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Stuff-It has revolutionized the storage industry by combining three major aspects of the industry into one company: Self-storage, Mobile Storage, and Valet storage. We’re ready to expand, and disrupt the current market with our unique business plan. We want our customers to not only store their assets, but preserve them.


We’ve developed proprietary storage units–Asset Relocation Centers (ARCs)

  • Store items–safe from wind, rain, rodents, dust, dirt, fire and vandalism
  • Build equity-not just rent receipts
  • Movable units with 24/7 access
  • Valet storage-full-service storage with 24/7 access

What is the problem with current storage units? If a customer is lucky enough not to be the victim of theft, they may go back for their belongings to find them subject to water or fire damage or destruction from rodents. All while, the prices go up but the service doesn’t change or improve. In the end, all you’re left with, after years of storage, is damaged belongings, and a handful of receipts!

At Stuff-It, we think consumers’ assets deserve more than the standard storage options.

Transport & park it:
Our storage units are movable, so a consumer can use it as a moving device as well as a storage unit. Units will be taken to “parks”’ where other units will be stored. We call our units Asset Relocation Containers, or ARCs. Thus, where they reside is referred to as an “ARC Park”. Or, let your fingers do the work with our Valet Storage app on your phone.

Preserve it:
Stuff-It solves the most obvious problems by providing containers that are solid steel and completely sealed. ARCs are resistant to fire, water, entry of rodents and other pests and is theft-proof. With assets completely safe, they are not only stored, but they’re preserved so customers retrieve them in the condition they were left.

Make money:
Finally, our business model offers customers a way to actually build equity, and even earn income off of their ARC. Offering this platform, completely changes the way customers will see their storage options.  We will show customers how to store for FREE!

There are several aspects of our business plan that make Stuff-It work:

Mobile Storage:
Stuff-It will provide a mobile storage option. Customers can have their ARC delivered to their location for a fee, load it at their convenience or pay to have us help load it and have it returned to the ARC Park for storage, where they have 24/7 access.

Valet Storage:
We’ll also provide valet services for customers that don’t have the time or the ability to move their assets. We’ll provide boxes, packing materials or reusable bins. Customers would then pack up and document their items on the Stuff-It app so we’ll know their ready to be picked up. Items will be picked up at the designated location and delivered safely to the ARC. Conveniently captured within our app, the customer can retrieve their assets in the same fashion to be delivered back to their location. 24/7 access available.

Business Opportunities
ARC equity plans can allow our customer to store their assets at no cost.

We’re making great progress towards our goal of revolutionizing the self-storage unit industry:

Product Development:
We’ve selected and vetted authorized manufacturers and delivery methodology. We’ve also identified a high-traffic retail location for our first ARC Park location.

Customer Acceptance:
In a small test market, acceptance for our idea has been overwhelming.

Social Proof:
All respondents and participants in our test market are very interested in this plan coming to market.

Manufacturing & Distribution:
We have established 3-4 vendors to carry out our manufacturing and distribution.

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