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Who needs a fancy suit and a Rolls Royce?  You can trade and rake in the dough with StockCanvas.

At StockCanvas, we don't pick stocks…we pick prices.  We’re a cloud-based web app that helps you buy and sell stocks at optimal prices, just like the crazy folks on Wall Street do.  The same proven business model employed by Priceline and TrueCar – setting unique prices based on research and the specific user – has been perfected by us.  Our innovative “canvas” design allows even the busiest of working professionals or on-the-go moms to have access to up-to-the-second pricing data right at their fingertips.

Every investor deserves to be properly equipped when forking over their hard earned cash.  At StockCanvas, we’re changing the way the average Joe trades – for good!

Teaser: If you help us reach our goal of $20,000 we will give an Apple Watch to one person who can be the most accurate stock price picker for Apple (AAPL) after our campaign is done. See "Let's Conquer the Market Together" below for more information.

In the world of stock trading, the big boys hold all the power.  Professional day traders and big-firm brokers not only have access to the best insider info (and the coolest suits), but they’re also very well equipped.  The high-powered, technically optimized computers they use offer up-to-the-second data on market shifts and stock prices – which allows them to fill orders after the price has already risen.  Confined to the use of our laptops and smartphones, we’re a step behind when it comes to timing and therefore at a disadvantage when trying to get the best price.  Most average investors don’t take the time to set prices when buying and selling stocks, and the pros capitalize on this.

No more competing with the big guns on Wall Street.  Enter StockCanvas – a web app with mobile capabilities created with the everyday investor in mind.  StockCanvas uses proprietary technology to predict a stock’s best buy and sell prices for a day or a week.  You then set your order to that price, and the market works for you.

Lots of us want a piece of the pie.  According to Aite Group, nearly 25% of US adults with access to the Internet engage in retail online trading.  An additional 6% are professional traders, leading to a total figure of more than 54 million self-directed US traders.  The vast majority of these traders are too busy to watch the stock market all day, and with over half the market being traded by computers now, this is becoming even more of a necessity.  Let StockCanvas fill that need as your personal trading optimizer – and maximize your gains.

In the same way Priceline® and TrueCar® innovated their respective industries, StockCanvas is bringing intuition and proactivity to the stock trading process.  We suggest a stock price base on our unique research – and then you make (or save) more money.  Its simplicity is beautiful.

So what’s the deal with this “canvas” thing, you ask?  Our name comes from the unique layout of the app’s display.  The canvas-style design allows users to view their portfolios simplistically and without clutter.  The elements (stocks) that make up your canvas (portfolio) change colors when a buy or sell price is reached, allowing for quick and easy decisions.  Here are a few more of the app’s amazing features:

Mobile friendly and fully responsive web application allowing for real-time access on the run

Efficient stock pricing technology that incorporates buy/sell metrics for specific time periods and overall market volatility to predict accurate and valuable benchmarks

Nightly updating to prepare you for the next trading day

Access to popular security markets including AMEX, NYSE, and NASDAQ – with future plans to expand even further

Alerts and trader education to provide supplemental help to your trading efforts

Display customization that allows you to select the color combinations that mean the most to you

It’s early, but we’re clearing new hurdles every day…and the excitement’s growing.  Here’s a taste of what we’ve accomplished so far:

  After about a year of R&D, the MVP (minimally viable product) beta version is complete and running well.

Approximately 30 users are signed on as early beta testers.  75% of these testers were acquired via promotion on LaunchRock and Twitter.

We have over 400 followers on Twitter – including well renown business author Robert D. Hisrich.

We’ve developed a different way to view the market.  Our “Canvas” provides a unique tile-view of stocks which contain only their buy and sell price along with colors users define as important to them.

Accomplishing these small (yet crucial) milestones has us right on track for a full launch later this year.  For details on how we’ll get there, and other exciting future advancements, please request access to our business plan!

Greetings Fundable nation, my name is Eljon Greene, President and CEO of StockCanvas.  I’m your man when it comes to all things StockCanvas – from running the day-to-day to developing the first-rate web app.  I’ve got over 17 years of programming experience, including 8 in SaaS (Software as a Service) which has developed into a true passion.  Like many others, I’ve done quite a bit of dabbling in the stock market but have a ho-hum history when it comes to actually making money off it.  Now, I’ve finally decided that enough is enough.

Utilizing my passions for software and the financial markets, I developed StockCanvas as an innovative platform for market gurus and “dabblers” alike.  I’ve been hard at work ever since, and won’t stop perfecting my service until we’re all stacking the Benjamins.

We’re looking for a minimum investment of $20,000 courtesy of you awesome crowdfunders.  $10,000 of this will go towards product development, $5,000 towards marketing, and the remaining $5,000 for support purposes.  The funding will allow us to reach the following milestones:

We have full confidence that these milestones will allow us to reach our "limited-seat" subscriber goal by the end of 2016.  At this point, another big milestone will be in our sights – the addition of a “broker” feature.  This feature will allow for the management of multiple portfolios, provide advanced reporting and education features, and sync stock transactions directly to bank accounts.

We've set up some killer rewards to make things just a little bit sweeter for you.  To find out more and to donate, check out the Rewards panel on the right-hand side of this profile!  

Still interested in that Apple Watch? Follow us on Twitter or Like & Message Us on Facebook and add the hashtag #AppleWatch and we'll add you to the list.


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