Stamp TEG

Generates Continuous USB Power from any Heat Source over 200 Degrees


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What We're Building

We are building a hand-held, low-temperature thermoelectric charging device: the Stamp.

What does that mean?

It means that we are developing a way to keep mission critical gadgets charged while you're off the grid. GPS devices, two-way radios, locator beacons, and even your cell phone. The Stamp will use waste heat to charge these devices keeping your gadgets at their best even when the situation is at its worst.

This is our 4th generation design prototype. Any device with a USB charging cable can plug directly in and charge, similar to the USB port on your computer.

The device is small and fits easily into your hand. Carry it with you in the wilderness, and everywhere else, to keep your gadgets charged all day.

The metal plate on the bottom conducts heat to generate electricity while the four round magnets provide the ability to mount to hot surfaces, store the device, or even attach future accessories.

Will it work?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: The thermoelectric effect was first observed in the 1700's and is well understood. However, there are interesting physics at play and highly coupled phenomena in our system. What Stamp brings to the table is an imaginative design and an innovative change in the approach to thermoelectrics, which we have coupled with practical use cases that span cultures and continents.

Our initial tests have verified the validity of the concept. In other words, we've generated electricity from a heat source. But make no mistake: this is a complex challenge. However, we are tackling itwith a simple, elegant approach. We are excited to add people to Stamp's virtual team to walk this road and tackle the opportunity head on.

Continuous Power from Heat Differences over 200F

Any source of heat over 200 degrees Farehnheit that is going to waste can be fuel for Stamp TEG.

Where's the money going?

The funds we are seeking to raise will go directly into the technical development of the Stamp. We've proven the concept but we still have a lot of work to do! These initial funds are absolutely crucial in order to develop the Stamp TEG in an accelerated timeline.

The Stamp TEG team believes that you - as one of our earliest supporters - deserve a transparent knowledge of how these funds are used. As such, the use of any funds raised on Fundable will be reviewable.

Initial funds will be used to:

  1. Build advanced TEG testing stations - 6/1/2012 (laboratory heat sources, data acquisition units,  thermocouples, volt/ampmeter)
  2. Optimize TEG design - 7/1/2012 (plow through our TEG experimental matrix to validate feasibility and obtain operating data)
  3. Optimize cooling system - 8/1/2012 (complete our cooling system experimental matrix to validate feasibility and obtian operating data)
  4. Design beta units - 8/15/2012
  5. Manufacture and distribute beta units - 11/1/2012

Who could use it?


Outdoorsmen - survival situations, camping trips, bush pilots, commercial  fishermen

Crisis volunteers - Red Cross volunteers, emergency first responders

Developing world - passive heat from cooking fires and stoves could be used to charge mobile phone and provide light. Stamp TEG will be solid-state and maintenance free.

Urbanites - people who geek out over tech gadgets like this.


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