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Quick Pitch

Today, with the special needs homeless population being roughly 600,000, the veteran homeless population being roughly 50,000 and the special needs substance abuse population being around 19 million in this country we have not a problem but an epidemic on our hands and it needs a solution, NOW! At Steward Management Group we have come up with, tested and have proven results of that solution. Steward Management Group (S.M.G) is a for profit dual industry organization that is both Real Estate & Healthcare focused specializing in housing & servicing Disabled Veterans & those w/ Special Needs. At all of S.M.G  housing locations we provide on site Behavioral Health & Primary Medical Services. With an internal current client/resident waiting list of over 400 and several incoming contracts requiring us to house & service over 5,000 residents within the next 18 months. This is only a small fraction out of the 70,000 persons in need of our housing and services within NYC currently, this does not even equate to 10% of the demand we have in our local area. All those we house generate an income that is guaranteed through government contracts, vouchers and programs as well as all services backed through and paid for by insurance providers. With all the real estate assets already in place and full site control to execute these contracts due to the above outlined demand we are looking to raise a minimum of $1.5 million for operations to execute and fulfill our immediate and `approved government contracts. In exchange for the capital investment we are open to Equity, Debt or a combination of debt and equity with the capital invested being first out and paid back within no longer 24 months.

Product/Service Details

S.M.G provides a combination of emergency & permanent affordable housing in conjuction with on-site and in-house support services (Primary Medical & Behavioral Health Services). The structure of these services provides the answers to the problems we are facing when it comes to affordable housing, homelessness and substance use disorder not only facing our veterans but facing 19 million Americans every single day. Our revised, finely tuned model combines the for profit, government and not for profit worlds together by lightening the load governmental capital expenditure, introducing the for profit world to guaranteed income from government vouchers, contracts and governmental insurance income Our services and structure decreases government spending by 2/3rd's but increases company and investor profits by a minimum of 200% year after year. This allows us to provide our investors and landlord partners with secure and alternative investment options.

Traction & Accomplishments

  • Designed and structured a housing and services model that numerous governmental and non-profit social services agencies have been trying to design and execute for decades but have been unable to bring to fruition.Since the S.M.G implementation of this proprietary model on a large scale we have had an explosion of demand and growth from not only agencies referring clients but also from property owners wanting S.M.G to take over their locations/assets to use them for our housing model. S.M.G is set to control and manage over 80% of the SRO and Hostel units in NYC being used for its emergency housing locations within the next 20 months.
  • S.M.G is currently Housing & Servicing over 300 plus residents throughout NYC & the surrounding counties w/ an additional 1,500 units being filled and serviced before years end. Site control is already in place for all locations.
  • Over $80 million in assets currently under management w/ an additional $1 billion in additional assets committed over the next 18-36 months with .
  • Fully Operational Behavioral Health Services Company on site at all S.M.G locations which is owned and operated by S.M.G Managing Partners.
  • Fully Operational P.C/Healthcare Management Company for all S.M.G locations to manage all primary medical services being provided to all S.M.G residents which is owned and operated by S.M.G Managing Partners.
  • Fully Operational in house Diagnostic Laboratory which provides all laboratory needs for all S.M.G residents.
  • Our VP of Behavioral Health has changed the behavioral health space by creating and adding a disabled veterans peer to peer certification course that is fully recognized by NYS as a certified and billable position. This allows veterans who have real life experience battling and defeating PTSD, substance abuse or any other issues a veteran maybe facing and allow them to help other veterans experiencing these similar situations to deal with them and come out the other side a stronger man or woman using their peer as support to do that. It also allows the veteran providing the help to get paid for doing it so they can, if they wish, dedicate full-time hours to helping their brothers in arms while still being able to support themselves and their family.  This was an amzaing accomplishment for our VP of Behavioral Health and for S.M.G as a company.
  • S.M.G also has numerous bi-lateral linkage contracts in place with the non-profit agencies for which we render housing, behavioral and medical services to the clients they refer to our facilities.
  • Currently opening our first full service 70 unit housing & services facility in Broward County, FL.
  • We have been contacted and in talks with the local government unit in Philidelphia, PA for S.M.G to be contracted by the city of Philidelphia for us to provide housing in conjunction with behavioral health and medical services to the disabled veteran and homeless populations in the Philidelphia area. 
  • S.M.G currently ,as of February 2020, has 4 contracts ready to be released for implementation in NYC and Westchester County totaling over $20 million per year in additional revenue with an additional 2 immediately behind these that will be implemented right after the initial 4 contracts are fully implemented and operating efficiently. 

How We're Different

 S.M.G differentiates in many ways from the current agencies and landlords that work with the same population that we do and I have outlined below just a few ways in which we outshine others. They are as follows:

  1. S.M.G is the "ONLY" provider in the United States that has successfully combined & implemented permanent housing, behavioral health and medical services under one roof with one set of owner operators. This is allowing us to really have all these services mesh together seamlessly, working in tandem producing success rates of over 85%.
  2. S.M.G has the ability to acquire assets and bring them to an operational status much, much faster than any non-profit or government agency can or has ever been able to do in history. Where a non-profit or government agency takes an average of 8-12 months to bring one fully operational location online S.M.G  has the ability, infrastructure and access to enough real property to bring 6 or more fully operational facilities online over the same 12 month period. This allows S.M.G to help more people, create more jobs, generate more income and to give better returns and profits to its investor partners.
  3. S.M.G has figured out how to bring a for profit model into a non-profit world and industry allowing S.M.G and its investor partners to access government contracts, government vouchers and insurance income from medicaid and other local insurance carriers which equates to bigger profits, a safer and more secure investment over a much longer period of time.
  4. S.M.G has and is continuosly saving both the local, state and federal government substainal amounts of money month after month and year after year. These savings and supporting data will be presented by S.M.G to medicaid the end of 2020. This gives medicaid reimbursement/contribution capabilities and they can contribute to S.M.G a portion of the savings S.M.G has created for medicaid. S.M.G can use these dollars for additional or improved services and / or operations so we can help save medicaid even more dollars the following year.


Michael Fernandes - CEO

S.M.G's founder provides the answer and recipe to curing homelessness 

Michael is the CEO and founder of Steward Management Group. He is a former Army veteran and a former professional athlete. He has spent almost 20 years in the real estate industry with the last decade dedicated to providing housing for those in need and those with special needs. During the crash of the market in the early 2000's Michael lost his savings, investments and portfolio leaving him broke and eventually homeless. He was able to turn his life around vowing that if he made it through his ordeal he would make his life about helping others and giving back to those in need just as someone did for him. Michael has since built a multi million dollar company surrounded by and built off helping others. Being faced with numerous challenges, nay sayers and at times insurmountable odds Michael used his never give up attitude and adaptability to create a company and even more so a solution to a global problem. He is living his dream by helping others while making an amazing living doing it.

Yossi Saacks - C.O.O

Yossi Created the Operational Structure that is the future of curing homelessness 

Yossi is one of the brightest minds when it comes to business operations. He set himself apart and dominated the real estate short sale industry building entire teams which he trained and managed all the way to become top producers year after year. His success in real estate was a great transition into S.M.G as he started running and revamping our real estate acquisitions and wholesale sales dept. He then was promoted to C.O.O and has learned and become one of the best at structuring operations for special needs housing. Yossi is not afraid of putting in long hours and extra work into learning on his own time to ensure he remains the best at what he does. He is innovative and has some of the best ideas due to his being so observant. He is not afraid of taking a calculated chance and failing because it just makes him all that much better, always learning from his mistakes. He has a never quit attitude and is realistic but always positive and optimistic. He is a perfect compliment to his team and continues to grow and shine in everything he does. Yossi was a blessing and huge part of S.M.G's success and its future.

Eric Hutchinson - VP of Behavioral Health

Eric is always one step ahead creating new innovative treatment models making him the new standard for behavioral health practitioners treating the whole person 

Eric is a Navy veteran with 30 plus years in the behavioral health field as a counselor, trainer along with numerous other certifications. He has been providing services to veterans as well as those dealing with homelessness and recovering from substance abuse. Eric oversees the entire behavioral health department for S.M.G through our sister company Steward Recovery Services (S.R.S). Eric is the one on our team that designed S.M.G's entire behavioral health program. The model, the implementation, the layout and the way it blends in with and compliments the housing that S.M.G provides. Eric has some of the best organizational, people and managerial skills I have every seen. His team would go to the ends of the earth for him if he needed and they all love their job of helping people just as much as Eric does. Eric and CEO of S.M.G work so well together because they both have that military structure and way of thinking allowing them to always be in sink as well as allowing them to operate the same way. Eric is big on planning every project in detail with creating contingencies and fail safes to make sure he and his entire team succeed. He works long hours to assure everything is in order for his clients and his staff. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave setting the standard for everyone he leads. S.M.G could not have got a better leader than Eric and with him as one of the leaders S.M.G will be making history by creating a model for every other agency to follow allowing us to lead the way in curing homelessness.

Dr. Henry Rojas - Medical Advisor & Medical Provider

Dr. Rojas has one of the best medical business minds and was able to help S.M.G change the future of how housing and medical services work in tandem together. 

Dr. Rojas has been in the medical field for over 30 years. He has structured some of the most complex medical business structures in the industry. Without Dr. Rojas Steward Management and Steward Recovery would have a huge missing link which is our medical services. Because of Dr. Rojas medical and business background we were able to seamlessly combine our 3rd and final component of the S.M.G housing model, medical services. Without this component S.M.G would not have progressed as fast as it has nor would S.M.G be able to work and provide for as many different populations as we do. Dr. Rojas is a very straight forward by the book person who there is no grey only black and white, right and wrong and because of that he enabled us and guided us through implementing one of the most challenging parts of our model. He is not only very smart but is also very calm under pressure. He does not get rattled when things get tough or stressful. He was a great and much needed addition to our mission. Every time Dr. Rojas meets with the S.M.G team everyone learns something new from him this is just the type of person he is always willing to share his knowledge to help others succeed and do well even at his expense. One could not ask for a better medical provider than Dr. Henry Rojas.

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