Taking Drones Beyond Line of Sight and Beyond Borders

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The Next Evolutionary Phase of Drones

Introducing Sqwaq:
an IoT data communications company pushing drone and IOT connectivity to its next evolutionary phase with a patented 4G LTE device called the SqwaqBox™.

The SqwaqBox™ empowers commercial UAVs to fly beyond visual line of sight and even beyond borders by delivering the massive bandwidth they require and the obstacle avoidance necessary to perform thousands of routine missions, every day. And we packed it all into a compact module that fits in the palm of your hand.  

A View of the Future, From Above. 

As drones become increasingly common in our skies, so too does their use for collecting and analyzing real-time data across some of the world’s biggest powerhouse industries.

With applications in construction, infrastructure, agriculture, military, transportation, oil & gas, disaster relief -- you name it -- drones are much more than just fun, flying robot cameras. 

But before millions of commercial drones can take to the airspace, fly thousands of routine flights per day, and deliver full value to these multibillion dollar industries, two big challenges must be solved:

Despite being more reliable than WiFi and its unlimited range (the go-to communications system for major entities like the military), satellite connections also come with several core issues. 

Bottom line: for the industry to realize its full potential as the future of data collection, a solution is needed to combat the limitations of drone technology at its source. That source is network services, the backbone on which all drone operations are based.  

And the solution is the SqwaqBox™. 

The SqwaqBox™ 

Meet the SqwaqBox™: a compact IoT communication module that empowers drones to fly beyond line of sight and beyond borders completely unrestricted while maintaining a reliable link to the ground operator, anywhere in the country.  


By delivering the massive bandwidth and obstacle avoidance capability that cellular and satellite-based communications systems desperately lack. 

With nationwide comm-link and the ability to carry multiple pilot view cameras, drone operators can for the very first time pilot a drone feeling as if they are IN the cockpit, carry out missions across dozens of industries -- and do it all nationwide.

Small in Form Factor, Big in Functionality 

Industry-Spanning Applications 

Drone Industry • Dozens of commercial drone manufacturers want to expand the capabilities of their existing drones sold to commercial buyers. 

Sensor Industry • Drone sensor brands like FLIR, GoPro, Velodyne, Echodyne, and hundreds more need to integrate our technology for expanded capabilities across their market reach. 

Healthcare • Ground-based ambulances seeking to integrate live connections to hospitals for doctor analysis of emergency responsive victims, and similar applications. 

Data Backups • The data backup industry wants to avoid the cloud, but needs to transmit large data center backups from one encrypted connection to another. 

Government • Agencies looking to scramble encrypted data transfer from one point to another using a far more affordable means than via satellite. 

Sqwaq is Gaining Altitude 

Prototype hardware design is complete and we have progressed to the software coding and proving phase with partners Verizon and Sierra Wireless leading other cell carriers who are also in tow.  

We’ve secured two patents, have 2 more pending and possibly a dozen to draft in coming months

We have relationships with the majority of stakeholders in the UAV industry including major OEMs such as:

We have working relationships with most major wireless stakeholders including: 

We have working relationships with dozens of peripheral, sensor and data stakeholders including: 

The Leadership

Piloting Sqwaq is a seasoned team of industry veterans who put their own cash in the company, not just sweat.

Ted Lindsley | CEO | Ted is a successful serial entrepreneur with 8 years experience in the UAV industry. As founding CEO of Olaeris, he led the company to over $55 million in orders after unveiling the first civilian unmanned aircraft engineered to meet FAA safety protocols and fly unrestricted like helicopters and jets. 

Dr. Steve Perkins | VP Software Eng |  Steve is the rare veteran entrepreneur-engineer who, having founded and grown his own NetMass business over the past 20 years, understands engineering as well as business operations and deadlines. He is also a professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas.    

Mike Dodd | VP Operations | Mike is an accomplished patent attorney with 15 years of IP prosecution experience under his belt and over 500 patents prosecuted including 4 so far with SqwaQ. His experience in software, hardware and communications engineering will be important to maximize the intellectual property SqwaQ captures and monetizes in the years ahead. 

Michael Hentschel | CFO | Michael brings 20+ years of venture capital and M&A experience to Sqwaq, including 5 IPOs. He’s held full-time management and advisory positions in many client companies, including assignments as President, CEO, COO, CFO, VP of Development, and VP of Sales.

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