRiZZi flavor bullets come in over 60 delicious, proprietary flavors, all of which have undergone extensive taste testing. Each 2-ounce SPRiZZi flavor bullet contains enough to produce 16 ounces of fresh beverages. And there’s no need to use the whole bullet at once: for smaller portions, simply release the button when your glass is as full as you like, remove the bullet, screw the cap back on, and store for later use!

WIth SPRiZZi, there’s no danger of ending up with syrupy or watered-down beverages: our machine blends flavor, water and, if you want, carbonation, in perfect balance every time! SPRiZZi also recognizes when a bullet is out of syrup and automatically stops pouring. Simply replace with a new bullet and it will begin again. And reordering flavor bullets is a snap: just order online or through one of our full service dealers, and they’ll be delivered right to your door!

In case you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute, isn’t this what Sodastream does already?” allow us to point out a few of the key differences between the Sodastream water carbonator and the SPRiZZi full-service drink machine:

IN SHORT: With Sodastream, you have the first in-home carbonated beverage dispenser to hit the market.

With SPRiZZi, you have the BEST.

SPRiZZi is more than just the most convenient way to enjoy beverages: it’s the most environmentally friendly as well.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans get sent to landfills and dumps, spelling disaster for our planet and its valuable resources. Not only does SPRiZZi eliminate the need for wasteful bottles and cans, our flavor bullet containers are made from 100% recyclable plastics as well!

SPRiZZi Drink Machines also features highly efficient, low voltage, thermal electric technology for cooling, significantly cutting down on the thousands of the Kw hours used to run typical refrigeration devices for maximum energy efficiency!

SPRiZZi chills, carbonates, and dispenses ice cold water, carbonated water, juices, iced teas, lemonades, sports drinks, carbonated soft drinks, and flavored water... all with the push of a button!

The size of your average coffee maker, SPRiZZi fits on your counter top and dispenses all your favorite drinks AND, with the SPRiZZi app, SPRiZZi delivers right to your home or office!

The Drink Machine by Sprizzi will deliver your favorite drinks for about half of what you would pay for at the local grocer, meaning SPRiZZi will repay your initial investment in the machine itself and save you money over time!

The SPRiZZi Drink Machine is sleek and stylish and comes in several popular colors, so there is sure to be one that will match your kitchen, break room, dorm room or game room.

Before we’ve even officially hit the market, SPRiZZi is already well on its way to becoming a must-have appliance in homes and offices across the United States and around the world. Some of our most exciting accomplishments to date include:

The prototype SPRiZZI device is fully built and tested, and we have filed 4 patents to protect our revolutionary beverage technology.

In June of last year, we wrapped a successful rewards raise on Kickstarter, raising nearly $60,000 raised from 244 backers in just a single month. In total, we pre-sold 300 units of SPRiZZi through our Kickstarter campaign—at or above our expected retail price—proving that consumers are willing and ready to pay top-quality dollar for our top-quality appliance.

We followed up our successful Kickstarter raise with an equally successful first round on Fundable, raising $622,000 from investors who believe in our product and its potential to take the home appliance industry by storm.

Since our first Fundable raise, SPRiZZi has gone international! We’ve pre-sold 1200 units of SPRiZZi in Bahrain, and have additional orders pending for 5,000 units in Asia, another 5,000 in Europe and 100 in Australia.

The SPRiZZi team has everything in place for a global product rollout in Q4 of 2014.

We already have a number of distributors in place, and we've set up global co-packing centers in regions with high volume, which will help us cut down on shipping and distribution costs. We’ll begin by fulfilling the pre-orders from our Kickstarter backers and Bahrain customers, then it’s onward and upward from there!

For more information about next steps at SPRiZZi and how you can be a part of our success story, please request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile!

Michael Breault, President & CEO
Michael is the founder of Sprizzi. He has spent the last 12 years developing and perfecting the product, engineering, manufacturing and procedures behind Sprizzi. As President and CEO, Michael will oversee the rollout of the company’s warehouses, beverage mixing facilities and distribution and training centers worldwide.

Michael has extensive background in business management, ranging from startup companies to multi-million dollar consumer electronic chains. Michael also has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, and was the developer and one of the co-founders of California Acoustic Laboratories in 1988. At the same time, he founded one of the world’s largest consumer electronics training companies, selling training courses used by individuals all over the world.

Mark Breault, Senior Vice President & COO
The brother of founder Michael Breault, Mark is responsible for Sprizzi’s technology and research and development, and designed the Sprizzi Connect app for both the iPhone and Android. Prior to Sprizzi, Mark was a Prototype Build Coordinator and Laboratory Manager at Ford Motor Co,., where he was skilled in all aspects of vehicle prototyping, including assembly, design, wiring, system failure and root cause analysis. While at Ford, Mark managed 278 vehicle prototype builds, system testing at both component and vehicle levels.

Scott Manson, General Counsel & CFO
Both a CPA and a licensed attorney, Scott oversees all financial and legal concerns at Sprizzi. He also represents the North Texas Business Alliance Co-Op, a North Texas convenience store owners’ cooperative. Prior to that, Scott was CFO of Teragren LLC, an INC 5000 manufacturer and distributor of bamboo building products. Scott also served as CFO of FTM Media and The Tantivy Group, both SEC-reporting companies. Scott received a BBA from Hofstra University and his Juris Doctor from Hofstra University School of Law.

Adam Banks, Executive Vice President & CAO
Adam is the driving force behind several startup ventures. Most recently, he founded and steered the development and growth of one of New York’s premiere providers of physical therapy services, NY SportsMed. Adam grew NY SportsMed into one of New York City’s largest and busiest orthopedic practices. Adam is often engaged by startup ventures as a consultant and interim executive, and has been involved in startups as diverse as jet leasing, prison video-visitation systems, and healthcare ventures. He earned his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in May 2013 with concentrations in finance and economics.

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