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Picture this: A car swerves off of a busy city street, careening into a shop window and coming to a halt. The driver is bleeding, unconscious, and it's not clear how many people have been hurt. When the ambulance arrives, the air is full of shouting, hissing from the engine, and people crying. How can they expect a normal stethoscope to work under these circumstances?

Realistically? Not very well.

First responders and emergency medical services professionals work in volatile, noisy environments where picking up the sound of a faint heartbeat can be difficult. We have created an affordable, highly amplified electronic stethoscope/sound pick up device (SPUD) that can detect the heartbeat of an unconscious victim in the most hectic of situations, allowing the first responder to assess the situation and move on to the next step in saving a victim's life.

We know that each second counts in an emergency situation and spending more time searching for a pulse can be the difference between life and death. That's why we created the STi electronic stethoscope/sound pick up device (SPUD).


Both our electronic stethoscope and sound pick up device (SPUD) amplify the sound of a heartbeat, no matter how loud the situation gets or how faint the heart is beating. With patented technology, our electronic stethoscope provides first responders with a quicker, better assessment of a patient's pulse than anything else currently on the market.

In addition to the SPUD, we've developed and have received a patent for our comfort eartip technology that keeps in mind the comfort of our clients, the medical professional who put the stethoscope headset into the ear canal, day in and day out.  The STi electronic stethoscope comes with comfort eartips, STi also has  audio jacked headset that will connect to the STi SPUD making them the best choice for both comfort and usability.

We've already started testing the STiSPUD in the market - and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Dr. Maria Michnowska is a primary hospitalist at Mark Twain Medical Center who loves the STiSPUD so much that she is "lost without it."

Dr. Estoesta is a family practitioner in Valley Springs, CA, who loved the STiSPUD so much that he bought one for his daughter, who is currently in medical school herself.

There have been dozens of patents filed for electronic stethoscopes since the first usable one was developed in 1902. That's because picking sounds out from the human body is a surprisingly difficult feat. The sound of the human heart, in particular, lies only a couple of decibels above the threshold of human hearing.

So how do you locate this extremely important sound?

Short answer: An electronic stethoscope!

Long answer: The STiSPUD is the latest in a long heritage of technological advancements. We've taken the work of our forefathers in electronic stethoscope development and added a few crucial components: floating mass microphone stabilization, a microphone mounted in the diaphragm, and a combination of mechanical and airspace resonances to amplify the sound of the heart.


The Team

Gary Kennedy - CEO - Marketing and Sales

Gary is a visionary with 28 years in the semiconductor industry and a successful IPO under his belt. 

Gary is a veteran of the semiconductor industry, starting his first company - Orbit Semiconductors - in 1985. After a successful IPO in 1994, Orbit was acquired in 1996 for $114 million. At the time of his departure from Orbit in 1998, the company had seen 47 consecutive quarters of profitability with a run rate of $105 million.

Frank Bilan - CTO - Engineering and Research and Design

Frank is STi's in-house inventor - he created all of the STi products. 

Frank has been in the electronics business for 40 years, working for Lockheed Martin, National Semiconductor, and Intersil Corporation. His total experience spans 40 years, holding two patents, (5,831,382 and 6,243,472) three patent applications, and six patents in active filing. His special interests are primarily in the electrical and material sciences, with a strong background in electronics and electro-mechanical fields

Al Bettencourt - VP of Operations

Al is in charge of STi's manufacturing operations. 

Al was VP of Operations at Orbit Semiconductor for 15 years. He was also COO of Suni Imagining, a medical device company for 15 years and to top it all off, he's well versed in FDA procedures and approval processes.

Betty Newkirk - VP of Purchasing

Betty keeps everything at STi running smoothly! 

Betty was VP Customer Service for 13 years at Orbit Semiconductor, where she worked closely with the customers and Orbit's internal organizations to help maintain the company’s 98.5% accuracy to on time deliveries.

Lee-Ann Kennedy - VP of Financing and Administration

Lee-Ann is STi's legal eye. 

Lee-Ann was the #3 hire at Mellanox Corp in 1999, where she worked for nine years as the Director of Finance and Administration. In her time there, she worked collaboratively with legal, investment bankers and was instrumental in Mellanox’s 2007 successful IPO.

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