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Sun LifeLight puts the Natural, Energizing and Productivity Boosting Benefits of Sunlight in the Palm of Your Hand.

At Sun LifeLight, we're revolutionizing light therapy by building smart, personal lamps specifically designed to be used at a work station. They’re controlled by an interactive, responsive app that learns from your input as well as input from connected “Internet of Things” devices to deliver the healthful benefits of the sun while you work. The LifeLight Improves productivity while reducing stress and sunlight deprivation-related conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) commonly found among indoor workers.

Corporations and individuals alike, benefit by virtually transporting their workstations to sun drenched destinations!

Computer-using office professionals do not receive enough sunlight during the workday to maintain a healthy existence. Depression, obesity, and type 2 diabetes are at epidemic proportions resulting in absenteeism, presenteeism and a general malaise in the workplace as productivity demands continue to increase. A 2014 study by the Weather Channel indicated that nearly 29% of adults in the UK experience symptoms of SAD and another study commissioned by Epson says that 9.6 million work days are lost annually due to Seasonal Affective Disorders.

Light Therapy featuring the “sky blue” spectrums of blue and cyan light found in the LifeLight are well-documented at addressing this problem. A recent report by Shadab Rahman, PhD. from Brigham & Women's hospital Boston, MA shows how Sun LifeLight’s technology is at the forefront of this healthful, productivity boosting solution.

Personalized Therapy connected to the “Internet of Things”

Now individuals and enterprises can bring the productivity boosting effects of sunlight into the office. The LifeLight is the first and only product that packages the energizing colors of a bright sunlit sky into a portable and stylish desk lamp controlled and monitored by a learning app that customizes the sunlight delivered for each user's maximum benefit.

Ergonomic and Stylish Design

Used as you would an ordinary desk lamp, this unique system allows users to interactively decide exactly how much sun they feel they need on a daily basis. A mobile application controls and monitors the light wirelessly, while the system actually gets smarter over time. Using its sophisticated algorithm, the app recommends the appropriate amount of sunlight each and every day based on a variety of inputs including weather, sleep quality, personal schedules and even favorite athletic team schedules. All of this is packaged into a stylish, edgy and highly flexible design that fits elegantly on or around virtually any desktop workstation.

The LifeLight: Sunlight therapy lamp $150 Average Retail Price Includes:

  • Sundancer App: Basic control and monitoring, Bluetooth connected mobile and PC application. (Free)
  • Sunseeker Premium App: Premium control and monitoring, Bluetooth connected mobile and PC application providing daily recommended sunlight levels using multiple Internet of Things (IoT) inputs such as weather and schedule to determine optimum levels for maximum user benefit. ($24 per year annual subscription)

Bring the Sun to Work...Bring the Sun to Life!

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  • The Proper Therapeutic Wavelength - The LifeLight delivers only therapeutically effective wavelength of light ~480nm. It therefore operates at far less intensity while being more effective than any other solution.
  • Connected and Responsive App - The LifeLight is the first app controlled, “Internet of things” connected light therapy device and leverages a multitude of external sensor based inputs No other product has the ability to automatically incorporate outside variables and user dynamics that directly impact the amount of sunlight that is most effective for each individual user.
  • Responsive, Customized Therapy Algorithm - By learning each user’s personal preferences the app algorithmically calculate the best amount of sunlight each and every day.
  • Reduces Light Pollution – In an office environment filled with competing visual stimuli (monitors, overhead lighting, etc.) the LifeLight only adds the specific wavelength of light required and reduces visual stress.
  • Ergonomic Design - Unlike other bulky light therapy products ut’s unique compact and flexible form factor was developed to use at work stations and is built to be used while looking at a monitor rather than directly into the light.

The LifeLight boasts numerous advantages over traditonal light therapy devices. See below for a direct comparison against other therapy options.


Gary D. Grimard - Founder and CEO

Seasoned Technology Industry Leader and Innovator 

More than 25 years of technology leadership experience including business development, sales, marketing, product innovation and start-up methodology. Gary's experience includes ownership of a technology sales firm he led to over $225M in annual sales. His efforts with Sun LifeLight are centered around the product architecture, leading the development and manufacturing resources along with fundraising, marketing, orchestrating the go-to-market strategy and building the team.

Alison C. Todd LICSW/ABD - Co-Founder and Product Advocate

Health and Wellness Advocate with Technological Expertise 

Having over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist and behavioral health leader in Boston area hospitals, Alison focuses primarily on evaluation, research and advocacy within the client base to help evangelize the product and expand its success.


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